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  • To Greenland’s Icy Mountains  – Eve Garnett – First Edition 1968

    To Greenland’s Icy Mountains – Eve Garnett – First Edition 1968

    A semi fictionalised account of Hans Egede, Explorer and Missionary who in the early 18thC went in search of the descendants of 10thC Christians who went to the West Coast of Greenland.

    Egede was in Greenland between 1797-1718. The author makes Egede’s story come alive as if it was yesterday.

    Published by Heinemann, London in 1968, a first edition. Octavo, 190 pages, well illustrated with frontispiece portrait, sketches by the author and images from appropriate photographs, maps and charts. Good condition albeit front free end paper excised.

    Inspirational Greenland Story


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  • Important Voyage Account – The Voyage of the Duff to the South Sea Islands – Captain James Wilson – First edition 1799.

    Full title … A Missionary Voyage to the Southern Pacific Ocean Performed in the Years 1796, 1797, 1798, in the Ship Duff, Commanded by Captain James Wilson. Compiled from Journals of the Officers and the Missionaries; and Illustrated with Maps, Charts and Views drawn by Mr William Wilson, and engraved by the most eminent Artists. With a Preliminary Discourse on the Geography and History of the South Sea Islands; and an Appendix, including details never before published, of the Natural and Civil State of Otaheite.

    Printed by Gosnell for Publisher T. Chapman, Fleet Street, London 1799. Large quarto with wide margins. 420 pages after preliminaries and before substantial and distinguished subscribers list. With seven folded engraved maps and six beautifully engraved plates. Rebound at some time in half crimson morocco over matching red cloth covered boards, headband, top edge freshly gilt. A very good solid and internally clean copy.

    An early voyage to the Pacific, undertaken for the purpose of establishing a mission in Tahiti. A settlement of was formed with twenty five members. Though the King befriended them, they met with continual difficulties due to continuous civil wars and were finally forced to flee to Australia. Though some returning some time much later in 1815. The work contains many valuable details regarding Tahiti, the Fiji Islands, Tonga, the Marquesas, etc. The discovery of a new group of islands, named the Duff Group among the Santa Cruz Islands. The narrative is full and readable with considerable valuable observation – not at all in the often dry “missionary” style. Stands, in our view, as a key read in the early Pacific Voyages genre.

    The large folding “Chart of the Duff’s Track in the Pacific Ocean” was the first map to use the name Australia than New Holland.

    Other important maps comprise – Feejee Islands; Marquesas Islands; Duff’s Group; Gambier Islands; Island of Otaheite and Island of Tongataboo.

    Views comprise … Harbour of Rio Janeiro; Missionary Settlement at Matavai; View of Tallo Harbour; Great Morai of Oberca; Morai and Ark of the Eatooa at Attahooroo and Fiatookas of Futtasaihe.

    One of classic late 18thC voyage accounts of significant exploration interest – a very good copy.


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  • The Third Eye – the Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama – Lobsang Rampa.

    The Third Eye – the Autobiography of a Tibetan Lama – Lobsang Rampa.

    First published in 1956, this copy from the next year, by Secker & Warburg, London.

    Octavo, 256 pages, some illustrations including “Symbolism of Tibetan Chortens”. Nice dust jacket art with a photograph of the author on the rear.

    At the age of seven Rampa was decreed by two famous Tibetan astrologers to be specially gifted. He left his family for the Lamasery of Chakpuri on the outskirts of Lhasa. He became an adviser to the Dalai Lama because of his exceptional powers. The “Third Eye” is a reference to a procedure that heightens one’s abilities in clairvoyance. In the volcanic caves under the Potala he submitted to the mystical experience … the “living death”. And there is more … one for the believers.

    The autobiography of a special gifted Lama.


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  • Knopwood: A Biography – Geoffrey Stephens

    Knopwood: A Biography – Geoffrey Stephens

    Self published in 1990 by Geoffrey Stephens the Rector of the Anglican Church Moonah, Tasmania.

    Large format softcover, perfect bound, 226 pages, illustrated throughout ending with references, index etc and “Knopwoodiana” an interesting list of Knopwood relics and where they are housed .. e.g. the Museum has not just his sermons and bible but his Magistrates wig and wig block .. his riding cap and his fishing creole.

    Very good condition albeit top corner creased. Clean as a whistle inside

    The author a holder of several degrees in history and theology has left no stone unturned in writing this chronological biography of maybe Tasmania’s best known early identity. Arriving on the very first settlement ship and recording for many years his and others activities all the way through to the Franklins.

    Knopwood a good all round account of the well liked often controversial Bobby Knopwood.


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  • The Usefulness of John West – Dissent and Differences in the Australian Colonies – Patricia Ratcliff.

    The Usefulness of John West – Dissent and Differences in the Australian Colonies – Patricia Ratcliff.

    We think not the most inspiring title for a biography of the great man … and a well researched and voluminous one too.

    Published by the Albernian Press, Launceston in 2003. Large royal octavo, 574 pages, illustrated a very good production and a fine copy.

    The Reverend John Smith arrived with his wife Narcissa and five children on the barque “Emu” in December 1838. He was contracted to provide pastoral care through the Congregational Church in Brisbane Street, Hobart, allowing the then Minister Miller to take leave in Europe to improve his health. Miller changed his mind and West found himself, eventually, in Launceston.

    His influence grew, over time he was to become a major mover in the anti-transportation league and a citizen of true concern about the treatment of the aboriginals. He penned the first great History of Tasmania – a book still cherished today by scholars of Tasmanian History. His obvious love for his family and his “flock” shines through as well as his desire to grow the best marrows in the land.

    John West more than a Historian – a thorough account


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  • The Book of Kells and The Art of Illumination

    The Book of Kells and The Art of Illumination

    In the year 2000 Ireland’s greatest treasure the illuminated medieval manuscript the Gospel of St mark from the Book of Kells visited the National Gallery of Australia. We cannot imagine the insurance costs for this item beyond the wealth of any man.

    Written painstakingly by Irish Monks and lost for many years before found “under a sod”.

    Large format, perfect bound soft cover, 80 pages, heavily illustrated as you would expect.

    The Book of Kells impossible not to stir some emotion.


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