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Poetry and Plays and Music Scores

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  • Minorities – T. E. Lawrence [of Arabia] his favourite poems – First Edition 1971

    Published by Jonathan Cape, London in 1971. Octavo, 272 pages, photographic frontispiece, biographical introduction by J.M. Wilson, preface by C Day Lewis. Light edge wear, previous ownership name at front, a very good copy.

    Lawrence encouraged by his travels kept a notebook of “good poems by small poets and small poems by good poets”. Another insight into the special mind that was Lawrence. The book contains reproductions of some of his own manuscript copies in which he sometimes could not resist improvement or correction of grammar.

    Not particularly minor really – Lawrence of Arabia’s personal anthology in print.



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  • Birds, Beasts and Flowers – D.H. Lawrence

    Birds, Beasts and Flowers – D.H. Lawrence

    A really nice presentation of D.H. Lawrence’s collection of poems by the thoughtful “Black Sparrow Press” of Santa Rosa, published in 2001.

    Large octavo, 213 pages, printed on superior acid free paper. Unusual cloth covered boards with artwork from the first edition pasted on, paper labels to spine, all add a craft feel to the production which we love.

    On publishing these poems D.H. Lawrence had soon to remove a not insubstantial number of lines considered indecent in 1923. Here they are restored … the publishers state along with a few minor emendations of typographical errors.

    D.H.L. Nicely done and restored to all its Glory.


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  • Scents of Flying – Maki Horanai and Hillel Weintraub

    Scents of Flying – Maki Horanai and Hillel Weintraub

    Self published hand made by Mountain Dreams Press in 2010. A special beautiful book displaying the highly original artwork of Maki Horanai.

    Unpaginated but 28 pages of thick handmade paper so lovely you could eat it. Fourteen images by Horanai, alternating full page and double page. Signed boldly on the front pastedown by the artist and the wordsmith Hillel Weintrub. The image of the title, an element of “Homage” is repeated pasted to the front boards. Boards covered in rich handmade paper.

    As you can tell … we love it.

    Wish and you could be a “Sky Carpet Traveller”


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  • The Dawn of Time – Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings – Roberts and Mountford.

    The Dawn of Time – Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings – Roberts and Mountford.

    A first edition of this “sequel” to Dreamtime. Another wonderful book by ethnologist Charles Mountford and artist Ainslie Roberts.

    Published in 1969 again by Rugby, Adelaide. Same small quarto format 79 pages with a beautiful image for each of the myths recounted by Mountford received from Elders and Storytellers.

    Includes some from the coast such as Kondole the Whale; Pipinyawari the Queen Fish … the Fighting Cloud Women; the Black Kangaroo; and our favourite Brolga the Dancing Girl .. albeit a little sad.

    Remember this story when you see a Brolga.


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  • The Dreamtime – Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings – Ainslie Roberts and Charles Mountford.

    The Dreamtime – Australian Aboriginal Myths in Paintings – Ainslie Roberts and Charles Mountford.

    A interesting book published by Rigby of Adelaide who have done some good work. Small quarto, 79 pages, well illustrated with colour images of the aforesaid paintings – and they are beauties.

    All up 32 aboriginal stores recounted and illustrated including .. The banishment of the Cuckoos; Mangowa and the Round Lakes; The Creation of the eagle and the Crow; The Mopaditis and the Black Cockatoos; Tirlta and the Flowers of Blood ..

    Special images, beautiful meaningful stories.


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  • Kakadu Man – Bill Neidjie – Signed Copy

    Kakadu Man – Bill Neidjie – Signed Copy

    This book is by Bill Neidjie deceased. An extraordinary man of words from the Gagudju people of Kakadu in the Northern Territory of Australia. He was assisted by Stephen Davis and Allan Fox who provided some of the striking photographic images.

    Signed and dated boldly by the Bill Neidjie and Felix Haemer .. we are not quite sure what Felix’s involvement was.

    Published Allan Fox in 1985. Small quarto, 95 pages of text, the poetry of Bill Neidjie and images form colour photographs, end paper decorative sketch maps. Dust jacket a little tired, overall a very good copy.

    Neidjie has been compared with Chief Seattle of Puget Sound who wrote so eloquently about the environment to George Washington when approached to sell part of their land. Under threat to hand over land for National Parks and worse Uranium Mining Bill Neidjie wrote …

    “Our story is in the land .. it is written in those sacred places. My children will look after these places, that’s the law. Dreaming place … you can’t change it. No matter you rich man, no matter you King. You can’t change it”.

    Bill Neidjie was Kakadu Man


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