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Crime of the Fictional Variety

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  • The Spy Who Loved Me – Ian Fleming -1962

    A very good first Book Club edition published by Jonathan Cape [the principal publisher] same year as the pure first edition 1962.

    This is the ninth full novel in the celebrated “James Bond – Secret Service Agent 007” spy series.

    This novel stands out as the most sexually explicit of all of the Bond books. Also, the style of the book is different … a first person narration by a young Canadian Woman, Vivienne Michel who Fleming fictionally describes as the co-author.

    Despite now being a thriller classic the book, perhaps because of its format and forthrightness, was not initially well received by Bond enthusiasts. Fleming wrote to Cape explaining that he felt earlier Bond books were being sensationalised by the young and this was an attempt to bring the franchise into the adult world [our summary]. We love it and with the passing of time it sits well with what we came to know about Bond.

    In the film studio The Spy Who Loved Me was the third appearance of Roger Moore alongside (literally) the ever beautiful Barbara Bach.

    Why pay thousands for a pure first when you can have this copy from the same Publishing House same year 1962.

    The Spy Who Loved Me First – The Easy Way.



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  • Bony & The white Savage – Arthur Upfield – First edition 1961

    A hard to find first edition published by Heinemann, London in 1961.

    Octavo, 230 pages, reproduction dust jacket. Ownership details on title free end paper with a piece cut out. Otherwise a very clean and bright copy of an often badly foxed edition.

    An old timer in the deep south-west of Western Australia spots a violent criminal on his way back to the caves of Rhudder’s Inlet. Inspecter Napoleon “Bony” Bonaparte is called in with his tracker Lew. What they find leaves them shaken to the core.

    Bony discovers strange goings on in the very south-west.


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  • Madman’s Bend – Arthur Upfield – First Edition 1963

    Madman’s Bend – Arthur Upfield – First Edition 1963

    A very good copy of the first edition of the last completed novel of Australian writer Arthur Upfield.

    Aurthur William Upfield (1890-1964) was born in England and came to Australia and made it his home in 1911. He served in WWI, carried out a number of inland excursions in Australia and became familiar with the bush and indigenous Australians. He wrote many novels and is famous particularly for his crime series featuring Detective Inspector Napoleon “Bony” Bonaparte of the Queensland Police Force, a mixed race indigenous Australian. This his last book in the series is set along the Darling River in NSW.

    Published by Heinemann, London in 1963. Octavo, 232 pages, a little age along the edge of the jacket but really as good a copy as you will find. Very clean internally. Gift inscription on front free end paper.

    One of “Bony’s” toughest mysteries. William Lush, sheep station owner and drunk beats his wife and goes to town in search of more grog. Returning he runs out of fuel and walks the remainder of the way home where he finds the door barred by his daughter who fires as shot from the other side. Lush disappears and his wife dies from her injuries … Bony is confronted with a dilemma is he searching for a murderer or a victim .. it all gets quite complicated.

    Collectable and final Arthur Upfield Mystery


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  • Maigret’s Pickpocket and Maigret and the Nahour Case– Georges Simenon

    Maigret’s Pickpocket and Maigret and the Nahour Case– Georges Simenon

    Translated from the French another double helping of Maigret published by the Companion Book Club in 1968. A first of type.

    Octavo, 288 pages in very good condition.

    Maigret has his wallet stolen on a bus .. the young offender telephone Maigret and a murder enquiry ensues. In Nahour a gambler is murdered and his wife, who has fled with her lover, is suspected.

    Two different Maigret cases but with murder at the heart of each.


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  • Maigret – Hesitates  and Takes the Waters – Georges Simenon

    Maigret – Hesitates and Takes the Waters – Georges Simenon

    Two classic short stories by Simenon in Paris and also out in the Vichy countryside – superb

    First edition in this form published by The Companion Book Club in 1971 the individual editions being published in 1969 and 1970.

    Octavo, 288 pages, page edges and end papers bright red. A very clean copy.

    Maigret unsurpassed – a double helping.


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  • Maigret in Court – Georges Simenon

    Translated from the French of 1960, this edition by the Thriller Book Club, Charing Cross, London in conjunction with Hamish Hamilton. A first of type.

    Octavo, 192 pages in very good condition.

    Gaston Meurani is on trial and on first blush deserves to get off having been accused of the murder of his aunt and a little girl. Maigret convinced he is innocent. However, things come out in the trial that require a different type of justice. Intrigued?

    Maigret has a moral viewpoint but how does it pan out?


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