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  • The Spirit Ridden Konde [Lake Nyasa Tanzania] – First Edition D.R. Mackenzie – 1925

    Longer title – The Spirit Ridden Konde. A record of the interesting but steadily vanishing customs & ideas gathered during twenty four year residence amongst these shy inhabitants of the Lake Nyasa region, from witch doctors, diviners, hunters, fishers & every native source.

    Published by Lippincott a first American edition 1925. A beautifully presented book with serious content regarding the Konde people of Tanzania.

    Octavo, 318 pages with folding map and 21 illustrations from photographs. Strikingly vivid blue cloth covered binding with gilt image of native to front, titles to spine. A very good copy.

    Mackenzie explores the complex relationship of the Konde people with the spirit world and how it affects their daily lives and their rituals and traditions. He traces their origins and how they migrated to the Lake Nyasa region. Good descriptions of initiation rites of both young men and women. A super book.

    No better book about the Konde of Lake Nyasa


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  • Voyage along the Eastern Coast of Africa to Mosambique, Johanna, and Quiloa; to St Helena; to Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and Pernambuco in Brazil, in the Nisus Frigate – James Prior RN – 1819

    Voyage along the Eastern Coast of Africa to Mosambique, Johanna, and Quiloa; to St Helena; to Rio de Janeiro, Bahia, and Pernambuco in Brazil, in the Nisus Frigate – James Prior RN – 1819

    A first edition of this full on voyage and travel account by the articulate James Prior. Published by Sir Richard Phillips & Co, London in 1819.

    A lovely internal copy rebound in grey/green paper covered boards, as was typical of a primary binding of the true period, gilt on red leather title to spine. Octavo, 114 pages with special three fold map dated 1810 drawn by W M Cobb RN, also printed by Phillips. Another folding chart of the Harbour at Mozambique (note the different spelling) and a striking engraved view of the Town and Fort at Mozambique.

    Well we have to be careful as this book is right in Voyager’s sweet spot. The narrative content is far fuller physically than the 114 pages suggest. First simply due to the format and the lines and words set per page, but also because Prior’s writing style is honed and full of interesting detail – no padding.

    The long title gives you an idea of the coverage. Voyager’s favourite island, St Helena, is tackled well and one gets a great idea of the first impression on approach and the manner and detail of James Town and the various Plantation houses up “Ladder Hill” … “Ruperts Hill” etc.

    Not in the title we also learn about the Comoro Islands … out from Mozambique and north west of Madagascar … this group of four ex volcanic islands probably the most beautiful place in the World. The Comoro islands was the primary reason behind the voyage as the King of Comoro had sought help against “predatory expeditions” of several thousand warriors from Madagascar. War was not the solution conferences were held – we can learn from that.

    Good content on Rio and Brazil so don’t be confused by the lead in to the title …

    Taking you back to the beginning and Prior has arrived at Cape Town where of all things he is off to the races … “the course is on Green Point, on the verge of the Bay: it was attended my multitudes, some in handsome vehicles … filled with females of every age, class and complexion. A dinner to the members concluded the meeting, followed of course by a ball … and the amusements of the week finished, on Saturday, with a private race, a cock-fight, the execution of several malefactors near the ground, and a dual between two gentlemen holding official situations, nearly fatal; so that we could not complain of want of variety”

    We had to show you this even though it is not typical of the narrative – different times!

    Interesting early 19thC Voyage from east Africa to Brazil


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  • Printed Maps of Southern Africa and its parts – Map Collectors Circle – R.V. Tooley -1970

    Printed Maps of Southern Africa and its parts – Map Collectors Circle – R.V. Tooley -1970

    The Map Collectors’ Circle publication published Nos 61 by R.V. Tooley in 1970. Very good condition.

    In the ubiquitous flesh coloured card covers, design to front. 39 pages of detailed catalogue plus 24 plates of maps.

    Plates include .. A Sketch of Natal by Stranger 1848; Barrow’s Cape of Good Hope 1880; Bleau Aethiopia Inferior 1690; Bonne Canal de Mozambique 1780; Cary Cape if Good Hope 1810; Commelin Cabode Bonna Esperance 1646 [a favourite]; Norie False Bay 1826 [super detail] etc etc

    Perfect Tooley on South African Maps


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  • Travels Researches and Missionary Labors During Eighteen Years’ Residence in Eastern Africa – Together with Journeys to Jagga, Usambara, Ukambani, Shoa, Abessinia and Khartum; and a Coasting Voyage from Mombaz to Cape Delgado. – J.L. Krapf – 1860

    With and appendix by noted geographer and cartographer Ernest George Ravenstein (1834-1913) … the snow-capped mountains of Eastern Africa; the sources of the Nile; the languages and literature of Abessinia and Eastern Africa, etc and a concise account of geographical researches in Eastern Africa up to the discovery of the Uyenyesi by Dr Livingstone, in September last.

