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  • Report on the New Guinea Exploring Expedition 1885 published 1886 – H. C. Everill

    Report on the New Guinea Exploring Expedition 1885 published 1886 – H. C. Everill

    A rare item, complete 20 page extract from the Journal of the Geographical Society of Australasia 1886 with the scarce folding map of the Fly and Strickland river systems. Very good condition, sugar paper wrappers.

    Henry Charles Everill was the appointed leader of a scientific, collecting and anthropological expedition to New Guinea in 1885. The expedition used the 77 tone steamboat “Bonito” an took with them a whaleboat which they would use beyond the Bonito’s capability.

    The report is a detailed account of goings on and observations during the expedition. Initially they were to explore east of the Fly river but Everill changed the plans because of difficulties encountered traversing the Gulf. They discovered, named and explored the Strickland river which was missed by D’Albertis who had seen an opening but failed to explore further. Whilst the expedition was over in three months they collected a monumental amount of specimens particularly botanical, which would have been down to the skill and energy of botanist Bauerlin.

    Before the returned fake news had been spread that they had been ambushed and massacred by natives. Reprisal boats had already been sent before their actual return. In fact they had encountered hostile activity and were rather lucky in their endeavours.

    Everill was highly praised in Australia for his exploration effort and management. He went on to be a tobacco planter in Sumatra and died in England in 1900.

    Scarce fundamental New Guinea Exploration report and excellent unique map.


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  • The Great Age of the Microscope – Professor Gerard L’E Turner

    The Great Age of the Microscope – Professor Gerard L’E Turner

    One of if not the book on the development of the microscope. Issued as a celebration of the then 150-year-old Royal Microscopical Society and based on its irreplaceable and undisputably best collection in the world.

    Published by specialist Adam Hilger, Bristol and New York in 1989. Quarto, 379 pages, nicely illustrated with several hundred images from photographs of the items described.

    The author, Gerard L’E Turner was Professor of the History of Scientific Instruments at Imperial College, London – what job! He was a Research Fellow at the Science Museum and one time President of the esteemed Royal Microscopical Society.

    The Society was formed in 1839 and every instrument they purchased, from the very first that year, is still held by the Society. This book covers over 450 prime examples starting from those made in the early 1700’s.

    After preliminary explanations on instrument development and the formation of the Society we have … Compound early 17thC; Culpeper style; Cuff style; Gould type; Powell and Lealand; Ross; Smith and Beck; Swift; non British; Projection; Reflecting and then a plethora of associated instruments.

    No better Modern book on Old Microscopes


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  • The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948

    The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948

    A staple bound booklet of 31 pages produced by the Mitchell Library in 1948 .. a historical note and description of the manuscript map held in the Mitchell.

    Textured cream soft wrappers, 31 pages, with 3 reproductions of or pertaining to the map one in colour.

    Excellent notes and the striking “comparison map” drawn by Geoffrey Ingleton from details provided by J Emery. A brief description of Tasman’s ships and a good write up on the map itself with excellent further references and selected bibliography at the time.

    Tasman’s Map in Summary



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  • The Life of Jean-Francois de La Perouse – Where Fate Beckons. – John Dunmore

    The Life of Jean-Francois de La Perouse – Where Fate Beckons. – John Dunmore

    First edition published by the ABC in2006. Large octavo, 292 pages, nicely illustrated . A quality production printed in heavy paper. A fine, as new copy.

    The book on La Perouse, John Dunmore being the recognised world authority. From his teenage life at war, the American War, issues in the Indian Ocean and the Great tragic Voyage and the mystery.

    La Perouse by Dunmore


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  • Voyages that Changed the World  – Peter Aughton

    Voyages that Changed the World – Peter Aughton

    A very good copy of the first hardback edition of Aughton’s interesting book.

    Published by Quercus, London, Small folio, 208 pages, decorated boards, heavily illustrated. Bookplate on front paste down.

    Comprehensive chronology starting with the Phoenicians and Polynesians; Saint Brendan’s miraculous voyage; Erik the Red and Leif Erikson in America well before Columbus; Madoc ab Owen Gwynedd’s voyage across the Atlantic … and some other obscure to Henry the Navigator, Vasco da Gama, Columbus, Cabot, Magellan, Drake, Tasman and the discovery of Tasmania, Roggeveen and Easter Island, Bougainville, Cook … Harrison and the Longitude .. right to the Polar expeditions and submarine activity. We like it

    Broadly based, informative and intriguing maritime ..


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  • Antique Microscope Slide – Extra large sized Slide – “Brain Section – Van Gieson”’ – Oct 1906

    Antique Microscope Slide – Extra large sized Slide – “Brain Section – Van Gieson”’ – Oct 1906

    A fine antique slide roughly twice normal size … double width. Preparer S.J.H. Case a human brain section using the Van Gieson technique. Clearly dated Oct 1906. Very good condition.

    Ira Thompson Van Gieson (1866-1913) was an American neurologist. He invented a stain that takes his name, a mixture of picric acid and acid fuchsin it is used in neuro-histology to differentiate between collagen and other connective tissue.

    Postage costs will be reduced based on actual to your location.

    Excellent historic neuro-histology slide – 1903


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