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  • Builder Bookends – Armor Bronze – c1925

    Builder Bookends – Armor Bronze – c1925

    A nice heavy pair of bookends of builders at work by Armor Bronze designed by Julio Kileny.

    Expert Kuritzky states that Armor Bronze were listed as at 333 4th Avenue New York in 1920. He goes on to say that the New York facility was apparently discontinued in 1929 and they then re-emerged at Taunton Massachusetts in 1934 and finally closed just after WWII in 1948.

    Kurtitsky gives this deign a date of c1925. One of our bookends still carries the original Armor Bronze New York label which helps with a pre 1929 date.

    Some ageing as you would expect but generally in very good condition.

    Deco builders had more fun …

    ON HOLD ….


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  • Our Man in Havana – Graham Greene

    Our Man in Havana – Graham Greene

    This the still collectable Reprint Society edition of 1960. Pretty good condition albeit with previous owners name to the front free end paper.

    Graham Greene’s masterpiece and a fine encouragement to all vacuum cleaner salesmen.

    Greene laughs … as he described it – An Entertainment.


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  • The King’s General – Daphne du Maurier – 1947

    The King’s General – Daphne du Maurier – 1947

    Octavo, 368 pages including Postscript and “What Happened to the People in the Story”. Pretty good condition albeit a little age to the scarce dust jacket

    A first Australian edition 1947 published by Angus & Robertson. Having been published in the UK the year before.

    One of Daphne du Maurier’s great Cornish stories following Hungry Hill, French-man’s Creek and Rebecca. Here we have the same excitement and suspense set at Menabilly on the Cornish Coast in turmoil the 17th Century.

    Early Daphne du Maurier in its jacket


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  • The Cattle King [ Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess

    The Cattle King [ Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess

    Published in Sydney in 1951. Octavo, 277 pages. A very good copy in a pretty good dust jacket

    The Biography of Sir Sidney Kidman who started with five shillings and eventually controlled over 100 cattle stations an area half the size of Queensland.

    Well illustrated from period photographs and end paper maps showing the extent of the Kidman interests at the front and stations, stock routes, coach routes and railways referred to in the text … at the rear.

    Good reading & photographs … a cattle empire much in the financial news of late.


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  • Spotted Gongora  (Gongora Maculata) – Sarah Drake – 1833

    Spotted Gongora (Gongora Maculata) – Sarah Drake – 1833

    Spotted Gongora (Gongora Maculata)

    A striking orchid originally found near Demerara in 1832 by Mr Thomas Moss of Otterspool. Richard Harvey of Liverpool was one of the first to cultivate it in his hothouse The flower bunches are two and a half feet long. It was named in honour of D. Antonio Caballero y Gongora, Bishop of Cordova, who whilst Archbishop of Santa Fe and Viceroy of New Grenada was a zealous promoter of all branched of Natural History.

    A beautiful hand coloured engraving by Sarah Drake for John Lindley, published in the Piccadilly, London on 1st October 1833 for John Lindley. Colouring highlighted with gum Arabic which gives the impression of a rich three dimensional effect.

    Sarah Drake was born in Norfolk in 1803. In 1830 she moved to the London house of John Lindley a leading botanist of the time. Amongst her roles she was the governess to Lindley’s children and through this Lindley spotted her superb artistic talent. She then became the principal illustrator to his botanical publications. She died in 1857. The Australian orchid genus Drakea was named in her honour.

    John Lindley was born in 1799. Early in his career he was employed by Sir Joseph Banks in his Herbarium. He was Professor of botany at the University of London and also ran the Royal Horticultural Society. In the 1830’s Kew Gardens was nearly demolished but for Lindley who had to campaign in Parliament to save it from extinction

    Price unframed … if you wish framing option please enquire ….


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  • Wrecks in Tasmanian Waters – Harry O’May

    Wrecks in Tasmanian Waters – Harry O’May

    Self published printed by the Tasmanian Government printer. Not date but first edition 1950′s. Very good condition, Marjorie Morgan OAM’s copy with her ownership label on the free end paper.

    Octavo, 209 pages plus … Index; List of King island wrecks; List of Macquarie Island Wrecks and List of Vessels Hulked at Hobart. Many great illustrations from early photographs at the rear.

    Harry O’May’s comprehensive book on Tasmanian shipwrecks. Folding map at rear showing each known wreck location. All the wrecks (many of them) listed chronologically from the early days of the East India Co up to the Alvena in 1951

    Tasmanian Wrecks in Full


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