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South America

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  • Log of the Centurion – The Anson Voyage – The Log of Saumarez – Leo Heaps

    Log of the Centurion – The Anson Voyage – The Log of Saumarez – Leo Heaps

    The great Anson circumnavigation of the mid-18th century to basically steal as much Spanish gold – as possible (successful in that regard). This book based on the papers of Captain Saumarez and an essential part of the incredible story that makes up this historic adventure.

    Based on the original papers of Captain Philip Saumarez on Board HMS Centurion, Lord Anson’s flagship during his circumnavigation 1740-44.

    The four Saumarez logs have not been previously published or referenced. They had been lost for year until found in the 1960’s in a cardboard box along with letter and other documents at the Saumerez manor in the Channel Islands.

    Published by Macmillan, New York a first edition 1974.Large octavo, 264 pages, world map end papers showing the track of the fleet, numerous illustrations from original works, some in colour. A very good copy.

    While Great Britain was at war with Spain in 1740, Commodore George Anson led a Squadron of eight ships on a mission to harass the Spaniards on the west coast of South America and cut off their supplies of wealth from the Pacific.

    “Returning to England in 1744 by way of China and thus completing a circumnavigation, the voyage was notable for the capture of the gold laden Acapulco Galleon but also for the loss of all ships except Anson’s Centurion and horrific losses to disease with only 300 of the original 900 surviving.

    Anson’s voyage is remembered as a classic tale of endurance and leadership in the face of fearful disasters, but to Englishmen of 1744 it was the treasure of the galleon, triumphantly paraded through the streets of London, which restored national pride after an unsuccessful war against the Spaniards.”

    Saumerez another perspective on Anson


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  • The “Ramusio” Map of 1534 – Holzheimer and Buisseret

    The “Ramusio” Map of 1534 – Holzheimer and Buisseret

    This work is Occasional Publication No6, from the Hermon Dunlap Smith Center for the History of Cartography, the Newberry Library, Chicago published in 1992

    In 1987, Arthur Holzheimer (co-author) map collector and long -time volunteer at the Newberry acquired a copy of the “Ramusio Map” originally published at Venice in 1534. Over time he studied the map and the few-remaining originals (including spectroscopy of 16thC watermarks – see image) and identified the importance of this map in the history of cartography.

    Quarto, card covers, 33 pages with nine full page illustrations. An extremely interesting story and superb cartographic detective work. Ramusio refers to Giovanni Battista Ramusio (1485-1557) who published Summario de la Generale Historia de l’Indie Occidentali, and the map I thought to have accompanied this work … but not copies of the book have been found with it and only three original copies of the map exist.

    Very good condition.

    The map is regarded as elegant in its simplicity. It is interesting that whilst it pre-dates the Abraham Ortelius map by fifty years … its geographical form is superior.

    A striking beautiful map from 1534 for the Ramusio … but was it?


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  • Geographical Memoir of Melville Island and Port Essington on the Coburg Peninsula Northern Australia; Observations on the Settlements Established on the North Coast of New Holland, in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, London 1834

    Geographical Memoir of Melville Island and Port Essington on the Coburg Peninsula Northern Australia; Observations on the Settlements Established on the North Coast of New Holland, in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, London 1834

    Published by John Murray, London on behalf of the Society. This is Volume the Fourth 1834 – Part II. Octavo, pages 129-422 plus index and Contents page repeated at rear with four folding maps and two plates at rear. Original card wrapper, chipped to front edge (re-enforced with archival japan paper) otherwise a very good copy in original state

    The report on Australia is by Major Campbell, 57 Foot, formerly Commandant of Melville Island. The report comprises pages 129-182 and is regarded as a very early fundamental report on the region. The accompanying map is a sizeable (44cm long) fold out with original hand colouring. The related map is partly discoloured.

