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Crime of the Fictional Variety

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  • Brighton Rock – Graham Greene – First Australian edition 1944

    Brighton Rock – Graham Greene – First Australian edition 1944

    First Australian edition published by Invincible Press printed by “Truth”. Published in 1944. Softcover, octavo, stapled 175 pages showing some usual even toning of war paper – still a pretty good copy. Cover design identical to the UK first.

    The Publisher summary on the front cover is taken from the Heinemann first UK edition of 1938 … “A story of murder and love, of guilt and faith, of the perpetual conflict between evil and good, Brighton Rock is one of the most powerful and exciting novels the publishers have handled” … and it certainly is …

    Many regard this as Greene’s greatest work. Being short in form he still regarded it as an “Entertainment” rather than a fully formed and sized novel.

    Dickie Attenborough starred in the first film adaptation … now recognised as a classic … Dickie was brilliant in the role of the central character

    Graham Greene Collectable


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  • Maigret Afraid – Georges Simenon – First english edition 1961

    Maigret Afraid – Georges Simenon – First english edition 1961

    First English edition 1961 published by Hamish Hamilton. Previously published in French in 1953.

    Octavo, 192 pages in very good condition. Written by Simenon when he lived at Shadow Rock Farm, Lakeville, Connecticut.

    Maigret has been at a conference in Bordeaux. On the way home he drops off at Fontenay to meet and old friends. A murder has been committed and then another and Maigret gets drawn in … its tricky as society in Fontenay is rather different and there are some very strange goings on.

    Maigret afraid? … well maybe … maybe not


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  • A Maigret Quartet – Simenon

    A Maigret Quartet – Simenon

    Published by The Leisure Circle a first of type by arrangement with Hamish Hamilton 1972.

    Octavo, 416 pages, four novels of similar length. Very good condition, dust jacket design by Ken Reilly and the classic Simenon photograph by Jerry Bauer at the rear.

    A “four in one” – Maigret’s … Special Murder; in Society; the Lazy Burglar and (his) Failure. A real treat and a host of unusual characters. Maigret consistent and thoughtful as ever.

    Maigret – four times as good


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  • The Reckoning – Georges Simenon

    The Reckoning – Georges Simenon

    Published by Hamish Hamilton, London in 1984 a first English edition.

    Translated by Emily Read, tall octavo 124 pages all in very good condition with a nice dust jacket designed by Craig Dodd based on the painting “Maxime Dethomas at the Opera Ball” by Toulouse Lautrec.

    Jules Maletras strangles the unattractive Lulu out of jealousy. Rich and retired he is glad it is all over but he has to cover his tracks and it gets complicated. .

    Simenon and crime like fine wine


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  • The Spy’s Bedside Book – Graham Green & Hugh Greene – First Edition 1957

    The Spy’s Bedside Book – Graham Green & Hugh Greene – First Edition 1957

    Published by Rupert Hart-Davis a first edition 1957. Very good if not better condition. Superb spy lovers dust jacket art.

    Dozens of stories on spying by Buchan, Maugham, Baden-Powell, Lawrence, Auden, Conrad, Fleming etc. A rare Voyager favourite a mixture of the real and imaginary.

    Best Spy Book Ever bar none


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  • The Last of Lysandra – Elizabeth Fenwick

    The Last of Lysandra – Elizabeth Fenwick

    A very good Gollancz, yellow jacket thriller. A first of type published 1973. Octavo, 160 pages in very good condition or better.

    More strange characters than “Midsummer Murders” … we are promised a hidden menace lurking behind respectable facades … and we get it.

    Who is lurking behind your façade?


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