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Pacific Islands

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  • Log of the Centurion – The Anson Voyage – The Log of Saumarez – Leo Heaps

    Log of the Centurion – The Anson Voyage – The Log of Saumarez – Leo Heaps

    The great Anson circumnavigation of the mid-18th century to basically steal as much Spanish gold – as possible (successful in that regard). This book based on the papers of Captain Saumarez and an essential part of the incredible story that makes up this historic adventure.

    Based on the original papers of Captain Philip Saumarez on Board HMS Centurion, Lord Anson’s flagship during his circumnavigation 1740-44.

    The four Saumarez logs have not been previously published or referenced. They had been lost for year until found in the 1960’s in a cardboard box along with letter and other documents at the Saumerez manor in the Channel Islands.

    Published by Macmillan, New York a first edition 1974.Large octavo, 264 pages, world map end papers showing the track of the fleet, numerous illustrations from original works, some in colour. A very good copy.

    While Great Britain was at war with Spain in 1740, Commodore George Anson led a Squadron of eight ships on a mission to harass the Spaniards on the west coast of South America and cut off their supplies of wealth from the Pacific.

    “Returning to England in 1744 by way of China and thus completing a circumnavigation, the voyage was notable for the capture of the gold laden Acapulco Galleon but also for the loss of all ships except Anson’s Centurion and horrific losses to disease with only 300 of the original 900 surviving.

    Anson’s voyage is remembered as a classic tale of endurance and leadership in the face of fearful disasters, but to Englishmen of 1744 it was the treasure of the galleon, triumphantly paraded through the streets of London, which restored national pride after an unsuccessful war against the Spaniards.”

    Saumerez another perspective on Anson


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  • Solomon Islands with the Unusual Fictitious Terre de Qvir – Mallet – 1683

    Solomon Islands with the Unusual Fictitious Terre de Qvir – Mallet – 1683

    An unusual and scarce original copper engraved map “Isles de Solomons” by Allain Mallet published in Paris in 1683 as part of his great work on “the Universe”.

    One of the most intriguing Mallet maps. It purports to show that Queiros had a theory that a great land mass existed between the Solomon Islands and New Zealand … here named “Terre de Qvir” … similar to, or as a part, of the supposed great southern continent “Terra Australis”. Decorated with nine sailing ships.

    In 1567 Alvarode Mendana de Neira (Mendana) set out from Lima to fine gold in the Pacific. Legend had it that the Biblical Ophir which had provided the gold for Solomon’s Temple lay somewhere out there. They sailed for over eighty days and 6,000 miles before the reached land … and here marked Isle St Isabelle. It was almost thirty years later in 1895 that Mendana set off on a voyage to colonise the Solomon’s, following Drake’s plundering of the Spanish interest on the west coast of South America . His Chief Pilot was Pedro Fernandes de Queiros and they set sail with four vessels and 378 individuals (including family, criminals, prostitutes etc). First, the discovered the Marquesas and treated the native people very badly, many of whom were killed as if for sport. They then went on to find the Santa Cruz Islands … but failed to find the Solomon Islands. They headed for Manilla and only 100 survived the dangerous adventure. Mendana died on the voyage.

    Allain Manesson Mallet (1630-1706) was a French cartographer and engineer. He started his career as a soldier in the army of Louis XIV and became a Sergeant Major and an Inspector of Fortifications a role which afforded him the resources required to produce this treasure.

    Price $190.00 unframed or $320.00 framed in Voyager style … enquire if you wish

    Historical important mallet Map for the Pacific region from the Solomon Islands to New Zealand


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  • The Life of Captain James Cook – J.C. Beaglehole

    The Life of Captain James Cook – J.C. Beaglehole

    Published by Adam & Charles Black, London 1974 a first of this issue having been previously published by the Hakluyt Society.

    Large “royal” octavo, 760 pages with 4 sketch maps, 1 foldout map, 4 coloured plates and 67 black and white illustrations. Slight sunning of dust jacket spine and hint of foxing as often the case. A very good copy. A heavy book that will require an Overseas postage supplement.