    Of further interest … extracts from a Spanish Manuscript regarding expeditions between 1749 and 1776 with the view to establishing a Colony on Juan Fernandez. Interestingly, just after Lord Anson’s visit.

    Observations regarding the inhabitants of the Southern Coast of Arabia and the route through the desert from Kosir to Kench.

    Further reports on the Journal of Captain Robinson on HMS Favourite around Newfoundland. Bartholomew on HMS Leven on the Coast of west Africa. Schoolcraft and the expedition through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake with a nice map at rear. Grenville Temple’s Travels in Tunis. A paper on the Migration of Polynesians by Australian John Dunmore Lang, one of the earliest attempts at the subject. Three Years in Abyssinia by Samuel Gobart. Travels in central Asia by Connolly and Burnes. Miscellaneous items on British Guiana, Chilli, South Africa, the Euphrates and the Nubian desert.

    Other than the Melville Island/Port Essington Map and that of the Mississippi explorations we have useful maps of Part of British Guyana and the Central Asian routes of Connolly and Burnes. The two plates are very browned and aged.

    Unusual to have Campbell’s report still bound in its original wrappers with the other reports of interest and, of course, the map.

    Early RGS Journal and early Northern territory Report – with some interesting extra’s and map.


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  • Around Cape Horn to Honolulu on the Bark “Amy Turner”  – L.V. Briggs

    Around Cape Horn to Honolulu on the Bark “Amy Turner” – L.V. Briggs

    Around Cape Horn to Honolulu on the Bark “Amy Turner”

    Originally published in 1926 this classic sailing account is reprinted here by the Macdonald Maritime History Series, London in 1974.

    Octavo, 186 pages, top edge blue, with images from photographs, charts, diagrams and embellishments as per the original. End paper maps. Bound in quarter morocco, gilt line and blue sailing ship motif clothe covered boards. Dust jacket torn to top, and tape mended. A paper wave at the bottom as if it has stood onboard for a time but nothing offensive.

    The author Vernon Briggs was only sixteen at the time he left Boston for Honolulu. His observations and penmanship mature well beyond his years. Part journal part narrative Briggs learns sea skills fast and is also a keen observer of his surroundings and the abundance of natural history along the way … including the Amy Turner cockroaches!

    Prized narrative onboard the Amy Turner.


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  • South American Aguti and Paca – 1820

    South American Aguti and Paca – 1820

    An original hand coloured engraving using the stipple technique published as part of the “Dictionniare des Sciences Naturelles” by Dumont de Saint-Croix published in Paris c1820’s. Engraved by Stranhi after an image by Pretre.

    At the time the Aguti (Agouti) and Paca were thought to be of the same family group … not so now .. they have different toe arrangements etc.

    They are however, both herbivorous rodents and among the largest in the world.

    The Paca can achieve a weight of 14kg on a good diet and is the more attractive with its sides patterned with spots and stripes. There are two distinct types … the lowland variety cab be found all the way from Northern Argentina to Mexico. A smaller Paca lives in the northern Andes and the Paramo grasslands.

    The Agouti is generally a smaller animal weighing in around 4 kgs. They are pretty shy compared with the Paca and pretty scared of humanoids. They prevail over much of the middle and north of South America and in the West Indies.

    Price $160.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style ….

    South American Rodents – rather cute – and large


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  • Second Chance – Voyage to Patagonia – Maurice and Maralyn Bailey

    Second Chance – Voyage to Patagonia – Maurice and Maralyn Bailey

    Published by Weidenfeld and Nicolson, London a first edition 1977. Octavo, 305 pages with good illustrations and charts and very interesting technical appendices.

    Maurice and Maralyn Bailey had already survived an incredible and near disastrous ocean voyage recorded in their first book “117 Days Adrift”. They were inspired by Bill Tilman to regarding this voyage directly encouraged by him. With three friends they crossed the Atlantic, skirted the eastern side of South America to the “Uttermost South”

    Second time around – and to Patagonia


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