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  • Builder Bookends – Armor Bronze – c1925

    Builder Bookends – Armor Bronze – c1925

    A nice heavy pair of bookends of handsome builders at work by Armor Bronze designed by Julio Kileny.

    Substantial 3.2 kgs the pair and standing 20 cms tall … a very practical decorative set

    Expert Kuritzky states that Armor Bronze were listed as at 333 4th Avenue New York in 1920. He goes on to say that the New York facility was apparently discontinued in 1929 and they then re-emerged at Taunton Massachusetts in 1934 and finally closed just after WWII in 1948.

    Kuritsky gives this design a date of c1925. One of our bookends still carries the original Armor Bronze New York label which helps confirm a pre 1929 date.

    Some ageing as you would expect but generally in very good condition.

    Deco builders had more fun … a little cheeky!


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  • Gladiator & Lion – Bookends c1930

    Gladiator & Lion – Bookends c1930

    Deco period bookends manufactured in the USA circa 1930. Not the best way to fight a Lion. Unusual and quite rare.

    Get back you feline beast!


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  • Cherub & Butterfly Bookends by Ronson c1924

    Cherub & Butterfly Bookends by Ronson c1924

    A collectable and heavy pair of deco bookends in the form of a cherub with a butterfly – by Ronson formerly (Art Metal Works). Total weight the pair 3.2 kigs and 15cms in height.

    We love our cherubs at Voyager


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