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Lawrence of Arabia

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  • Lawrence of Arabia – The Journal of the T.E. Lawrence Society – Long Unbroken Run of 46 Issues – Bound and in Fine Condition.

    Lawrence of Arabia – The Journal of the T.E. Lawrence Society – Long Unbroken Run of 46 Issues – Bound and in Fine Condition.

    Published at Oxford by the Society a continuous run from 1991 to 2014.

    Octavo, 46 issues (Over 4,000 pages) plus the index volume. Bound in eight volumes, blue cloth covered boards. Volume 1, Number 1 Spring 1991 to Volume XXIII, Number 2 2013/14. Retaining the original card covers on every issue. Not a mark on them, fine condition. A heavy set which may require an Overseas postage supplement

    We will be adding a listing of the journal contents. This is the first bound volume only ..

    Vol 1/1
    1. A.W. Lawrence 1990-1901 (T.E. younger brother had just died)
    2. Eleven Hundred Miles on the Lawrence Trail
    3. Lawrence as an Archaeologist
    4. T.E. Lawrence and the Bodleian
    5. Mecca’s Revolt against the Turk
    6. Interview with Colonel Lawrence
    7. An Appeal from Damascus: the Mohammed Abdulla Bassam Affair
    8. Notes on the Introduction to the Royal Air Force of High-Speed Craft
    9. A Lawrence Diary, “Oriental Assembly”
    10. An Introduction to the BBC 1962 Documentary: T.E. Lawrence 1888-1935
    11. Documentary Proof of Wishful Thinking
    Vol 1/2
    11. Off and On The Tracks to Atwi
    12. T.E. Lawrence and Frederick Manning
    13. Lawrence and his Brough Superiors
    14. Arabian Nights and Days: Part I
    15. Ramping
    16. T.E. Lawrence and Rupert de la Bere
    17. T.E. Shaw and the British Power Boat Company
    18. Tale of an “Arabian Knight”: The T.E. Lawrence Effigy
    Vol 2/2
    19. More Travels on the Lawrence Trail
    20. Arabian Nights and Days: Part II
    21. The Mint Illustrated
    22. Amendments to the Authorised Biography
    23. T.E. Lawrence Materials at Oxford.
    Vol 3/1
    24. Seven Essays
    25. Summary of the Hejaz Revolt
    26. T.E. Lawrence at Clouds Hill
    27. T.E. Lawrence and the Visual Arts
    28. Notes on the American Issues of Revolt in the Desert
    29. Notes on Editing the Oxford Seven Pillars
    Vol 3/2
    30. Sherif Feisal
    31. Great Britain and the Arabs up to the Armistice of 30 October 1918
    32. Two views of T.E. Lawrence
    33. Lawrence of Arabia in a New Disguise
    34. T.E. Lawrence and the translating of the Odyssey
    35. Motor-Boats for the R.A.F.
    36. Voyage of an R.A.F. Motor-Boat

    T.E. Lawrence – The Journal of the Society – The man would have been impressed.


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  • Threnos for T.E. Lawrence – Henry Williamson (Author of Tarka the Otter)

    Threnos for T.E. Lawrence – Henry Williamson (Author of Tarka the Otter)

    Threnos … a lament over a victim of a tragedy … no better definition than here … Henry Williamson regarding T.E. Lawrence of Arabia.

    Includes other writings by Henry Williamson together with “A Criticism of Henry Williamson’s – Tarka the Otter – by T.E. Lawrence”

    Published by the Henry Williamson Society, an only edition 1994. Octavo, 134 pages, yellow card covers, fine condition. Frontispiece from a photograph of Williamson, taken in 1930.

    The relationship between Lawrence and Williamson was an unusual one. Born out of publisher Putnam asking Lawrence to review a draft of Traka. He did and sent his written criticism to Putnam who onforwarded it to Williamson. Two year into printing Williamson took up some of T.E.L.’s comments and recognised his involvement in later editions.

    When Lawrence crashed his motorcycle and died from the injuries he had just posted a letter to Williamson making arrangements to visit, strangely making their relationship all that stronger. Williamson understood the complex man that Lawrence was and this was reflected in Lawrence’s friendship with him.

