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Poetry and Plays and Music Scores

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  • Trafalgar; Or the Victory over the Combined Fleets of France and Spain; A Poem: dedicated, with Permission to the Edinburgh Trafalgar Club – David Stevenson – 1806

    A scarce and early piece in the Trafalgar cannon. Privately printed for the author in 1806. Trafalgar being 21st October 1805.

    Small octavo, xii, 174 pages. A very good copy in a contemporary binding. Scarce WorldCat shows just the British Library copy and Copac shows only Edinburgh University and the National Maritime Museum in addition.

    Preliminaries include a dedication to the aforementioned Club and a useful Preface and “Argument”

    The Epic Poem has 3,304 lines. Of a fine standard and we particularly like the lines relating to the events of the battle itself. Of course, we have the drama of the death of our Lord Nelson. Similarly, the death of Captain Cooke of the Bellerophon which is accurately documented … Voyager had once a first hand account of those events.

    In addition, Stevenson’s “An Elegy on the Death of Lord Nelson” – 18 verses; “An Epitaph on the Death of Lord Nelson” – 32 lines; “The Orphan’s Lament” 12 verses and “The Tears of Britain” to be sung to the tune of the Wounded Hussar.

    All finished with 11 pages of “Notes” explaining the meaning of unusual words, classical references etc.

    A very rare Nelson collectable – 1806


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  • The Poetical Works of Chaucer – Complete 1782  [The Father of the English Language] – 14 Vols in 7 Original Period Bindings

    The Poetical Works of Chaucer – Complete 1782 [The Father of the English Language] – 14 Vols in 7 Original Period Bindings

    The very first Bell’s Edition, rare complete. Miscellaneous Pieces from Urry’s Edition of 1721; The Canterbury Tales from Tyrwhitt’s Edition of 1775. The text of each volume printed Edinburg: at The Apollo Press, by the Martins 7th September 1782; engravings John Bell British Library dated variously 1782.

    Fourteen volumes bound as seven, small 12mo, with engraved portrait and extra engraved titles to each volume. Over 3,000 pages all up. Bound in full, original mottled calf, spines with gilt bands and designs, separate red leather title labels. Boards ruled in gold, all board edges knurled in gold. A little rubbed and one tender joint, otherwise a very attractive antiquarian set.

    Volume I, 267 pages … including the “Life of the Author”. Vol II printed similarly … the Canterbury Tales … 258 pages. Vol III, 223 pages … more Tales and Prologues … Wife of Bath, Friar, Squire, Merchant etc. Vol IV, 236 pages, … Doctors and Monk’s Tale etc. Vol V, 228 pages and the Nun etc. Vol VI, 274 pages … Ploughman … the Merchant’s Second Tale etc. Vol VII, 198 pages The Romaunt of the Rose. Vol VIII, 195 pages … The Troils and Creseide, in five bokes. Vol IX, 198 pages. Vol X, 194 pages the Troils continued. Vol XI, 194 pages … the Legends … Cleopatra, Dido, Ariadne etc. Vol XII, 290 pages … the Dreams, the Cuckoo and the Nightingale. Vol XII, 177 pages … the Complaints … the Black Night, Mars and Venus, the Court of Love etc. Vol XIII, 200 pages, the House of Fame and Ballads … including “The Craft of Lovers”. Vol XIV, 244 pages see below.

    The final volume we find most useful, containing, an Account of the Works of Chaucer; Explanations of Abbreviations; Glossary and … Words and Phrases not understood.

    Rare complete originally bound set of Chaucer from the 18th Century. With assistance in the “Understanding”.



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  • Mr Tambourine Man (EP 1965) Spanish Pressing with Special Cover – Les Byrds

    Mr Tambourine Man (EP 1965) Spanish Pressing with Special Cover – Les Byrds

    Or “El Hombre de la Pandereta” … first Spanish pressing of the Byrds no 1 hit interpretation of Bob Dylan’s classic song … same year as his 1965. Les Byrds first all up.