    Many would agree the best authority on James Cook. John Beaglehole wrote the definitive analysis of James Cook’s three monumental voyages published by the Hakluyt Society. Likewise, this book, on the man himself, is a superb digestible (albeit 700+ pages) account and a must for Cook admirers with a thirst for knowledge.

    Best “Cook Book” by far …


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  • Studia Bountyana 1 [Mutiny on the Bounty] – Rolf Du Rietz

    Studia Bountyana 1 [Mutiny on the Bounty] – Rolf Du Rietz

    Seemingly, quite a few “Bounty Authorities” took exception to some of the ideas put forward by Marge Darby in her book “Who Caused the Mutiny of the Bounty?”. Notably, Rolf Du Rietz, of Uppsala was particularly motivated and produced this well researched and referenced contribution.

    Limited to 500 copies, self-published in the English language and printed in Uppsala in 1965. Soft covers, perfect bound (23cm by 16cm), 59 pages including list of references.

    Rolf du Rietz manages to thank a distinguished cast of thousands and the usual library bodies …. Including the illustrious Mackaness. We cannot help feel this supports his, at times, heavy criticism of Madge who no doubt intended her book to be of more general appeal. Regardless, we like this work, it certainly sets the mind in motion regarding “Who Caused the Bounty Mutiny” … not me said Bligh!

    Intellectual work on the Bounty Mutiny and the right to have original thought!


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  • The Log of HMS Providence 1791-1793 (the second Breadfruit Voyage) Captain W. Bligh

    The Log of HMS Providence 1791-1793 (the second Breadfruit Voyage) Captain W. Bligh

    Published by the upmarket Genesis Publications, Guildford, England a limited fine edition 1976.

    The first publication from the original log held at the Public records Office, Kew, London. Includes a wealth of knowledge and information. A complete reproduction of Bligh’s Log in which he attempts to trace the course of the Bounty Mutineers. Prefaced by Mountbatten and introduced by Stephen Walters.

    One of 500 copies, a large book (34cm x 21cm), 901 pages, coloured frontispiece, 5 folding maps, numerous illustrations. Bound in original half leather and buckram with raised bands, gilt tooling and sprinkled page edges. Original buckram slip case. Includes a colour collotype reproduction of Sydney Parkinson’s beautiful breadfruit watercolour and a complete reproduction of John Ellis’ book of 1775 “A Description of the Mangoston and Breadfruits” with notes by the distinguished botanist Dr David Bellamy.

    The first breadfruit voyage failed as a result of the Bounty Mutiny. Ever resilient Bligh set out in HMS Providence in 1791 for a second and ultimately successful attempt. The Admiralty had purchased the Providence “on the stocks” from Perry & Co, Blackwall Yard in February of that year. Launched in April, coppered and commissioned under Bligh. Rated sixth rate she sailed on 2 August for the Pacific. She made the West Indies and delivered the specimens to the Royal Botanic Gardens at St Vincent. She was back in England in August 1793. Providence went on to the Vancouver expedition and was shipwrecked off Japan in 1797.

    Special Issue of Bligh’s Successful Breadfruit Voyage


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  • An Account of the Discoveries Made in the South Pacific Ocean – Alexander Dalrymple

    An Account of the Discoveries Made in the South Pacific Ocean – Alexander Dalrymple

    A quality production, Number 3 in the Australian Maritime Series published by Hordern House, Sydney.

    A Limited edition of 950 copies hand bound in midnight blue Scottish calf with marbled papered boards. Designed by Margo Snape.

    Octavo, 103 pages plus portrait frontispiece, six folding plates and folding map at rear. All in very good condition.

    First published in 1767 one of the rarest accounts. First time reissued faithfully reproduced.

    The original account used as a reference on the Endeavour and mentioned by Banks and Cook.

    Dalrymple lead Cook to Australia


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