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  • The Cattle King [ Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess – 1951

    The Cattle King [ Sir Sydney Kidman] – Ion Idriess – 1951

    Published in Sydney in 1951. Octavo, 277 pages. A very good copy in a very good dust jacket

    The Biography of Sir Sidney Kidman who started with five shillings and eventually controlled over 100 cattle stations an area half the size of Queensland.

    Well illustrated from period photographs and end paper maps showing the extent of the Kidman interests at the front and stations, stock routes, coach routes and railways referred to in the text … at the rear.

    Good reading & photographs … a cattle empire much in the financial news of late.


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  • Australian Farmer’s Practical Handbook – J.T. Elmes – 1916

    Australian Farmer’s Practical Handbook – J.T. Elmes – 1916

    Softcover printed c1916 and sold by E.W. Cole, Book Arcade, Melbourne. Very good condition.

    The author J.T. Elmes was the Manager of the fine property Eynesbury west of Melbourne. Described here as the property of Capt. S.T. Staughton deceased. Samuel Thomas Staughton had inherited Eynesbury from his father a larger property of that name having been subdivided among four children. The original Eynesbury had commanded 100,000 acres and was named after a village north of London.

    The handbook is a wealth of information. Octavo, 187 pages plus adverts. A focus on sheep rearing and horse management. Building your own yards and feeders. Mathematical skills as well as a plethora of useful facts like … how to address the “upper crust”, how to make mushroom ketchup and shoe polish etc.

    An original beauty for the agricultural mind


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