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  • Important Voyage Account – The Voyage of the Duff to the South Sea Islands – Captain James Wilson – First edition 1799.

    Full title … A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean Performed in the Years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the Ship Duff, Commanded by Captain James Wilson. Compiled from Journals of the Officers and the Missionaries; and Illustrated with Maps, Charts and Views drawn by Mr William Wilson, and engraved by the most eminent Artists. With a Preliminary Discourse on the Geography and History of the South Sea Islands; and an Appendix, including details never before published, of the Natural and Civil State of Otaheite.

    Printed by Gosnell for Publisher T. Chapman, Fleet Street, London 1799. Large quarto with wide margins. 420 pages after preliminaries and before substantial and distinguished subscribers list. With seven folded engraved maps and six beautifully engraved plates. Rebound at some time in half crimson morocco over matching red cloth covered boards, headband, top edge freshly gilt. A very good solid and internally clean copy.

    An early voyage to the Pacific, undertaken for the purpose of establishing a mission in Tahiti. A settlement of was formed with twenty five members. Though the King befriended them, they met with continual difficulties due to continuous civil wars and were finally forced to flee to Australia. Though some returning some time much later in 1815. The work contains many valuable details regarding Tahiti, the Fiji Islands, Tonga, the Marquesas, etc. The discovery of a new group of islands, named the Duff Group among the Santa Cruz Islands. The narrative is full and readable with considerable valuable observation – not at all in the often dry “missionary” style. Stands, in our view, as a key read in the early Pacific Voyages genre.

    The large folding “Chart of the Duff’s Track in the Pacific Ocean” was the first map to use the name Australia than New Holland.

    Other important maps comprise – Feejee Islands; Marquesas Islands; Duff’s Group; Gambier Islands; Island of Otaheite and Island of Tongataboo.

    Views comprise … Harbour of Rio Janeiro; Missionary Settlement at Matavai; View of Tallo Harbour; Great Morai of Oberca; Morai and Ark of the Eatooa at Attahooroo and Fiatookas of Futtasaihe.

    One of classic late 18thC voyage accounts of significant exploration interest – a very good copy.


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  • Easter Island – Reports on Archaeological Field Work Conducted by William Mulloy at Easter Island for the Easter Island Committee – 5 Volumes [Complete]

    Very scarce outside institutional libraries these reports represent the high point in archaeological research and conservation at Easter Island by the island’s foremost authority William Mulloy.

    William Mulloy was with Thor Heyerdahl during his expedition to Easter Island and contributed to the important publication resulting. Mulloy went on to take greater interest resulting in a lengthy extensive series of work. He was Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming at the time.

    Five reports all published by the Easter Island Committee, funded by the international Fund for Monuments Inc of Washington DC.

    Comprising – Bulletin One published 1968 reprinted 1975. Large format soft flesh coloured card wrapper, pages vii 24 ii and 43 including 24 illustrations from photographs and 6 figures including maps etc. Comprising Archaeological Field Work conducted February to July 1968 relating among other things to the restoration of Ahu Ko te Riku and Ahu Tahai.

    Bulletin Two of December 1970 reprinted 1979 regarding the restoration of Ahu Vai Uri. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages vii and 43, including 20 illustrations from photographs.

    Bulletin Three (although not printed so on cover – this is Bulletin 3) of December 1970 reprinted 1979, on the restoration of Ahu Huri a Urenga and two unnamed Ahu at Hanga Kio’e. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages xi, 47 with 20 illustrations from photographs, maps, and plans.

    Bulletin Four published 1975 regrading the Ceremonial Center of Orongo part 1 (we think all published). Same format, binding, and condition. Pages viii and 40 pages with 18 illustrations from photographs, maps, and plans.

    Bulletin Five published in 1975 by Patrick Carlton McCoy under instruction from William Mulloy – Easter Island settlement Patterns in the Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods [A Survey]. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages x and 164 with 18 Tables; 61 Illustrations including images from photographs, superb maps, plans, diagrams etc – a most extensive body of work.

    Original Reports by William Mulloy for the Easter Island Committee – Complete Set


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  • Easter Island – Earth Island – Bahn and Flenley

    Easter Island – Earth Island – Bahn and Flenley

    A high quality book published by Thames and Hudson, London in 1992, a first hardcover edition.

    Large squarish octavo, 240 pages, over 200 illustrations from photographs, sketches of digs, designs, maps and charts etc. Nice bibliography. A fine copy.

    They reference previous visits from Cook etc and then the scientific efforts of Katherine Routledge (Voyager Hero) in WWI and then Thor Heyerdahl who brought with him William Mulloy who would become the expert on the island and its past. Bahn and Flenley are a bit harsh with their criticism of Heyerdahl.

    A super book and essential for any Easter Island enthusiast. We are going to dig out some work by Mulloy shortly.

    Easter Island should be part of a tight collection.


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  • Engraved at Lahainaluna: A History of Printmaking by Hawaiians at the Lahainaluna Seminary, 1834-1844 – David W Forbes

    Engraved at Lahainaluna: A History of Printmaking by Hawaiians at the Lahainaluna Seminary, 1834-1844 – David W Forbes

    A significant book by the author of the recognised bibliography of all literature Hawaiian. Published by the Hawaiian Mission Children’s Society, Honolulu in 2014. Quarto, xxi, 210 pages .. with large folding map in rear pocket. An as new copy .. super condition … clean as a whistle.

    A heavy book … may require a modest Overseas supplement to our standard postage allowance.

    A wonderful collection of over 120 images of copperplate engravings from the seminary on the island of Maui.. Views of Hawaiian Islands, towns and rural settlements, portraits, natural history, original maps and charts. The most important collection of 19thC Hawaii images before the age of photography. Includes biographical information on many of the engravers

    Special Hawaiian Item and a lovely production


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  • Report to The Council of the League of Nations on the Administration of the Territory of New Guinea from 1st July 1930 to 30th June 1931.

    Report to The Council of the League of Nations on the Administration of the Territory of New Guinea from 1st July 1930 to 30th June 1931.

    A very good, near fine copy of the annual report on all things New Guinea. The Council of the League of Nations was the first inter-Governmental organisation formed to maintain world peace. It was established after WWI, the consequences of which saw the administration of New Guinea pass from German to Australian hands.

    Foolscap, stapled, 130 pages plus large folding coloured map at rear. Printed in Canberra by L.F. Johnston for the Commonwealth Government.

    We are always taken aback by the depth and detail of these reports. The key items of interest, we believe, are … the report on the state of gold mining and associated aviation activities … Edie’s Creek was just starting to produce; the District Patrols; the lengthy report from Sir Hubert Murray on his mammoth tour covering 4,440 miles in the steam yacht Franklin … and the super coloured map 72cm by 34cm.

    Complete New Guinea report during the gold discovery era, special tour by Hubert Murray and fine map of “influence”.


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