    First US edition published by Ticknor Fields, Boston 1860. Octavo, xl, 484 pages with folding map and extensive bibliography of the literature and languages of Eastern Africa. bound expertly in full morocco.

    Johann Ludwig Krapf (1810-1881) a German born missionary who carried out much fundamental exploration in East Africa often with Johannes Rebmann. They were the first Europeans to see Mount Kenya and the snow there and on Mt Kilimanjaro. He first arrived in Ethiopia in 1836 and became heavily involved in linguistics including some languages no longer spoken. Later in Kenya he wrote the first dictionary and grammar of the Swahili language.

    So important were the travels around the mountains and the reporting of the snow clad peaks and the prospects for the source of the Nile that Krapf’s record spurred the London Royal Geographical Society to fund the Burke and Speake expedition in an attempt to settle matters once and for all.

    Krapf a cornerstone account that inspired the Burke Speake expedition to confirm the source of the Nile.


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  • Madagascar – I.S. Lauretij  Published by Cornelis Claesz, Petrus Bertius, Barent Langenes,  – engraved by Benjamin Wright – c1600

    Madagascar – I.S. Lauretij Published by Cornelis Claesz, Petrus Bertius, Barent Langenes, – engraved by Benjamin Wright – c1600

    A very rare and early state of this classic miniature map of the island of Madagascar. Plates engraved by Benjamin Wright are scarce and it is particularly interesting to see his engraved signature to the bottom left, inside the map area. Printed map area 12.5cm by 8.8cm, strong black image, very good condition, some mild age marks in the margin, printed area clean. Latin text on reverse. Uncoloured as it should be. Text in Latin on reverse.

    Madagascar here called I. S Laurentij .. Island of Saint Lawrence, and early European naming. The orientation of the map is with East to the top. Very finely engraved with super topographical detail and. The numerous offshore islands and reefs clearly displayed.

    Wright originally worked in London and then found employment on the continent. While in Amsterdam he worked for Cornelis Claesz on new plates for Caert-thresoor effectively a joint venture with Middleburg printer Barent Langenes; Java, Madagascar (this one), St Helena and Sumatra. The first printing was in 1598. The text was edited by Petrus Bertius and Jacobus Viverius.

    Accepted authority on Miniature Antique Maps, Geoffrey King writes about this history. His text on the subject cross refers several pages and in its entirety is confusing and possibly contradictory. Our conclusion is to reference this important map as Wright/ Claesz/ Langenes/ Bertius c1600.

    Price $160.00 unframed

    Early map of Madagascar – Benjamin Wright signature in plate.


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  • Map of the World “Mappmondo” –  Antonio Zatta – 1790

    Map of the World “Mappmondo” – Antonio Zatta – 1790

    An unusual copper engraved map of the world in two hemispheres by Antonio Zatta published in Venice in 1790.

    Map dimensions … 26cm by 18cm to the plate mark, 28.5cm by 22.5cm to the edge. Fold marks as issued, page edges slightly askew.

    For the date, post Cook, the depiction of Australia is very strange. Fictitious lines connect Western Australia with the south coast of Tasmania and, from there north east and out to the Solomon Islands and back around to New Guinea. The Gulf of Carpentaria is connect to New Guinea. Australia is named N Olanda. Other curiosities include a strangely drawn Japan and an unnamed Company’s Land peeps out from the extreme north east, for those that are familiar with this curiosity.

    The map appears at first rather basic but on closer inspection one can see topographical features, major mountain ranges are depicted and a number of the worlds major river systems. Uncoloured as it should be. Showing some age but a good honest map of some scarcity and peculiarity.

    Little is known about Antonio Zatta (1757-1797). Even his year of birth and death, usually quoted as above are challenged in some sources which suggest 1722-1804 … maybe the shorter period reflects his map making activity. We can see that this map is by him as his signature appears in the engraving bottom right … we cannot help feel the plate is based on another map, of smaller scale, usually attributed to Giovanni Rizzi Zannoni, also active in Venice during the period.

    Price $290.00 unframed

    Distinctive and Scarce 18th Century World Map with Curiosity


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