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  • The Last Secrets – The Final Mysteries of Exploration – John Buchan – First Edition 1923

    The Last Secrets – The Final Mysteries of Exploration – John Buchan – First Edition 1923

    Published by Thomas Nelson, London a first edition 1923. John Buchan of 39 Steps et al fame produced this very timely compilation of great exploration feats. Dedicated to the explorer Cecil Rawling who fell as a Brigadier General at the Battle of Ypres.

    Octavo, 303 pages nicely illustrated with 10 maps and 12 full page illustrations. Super pictorial cloth cover a trifle aged internally very good.

    Exploration subjects covered comprise Tibet and Lhasa; the Brahmaputra; the North Pole; the Mountains of the Moon; the South Pole; Mount McKinley; the Holy Cities of Islam; New Guinea and Mount Everest. The list of explorers covered is very lengthy given the above coverage and Buchan does every one of them proud.

    John Buchan and Exploration more than 39 Steps


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  • The Lhota Nagas – Mills – First Edition 1932

    The Lhota Nagas – Mills – First Edition 1932

    First edition, published by MacMillan, London in 1932. Largish octavo, 255 pages nicely illustrated from photographs and drawings with a nice map of the relevant area. Striking blue cloth covered binding with gilt titling to spine and front as well as a lavish gilt image of a Lhota warrior in full dress.

    Whilst the author had no formal anthropological training this is widely regarded as the primary source of information regarding the reclusive and inviting Lhota Nagas

    Mills addresses the origins of the tribe, their migration, appearance, dress, ornament and weapons. Domestic life among the Nagas and the “Morung” … agriculture and the various unusual associated ceremonies. Hunting, fishing, food, medicine and drugs. Games they play, music and entertainment. The laws and customs by which they abide… war and head-hunting, Slavery and the position of women. Religion and life after death … magic, folk tales and songs. A good chapter on their language and various appendices concerning the Lhota calendar, mensuration and human sacrifice.

    John Philip Mills (1890- 1960) was educated at Winchester College and Corpus Christi Cambridge. He spent three years as the Assistant Commissioner at Mokokchung, remote Nagaland in Northern India bordering Assam. During that period he worked on this book. Later in life he was rewarded for his work … back in London he was appointed Reader at the School of Oriental and African Studies, London University. In the 1950’s he was President of the Anthropological Institute.

    The surprising life of the Lhota Nagas a unique people


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