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  • An account of a Voyage to Establish a Colony at port Philip in Bass’s Strait, on the South Coast of New South Wales, in His Majesty’s Ship Calcutta, in the Years 1803-3-4. – J.H. Tuckey.

    Tuckey was a First Lieutenant of the Calcutta and this is a true facsimile of the voyage to and affairs in Australia of the abandoned attempt to create a settlement at Port Philip and the consequence of the move that led to the foundation of Hobart in Tasmania. Some useful footnotes are added.

    The voyage out occupies approximately 60% of the book .. to Teneriffe; Cape Verde; Rio de Janeiro [much about Rio]; Cape of Good Hope [Via Voyager’s favourite island group Tristan d’Acunha; then the mysterious St Paul's and on to Port Philip. Them transactions at Port Philip which gives rise to the addenda … lists of plants; Meteorological observations; timbers found and observations respecting the selection of convicts and the means of preserving health. Hobart get a mention but its brief before the vessel turns for home.

    Published by marsh etc, Melbourne in 1974. Octavo, set as the original of 1805, 240 pages. Bound in full leather with impressed design to front and back, raised bands to spine, separate leather title label [spare label at back]. Number 51 of a limited edition of 500. Hand bound at the Dove Bindery, Melbourne. A very good copy albeit previous ownership details hidden in the end papers.

    Tuckey on the Calcutta – his account.


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  • The Tregurtha Log – Relating the Adventurous Life of Capt Edward Primrose Tregurtha.

    The Tregurtha Log – Relating the Adventurous Life of Capt Edward Primrose Tregurtha.

    A pretty sumptuous production by Published and Editor Dan Sprod. Published under his Blubber Press in 1980.

    Folio, 166 pages, illustrated, tipped in volured plate and tipped in frontispiece, elaborate design to title page, end paper maps. A fine copy.

    Limited to six hundred numbered copies, in this form, of which this is numbered 474, signed by Dan Sprod.

    Cornishman Tregurtha led an adventurous life for sure. Started out in the Navy at none years old in the Napoleonic Wars. Then to East Indiamen to China. As a grown man to Hobart and Captain of the Caroline and South Sea Whaling. His Log the subject of this book was in the possession of Norman Whettenhall [a surname we know well] of Melbourne … we can’s imagine the excitement of Dan Sprod when he first read this treasure.

    A rather stunning book and one hell of a story


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  • The Huon Pine Story – A History of the Harvest and Use of a Unique Timber – Kerr and McDermott

    Huon Pine up there with the best woods in the worlds. What makes a good wood, well to start with you know it when you see it, smell it touch it …

    Large quarto, 299 pages, published by Mainsail Book as if self published. Super production, heavily illustrated throughout, end paper maps of logging areas etc. Fine condition. A heavy book that may require a postage supplement

    If it can be afforded and found the best boat builders number one choice of wood which makes this fine material that more romantic. If you ever want a good book about a tree – this is the one.

    Huon Pine First Choice Material beautiful Tree


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  • Helmets and Hatchets – A History of the Hobart Fire Brigade 1883-1983 – Roger McNeice.

    Helmets and Hatchets – A History of the Hobart Fire Brigade 1883-1983 – Roger McNeice.

    Someone once explained to Voyager that the making of a Fire Brigade was the defining moment in any Nation. They did however build Fire Engine.

    Enough, this is a super book about this important service to the community .. non less than in Southern Tasmania which has had its fair share of very difficult fires.

    Published by the State Fire Commission in 1983. Signed by author McNeice on the title page.

    Large wide octavo, 237 pages, heavily illustrated mainly from period photographs. A very good near fine copy.

    “Fireys” honoured after 100 years service to Hobart


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  • The Convict Ships 1787-1868 – Charles Bateson

    The Convict Ships 1787-1868 – Charles Bateson

    A 1985 edition of what is now a rather famous book – Bateson on Convict Ships – the go to reference and guide.

    Published by Brown et al, Glasgow. Thick octavo, 421 pages, some illustrations a very good copy in a fine dust jacket.

    One of those books that makes you wonder how they completed the research and put the book together in a lifetime.

    The ships and a very good narrative as to their voyage is put together in chronological blocks. With separate chapters and then interwoven content concerning … the Contractors that carried of these venture [yes Contractors]; Naval Agents and Guards; Surgeons and Ships Superintendents; the Convicts and the Transports.

    Not at all dry – not a list – an interesting and informative story of a rather peculiar practice by modern day standards


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  • Australia’s Worst Shipwrecks – Chris Halls

    Australia’s Worst Shipwrecks – Chris Halls

    A difficult thing to define worst shipwreck – most lives lost, largest boat sunk etc etc. Chris Hall however has made a good selection .. with a bit of breadth … historical relevance is the key we believe.

    Published by Rigby in 1978. Octavo, 157 pages, illustrated. Fine condition.

    Includes the early Dutch ship the Zuytdorp off Western Australia and then a big move geographically and in time to King island, where there have been almost too many shipwreck to count. The tragedy of the Star of Greece and the Quetta in the far north. Ghost ships appear near the end and add a bit of intrigue ..

    A good roundup of the most famous wrecks over the ages on the Australian coastline.


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