    45 rpm EP, including All I Really Want to Do. I Knew I’d Want You and Feel a Whole Lot Better. Very good condition.

    Bob Dylan gave his blessing to the recoding before it was released. Dylan’s version ran for over 5 minutes, but the Byrds decided on a version half that length for air play. It was effectively the first “Folk Rock” hit and in a sense created the genre. Using only the second verse and the chorus twice and an additional construction, starting off with a Bach inspired intro the twelve sting guitar effect is a winner. “You can dance to that” … quote Bob Dylan. The Byrds got Hall of Fame recognition … unusual for a cover … but a special one.

    Get out La Panderata tonight …


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  • Sarah Bernhardt – William Embodden (Introduction Sir John Gielgud)

    Sarah Bernhardt – William Embodden (Introduction Sir John Gielgud)

    A first edition published by Studio Vista (part of Cassell), London in 1974.

    Quarto, 176 pages, some signs of age still a very good copy of a excellent work on Bernhardt, not the least for the introduction by Sir John Gielgud.

    Nicely illustrated throughout from period photographs. Includes our image of Sarah as Frou-Frou.

    Accompanied by a useful appendix listing the plays in which she acted chronologically and a healthy bibliography.

    Sarah Bernhardt – well-presented and with exceptional images.


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  • My Cutey’s Due at Two- To-Two To-Day

    My Cutey’s Due at Two- To-Two To-Day

    Original music score of a “novelty fox-trot” published in 1926 by Bibo, Bloedon & Lang, New York. Written by Leo Robin and Albert Von Tilzer and recorded by Harold Oxley.

    With special arrangement for Ukulele by May Singhi Breen … known as “The Ukulele Lady”.

    Four pages of score for piano (and Ukulele) … the words are hilarious … our singer is certainly missing his Cutey!

    My Cutey’s due at Two-to-Two –
    She’s coming thru on a big choo choo
    She’s been away for months
    But I have-n’t cheated once
    Stay’d home nights didn’t dance
    Was-n’t taking any chance
    Did-n’t flirt and tho’it hurt
    I just couldn’t do my Cutey dirt.

    Very thoughtful …. do-n’t forget the Bon Bons

    My Cutey’s Due – sing in the key of Bertie Wooster!


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  • French Thetrical Legend – Sarah Bernhardt – Signed Manuscript Letter 1887, Photographic Portrait and Ephemera

    French Thetrical Legend – Sarah Bernhardt – Signed Manuscript Letter 1887, Photographic Portrait and Ephemera

    Likely the 19th Century’s greatest actress Sarah Bernhardt (1844-1923). A fine hand with bold signature dated 1887. Her personal grey bordered stationery with the Quand Meme motif.

    She addresses “Mon Cher Paul” mentions her pretty niece and trying to arrange a suitable time to catch up.

    The letter is accompanied by a photographic portrait of Bernhardt, a cabinet card depicting the legend in Camille by Dumas which she performed in 1882. 16cm by 11cm mounted on original card minor edge chips, plain back.

    Also relating to her tour of America (see below) two “Between the Acts & Bravo” cigarette cards, also from the 1880’s, issued by Thomas Hall, New York. 7.5cm by 4cm each, very good condition.

    1887 was an interesting time for the “Divine Sarah”. She was well established by this time but had

    developed an extremely lavish lifestyle and had a gambler for a son that she supported financially. Already accustomed to touring a mammoth tour of South and North America was organised by her manager Edouard Jarett. It was hugely successful an she returned to Paris the year of this letter with a million francs. Unfortunately, her manager died of a heart attack on the tour … it didn’t stop Sarah indulging in some of her favourite pastimes … such as collecting exotic animals. She brought back an alligator that seemingly was partial to champagne. Among her other strange activities was sleeping in a coffin when trying to get into character for rather dowdy parts.

    Sarah Bernhardt – Signed manuscript Letter – 1887 – with Cabinet Card from that period.


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