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  • The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway – First UK Edition 1952

    The Old Man and the Sea – Ernest Hemingway – First UK Edition 1952

    Should be everyone’s favourite short read. Nobel citation – “his powerful style-forming mastery of the art of modern narration, as most lately revealed in his novel The Old Man and the Sea”.

    A story with a powerful message about pushing beyond one’s natural boundaries .. and where do we end up?

    A first UK edition, technically behind the US issue the same year. The US edition published 1st September 1952, the UK edition later that month.

    Octavo, 127 pages. In a later issue of the adorable colourful wrap around jacket by Hans Tisdall. The jacket in good condition. The boards have some marks and the front free end paper has been excised (presumably carried a shy person’s name). The pages are pretty clean, some light foxing in the back end papers. Still a good to better copy.

    Nobel Classic – Ernest Hemingway – First UK Edition in relevant but later jacket.


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  • Prey (Fishing – Fly Tying and Exotic Lures) – Carl Richards

    Prey (Fishing – Fly Tying and Exotic Lures) – Carl Richards

    “designing and tying new imitations of fresh and saltwater forage foods”.

    Published by Lyons and Burford, New York in 1995 a first edition. Large octavo, 132 pages, nicely illustrated, some in colour.

    A special book for fly tyers and fisherman. A major part of the book is about the construction of saltwater prey imitations … sardines, shiners, sand lace, bonefish, crabs, shrimp, sea urchins … the art and skill involved in the process well described and much to be admired. We don’t fish but we love it!

    Prey much more than flies and bought plastic lures.


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  • Museum Quality Fossil Bowfin Fish from the Messel Pits, Germany

    Museum Quality Fossil Bowfin Fish from the Messel Pits, Germany

    Very nice large extinct form of Bowfin Fish, Cyclurus kehreri. From the Middle Eocene (Geisealtalain) period – 47 Million Years Old.

    These fossils are found within the bituminous oil shales that occur near the village of Messel, Darmstadt, Germany. The fossils are removed from the shale using a technique called reverse transfer preparation, where the fossil is mounted onto a resin plate and the destructive oils shale is then removed leaving the fossil on the resin plate. This is the only way for them to be preserved and the method is used by leading authorities.

    Size of fish 26cm by 7cm, overall mount 36cm by 15cm.

    The Fish has a number of living relatives such as the mudfish, mud pike, dogfish, griddle etc. and is also related to the gars.

    An extremely rare and sought after fossil


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  • Orange Parson – Salmon Fly

    Orange Parson – Salmon Fly

    The Orange Parson is a sure thing for catching a lovely silvery Salmon. Not to be confused with a slightly irate priest!

    Wear it in your lapel for the full “country effect”. Click on me to see all my parson!


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  • Jock O’Peacock – Salmon Fly

    Jock O’Peacock perhaps and Scottish Irish combination designed to taunt the best of the fresh salmon.

    Wear it in your hat


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  • Trout Fishing Guide to Tasmania – Don Gilmour

    Trout Fishing Guide to Tasmania – Don Gilmour

    Published in 2000 this is Don Gilmours softcover all round Tasmanian trout book with lots of “trouty” detail and the best photographic images. Appears to cover fly selection well … so could improve your chances whether you are a trout virgin or an expert.

    Gilmour … best trout educator


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