    A rare Lawrence Item that reveals a very personal side of the Williamson Lawrence relationship … and Tarka


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  • Tarka the Otter – Henry Williamson – 1929 Edition

    Tarka the Otter – Henry Williamson – 1929 Edition

    The full title of the book is “Tarka the Otter: His Joyful Water-Life and Death in the Country of the Two Rivers”

    First published in 1927, early editions are very valuable. This is sixth edition or ninth impression of September 1929. Rarely found in its dust jacket. The fourth edition onwards included a few revisions following the suggestions of T.E.L. – see more later.

    Published by Putnam’s London, the original publisher. Octavo, 255 pages, with some age but still very good.

    A highly influential novel and Williamson’s best known work. Won the Hawthornden Prize in 1928. Describes the life of ab otter who lived in the countryside around the River Taw and River Torridge in North Devon. Tarka means “Wandering Stream”.

    Putnam had sent a review copy to T.E. Lawrence (of Arabia) who had responded with a typically thorough, no punches held, response. Putnam sent this on to Williamson who, despite the criticisms, established a friendship with Lawrence [see our copy of Threnos for T.E. Lawrence by Williamson].

    Tarka is a really super book and is up there with the best of British novels that draw on the rural environment.

    Sought after Tarka down by the Two Rivers.


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  • Seven Pillars of Wisdom  – a triumph – T.E. Lawrence (Of Arabia)  –  August 1935

    Seven Pillars of Wisdom – a triumph – T.E. Lawrence (Of Arabia) – August 1935

    Published by Jonathan Cape London 1935 – Seven Pillars of Wisdom a triumph – “The Sword also means Clean-ness + Death”. First trade edition fourth impression August after the July first.

    The Trade Edition preceded by the incomplete “Oxford” edition of 1922 (8 copies only were printed) and the very rare privately printed “Subscribers Edition” of 1927 (170 copies).

    Frontispiece portrait of a bust of Lawrence, 4 folding maps as called for, 2 facsimiles and a total of 54 illustrations – 46 of which are dramatic portraits of men who appear in the book. Albeit without the rare dust jacket this is the cleanest we have seen of this edition. The boards clean and unmarked and only the slightest bit of foxing limited to the rough cut paper edges.

    Lawrence “took pains to bring objects and artists together”. A classic book written by Lawrence after a very successful war leading

    the Arabs against the Turks, considered one of the most important books on war especially political and guerrilla warfare.

    Churchill called it “One of the greatest books ever written in the English language”

    Lawrence of Arabia’s great book. First trade great condition – 1935

    We simply have to give you some of Chapter 1 … “The everlasting battle stripped from us care of our own lives or of others’. We had ropes about our necks, on or heads prices which showed that the enemy intended hideous tortures for us if we were caught. Each day some of us passed; and the living knew themselves just sentient puppets on God’s stage: indeed,, our taskmaster was merciless, merciless, so long as our bruised feet could stagger forward on the road. The weak envied those tired enough to die; for success looked so remote, and failure a near and certain, if sharp, release from toil. We lived always in the stretch or sag of nerves, either on the crest or in the trough of waves of feeling ..



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  • The Mint – First Edition 1955 – T.E. Lawrence as 352087 Ross

    The Mint – First Edition 1955 – T.E. Lawrence as 352087 Ross

    Published by Jonathan Cape, London in 1955 a first edition. Pretty good condition with some age to the top edge and the usual browning round the edge of the all important unassuming dust jacket. Very clean internally.

    In 1922 Lawrence of Arabia joined the RAF as John Ross on discovery of his identity he was discharged but later allowed to re-enlist as Shaw. This is his diary as Ross. 1955 First Edition.

    Lawrence as Ross


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  • Scarce Lawrence of Arabia Memorabilia  – Ross … A Dramatic Portrait – 1960 Theatre Royal London

    Scarce Lawrence of Arabia Memorabilia – Ross … A Dramatic Portrait – 1960 Theatre Royal London

    A scarce program to Terence Rattigan’s successful London play on the enigmatic Lawrence of Arabia. 12 pages all in fine condition

    The play commences during his period as Ross before he was Shaw and flashes back to his activities as Lawrence. Alec Guinness was much acclaimed as the great man but here we have Michael Bryant in the role.

    Brief but interesting biographical notes on T.E.L. and the distinguished biographies of other cast.

    We especially like that in that “Huntley & Palmers Cake is Served in this Theatre” … what else! And that a Hoovermatic washing machine was used in the Wardrobe department and that Christian Dior Stockings can be found in Good Shops – Everywhere.

    Rare Lawrence item obscure but collected


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