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  • Thin Geological Section Microscope Slides -1913 – Set of Five

    Thin Geological Section Microscope Slides -1913 – Set of Five

    A group of five thin section slides from the UK, India and Iceland all nice samples, well labelled and in nice condition

    Obsidian with spherulites from Iceland
    (Spherulites are small rounded bodies that occur in vitreous igneous rocks such as obsidian)

    Chert – Blue Limestone – Somerset
    (This unusual blue coloured limestone is from a Lias Quarry in Shepton Mallet)

    Chloritic Marl – Compton Abbas – Dorset
    (Fossil containing bedrock to the chalk of southern England)

    Anorthite from Salem South India
    (A Gneiss rock structure from the Sittampundi Complex at Salem near Madras)

    Augen Gneiss from Strahnaver, Sutherland, Scotland
    (A Metamorphic rock which is clotted with flesh coloured feldspar “augen”)

    A very good selection


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  • Fine Beam Electron Tube for Weighing the Electron

    Fine Beam Electron Tube for Weighing the Electron

    Fine Beam Electron Tube with Helmholtz Coils of German manufacture likely in the 1960′s

    High Quality, Large Fine Beam Electron Tube with a Pair of Helmholtz coils on original demonstration stand. This device can be used in atomic physics for determining the charge-to-mass ratio e/m of the electron. The device can also be used for other experiments on the electrostatic and magnetic deflection of electron beams. The tube is hydrogen filled with an indirectly heated oxide cathode. The Pressure in the Tube is so adjusted that the electron beam produced remains sharply focused along its entire length at an anode Voltage of 200-300 Volts. The Helmholtz coils consist of 2 circular coils each of 150 Turns and 150mm radius arranged parallel to each other.

    Important Scientific Instrument


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