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South America

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  • My Amazon Adventure – Sebastian Snow

    My Amazon Adventure – Sebastian Snow

    A super Readers Book Club, Melbourne edition of Seb Snow’s adventure in the Amazon.

    No date but 1955. Octavo, 285 pages plus index. Illustrated well from photographs taken on the adventure .. so they have that home grown feel that we find truly authentic.

    Snow was only 21 when he set out on what would become a 3,500 mile journey. He travelled from the source of the Amazon in Peru to the mouth of the Para River in Brazil.

    Super, in the moment writing, again an authentic trademark. We love it.

    Snow did not melt in the heat of the Amazon.


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  • Matto Grosso – Waclaw Korabiewicz

    Matto Grosso – Waclaw Korabiewicz

    A peculiar and enchanting travel book about a bird hunting expedition to the Matto Grosso in South America. Watch out for the piranhas!

    Translated from the original Polish. Octavo, 238 pages published circa 1958 by the Travel Book Club, effectively Jonathan Cape, London. A lovely clean copy with the striking jacket designed by Leslie Wood.

    Parrots and Piranhas


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  • Red Throated Caracar [Falcon] Ibycter Americonus – 1802 by Shaw & Nodder

    Red Throated Caracar [Falcon] Ibycter Americonus – 1802 by Shaw & Nodder

    Copper engraved and hand coloured this engraving of the Red Throated Falcon.

    First described in the 1780′s by Count de Buffon from a specimen brought back from South America. Can be found from Mexico through Venezuela into tropical Brazil. An unusual bird with complex social habits, although they exist in large numbers they tend to form groups of around a dozen who stick together hunting for food and for social comfort.

    George Shaw oversaw the Natural History Department at the British Museum. Nodder was a natural history artist and worked for Sir Joseph Banks on his Florilegium.

    Price $90.00 unframed or $190.00 framed in Voyager Natural History style … enquire if you require further information.

    The Sociable Red Throated Falcon over 200 years old.


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  • Pedraluarez Cabral (Pedro Alluarez De Gouvea) – His Progenitors His Life and His Voyages to America and India – James McClymont – 1912.

    Pedraluarez Cabral (Pedro Alluarez De Gouvea) – His Progenitors His Life and His Voyages to America and India – James McClymont – 1912.

    A strange one appears to be effectively self published but through the great Bernard Quaritch, London. Limited to only 150 copies.

    A most interesting account of the Portuguese Explorer who is attributed with the Discovery of Brazil. Born into a noble family circa 1467. In his discovery years he was likely the first person on the planet to step foot on four continents all in one voyage of 1500 when he did a significant exploration of the north east coast of South America and stuck the flag in the ground for Portugal. He then followed Vasco da Gama to the east and India in search of those valuable spices.

    Large squarish octavo, 72 pages. Original calf backed red cloth covered boards, gilt titling along spine. A very good copy of a scarce item.

    Pedro Cabral an oft overlooked Explorer


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  • Tribal Tattoos – Andy Sloss

    Tribal Tattoos – Andy Sloss

    An interesting little soft cover, only ever in this form. Published by Carlton, London in 2007.

    Perfect bound 72 pages, illustrated throughout (naturally). Some introductory and concluding pages and in between .. Pacific; South America; North America; some Europe and Africa.

    The variations, contrasts and similarities make this an interesting study even if you are not an advocate of the dye and needle.

    Tattoos – a nice sounding and looking word, and steeped in cultural heritage worldwide


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  • The Andes and the Amazon – Life and Travel in Peru – C. R. Enock – 1913

    The Andes and the Amazon – Life and Travel in Peru – C. R. Enock – 1913

    A scarce copy of this important travel exploration account into Peru.

    Published by Fisher Unwin, London in 1913, a fifth printing, first in this form. Octavo, red cloth covered illustrated covers, xvi, 380 pages, portrait frontispiece. Slight foxing otherwise a very good copy. the pictorial covers are a delight

    C Reginald Enock was a mining engineer turned adventurer. A Fellow of the Royal Geographical Society London, the World’s greatest Club. His adventures in Peru had previously been summarised and presented by none less than Markham in the Society Journals.

    Enock explored a new high pass over the Eastern Cordillera; made the sources of the Maranon and Huaylas Rivers; visited the ruins of Huanuco and attempted the highest peak in Peru, Huascarn, at 22,000 feet.. although unsuccessful, it was not climbed until 1932 … by Austrians of course.

    In his expeditions he mulled over the origins of the indigenous population and postulated links with Asia much in the lines but sometimes conflicting with the Alfred Russell Wallace viewpoint.

    Enock and serious exploring in remote Peru …


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