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Pacific Islands

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  • Decorative Maps – Robert Bacon

    Decorative Maps – Robert Bacon

    A visual delight Robert Bacon’s book on some of the rarest and most beautiful maps ever created, starting with the Hereford Mappa Mundi.

    Folio size, softcover, perfect bound, published by Bracken Books, London in 1989. Jonathan Potter had a hand in it … well he would.

    Forty alternating plates and page narrative after a fine introduction by the compiler.

    Including the aforesaid map … Ptolemy Map of the World; Rotz – the Portlan Chart of South-East Asia; Saxton – Dorecestriae; Ortleious – the beautiful Pacific Map; Boazio – Isle of Wight … and the rest … they are all really super.

    Great selection very good images…


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  • Mercator’s World – Anson’s Voyage

    Mercator’s World – Anson’s Voyage

    Volume 3 No 6 of Mercator’s World published in 1998.

    Our favourite features is “Victory at Sea – How George Anson Became Leader of the British Navy”. Having said that, we do not like the title as he became the “Father” of the Royal Navy for many reasons, albeit including the incredible circumnavigation and stealing of the Spanish gold, the story of this feature.

    An eight page article nicely illustrated, mostly from images and maps out of the official account. The charming engraving “England’s glory. Wagons heading into the Tower of London with the Spanish treasure” is a very rare engraving the originator unknown.

    Provides fresh insight into the voyage particularly as you would expect concerning the charts and the route taken and the mistakes made and bad luck encountered. It is a lesson in the difficulties had before the problem of the longitude was solved by Harrison’s chronometer.

    Other articles include quite a bit on underwater surveying … Davy Jones Locker etc and Portlan reflection a good one on early sea charts.

    Mercator’s ideas and views on the Anson Voyage.


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  • Argonauts of the Western Pacific – Bronislaw Malinowski. Professor Brian J. Egloff’s copy.

    Argonauts of the Western Pacific – Bronislaw Malinowski. Professor Brian J. Egloff’s copy.

    An account of Native Enterprise and Adventures in the Archipelagos of Melanesian New Guinea.

    A 1960’s edition of Malinowski’s other landmark book published by Routledge, London. Octavo, 527 pages with 5 maps and 65 illustrations from original photographs. Original blue cloth covered boards, gilt titles, some insignificant rubbing, no dust jacket, still a very good copy.

    A richly illustrated account of the ceremonial exchange of manufactured shell valuables linking the Trobriand Islands with other island groups in Eastern New Guinea. Malinowski follows a canoe voyage around the Kula ring of islands.

    Following and introduction about subject, method and scope which is regarded as some of the most influential pages in the field of social anthropology .. Malinowski explores the country and inhabitants of Kula; the Natives of the Trobriand Islands; Canoes and sailing; Ceremonial Buildings at Waga; Ceremonial Visiting; an Overseas Expedition; the Fleet at Muwa; Sailing to Pilolu; a Shipwreck; in the Amphlets – the Sociology of the Kula; Tewara and Sanaroa- mythology; the beach at Sarubwoyna; the journey Home; the return visit of the Dobuans to Sinaketa; Magic and Kula; the Power of Words in Magic; Expeditions to Kiriwinan d Kitava …. The meaning of Kula.

    Brian John Egloff an American born anthropologist spent time in New Guinea, holding senior position in the then newly established National Museum. Later in Australia he rose to be Associate Professor of Cultural Heritage Management at the University of Canberra

    Malinowski a pioneer in the field of social anthropology and perhaps not yet eclipsed and, the most interesting of subjects.


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  • The Life of Jean-Francois de La Perouse – Where Fate Beckons. – John Dunmore

    The Life of Jean-Francois de La Perouse – Where Fate Beckons. – John Dunmore

    First edition published by the ABC in2006. Large octavo, 292 pages, nicely illustrated . A quality production printed in heavy paper. A fine, as new copy.

    The book on La Perouse, John Dunmore being the recognised world authority. From his teenage life at war, the American War, issues in the Indian Ocean and the Great tragic Voyage and the mystery.

    La Perouse by Dunmore


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  • Balus – The Aeroplane in Papua New Guinea – Complete 3 Volume Set – James Sinclair

    Balus – The Aeroplane in Papua New Guinea – Complete 3 Volume Set – James Sinclair

    Published as a series … Volume I – The Early Years; Volume II – The Rise of Talair and Volume III Wings of a Nation.

    Published by Robert Brown, Bathurst, New South Wales progressively Vol I 1986; Vol Ii 1988 and Vol II 1990 all first printings.

    Incredible work by the devoted author James Sinclair. We doubt if there has been a better job done on any aviation market in the world.

    Sinclair was for many years a field officer in Papua New Guinea, starting as a cadet and retiring as District Commissioner in 1975, the year of Independence. Author of many books about the region.

    Large quarto, 296, 296 and 352 pages, heavily illustrated with some magnificent historic images, a great number in colour. Very heavy, near 5 kg, so may need a postage supplement depending on your location. Fine condition.

    If you would like individual volumes to make up a set … get in touch. Enquiries regarding the detailed content welcomed.

    Balus – All of It … in Fine Condition


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  • Rare Pacific Voyage Books from the Collection of David Parsons. Dampier to Cook.

    Rare Pacific Voyage Books from the Collection of David Parsons. Dampier to Cook.

    Hordern House have done a number of similar works. This by far the best. Published in 2005.

    English born David Parsons was executed at Corpus Christi, Oxford. He spent his adult life in the USA were applied his mathematical skills as a top actuary. The collection written up by HH was the first of two parts, the most important works e would say in chronological order up to Cook. Parsons, now gone, had decided to focus in on early Spanish/ Portuguese exploration. The proceeds from this magnificent collection would have provided a pretty healthy budget.

    Octavo, unpaginated, circa 125 pages, magnificently illustrated. Contains all of the key works one would expect, often of super quality or special provenance. Very goo near fine condition.

    Generally organised as follows … Dampier to Swift; The Anson Expedition (delicious); The South Pacific before Cook; The North Pacific before Cook; Cook. As always with HH an excellent description of content and relevance of each work with a helpful selection of images

    Super reference a collection to envy for sure.


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