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Pacific Islands

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  • James Cook’s Second Voyage – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Around the World – Fine Large Scale Facsimile in 2 Volumes

    James Cook’s Second Voyage – A Voyage Towards the South Pole and Around the World – Fine Large Scale Facsimile in 2 Volumes

    Facsimile of James Cook’s Second Voyage – Towards the South Pole – 2 Volumes

    A Voyage Towards the South Pole, and Round the World Performed in His Majesty’s Ships the Resolution and Adventure, in the years 1772, 1773, 1774 and 1775. In which is included Captain Furneaux’s Narrative of his Proceedings in the Adventure during the Separation of the Ships: By James Cook Commander of the Resolution.

    Illustrated with Maps and Charts, and a Variety of Portraits of Persons and Views of Places, Drawn during the Voyage by Mr. Hodges, and Engraved by the Most Eminent Master.

    This is the account of Cook’s second voyage. The success of Cook’s first voyage led the Admiralty to send him on a second expedition to circumnavigate the globe as far south as possible in search of any southern continents. Cook proved that there was no Terra Australis which supposedly lay between New Zealand and South America, but became convinced that there must be land beyond the ice fields. Cook was the first to cross the Antarctic Circle. Further visits were made to New Zealand, and on two great sweeps Cook made an astonishing series of discoveries and rediscoveries including Easter Island, the Marquesas, Tahiti and the Society Islands, Niue, the Tonga Islands, the New Hebrides, New Caledonia, Norfolk Island, and a number of smaller islands. Rounding Cape Horn, on the last part of the voyage, Cook discovered and charted South Georgia, after which he called at Cape Town. William Hodges was the artist with the expedition. This voyage produced a vast amount of information concerning the Pacific peoples and Islands, proved the value of the chronometer as an aid in finding longitude, and improved techniques for preventing scurvy.

    Also, includes the account of Captain Furneaux in the Adventure during his time separated from the Endeavour.

    Originally published by Strahan & Cadell, London in 1777. This edition in two volumes by the Libraries Board of South Australia in 1970.

    Complete with facsimile images – portrait frontispiece (Basire’s engraving of Cook from the painting by William Hodges) and 63 plates, charts and portraits, many folding. Light beige canvas cloth covered boards, separate title labels to spine. Very clean internally, high quality paper. A super set.

    The second Voyage of James Cook to seek out the Great Southern Land – and to do so much more.


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  • The Tregurtha Log – Relating the Adventurous Life of Capt Edward Primrose Tregurtha.

    The Tregurtha Log – Relating the Adventurous Life of Capt Edward Primrose Tregurtha.

    A pretty sumptuous production by Published and Editor Dan Sprod. Published under his Blubber Press in 1980.

    Folio, 166 pages, illustrated, tipped in volured plate and tipped in frontispiece, elaborate design to title page, end paper maps. A fine copy.

    Limited to six hundred numbered copies, in this form, of which this is numbered 474, signed by Dan Sprod.

    Cornishman Tregurtha led an adventurous life for sure. Started out in the Navy at none years old in the Napoleonic Wars. Then to East Indiamen to China. As a grown man to Hobart and Captain of the Caroline and South Sea Whaling. His Log the subject of this book was in the possession of Norman Whettenhall [a surname we know well] of Melbourne … we can’s imagine the excitement of Dan Sprod when he first read this treasure.

    A rather stunning book and one hell of a story


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  • Easter Island – Reports on Archaeological Field Work Conducted by William Mulloy at Easter Island for the Easter Island Committee – 5 Volumes [Complete]

    Very scarce outside institutional libraries these reports represent the high point in archaeological research and conservation at Easter Island by the island’s foremost authority William Mulloy.

    William Mulloy was with Thor Heyerdahl during his expedition to Easter Island and contributed to the important publication resulting. Mulloy went on to take greater interest resulting in a lengthy extensive series of work. He was Professor of Anthropology at the University of Wyoming at the time.

    Five reports all published by the Easter Island Committee, funded by the international Fund for Monuments Inc of Washington DC.

    Comprising – Bulletin One published 1968 reprinted 1975. Large format soft flesh coloured card wrapper, pages vii 24 ii and 43 including 24 illustrations from photographs and 6 figures including maps etc. Comprising Archaeological Field Work conducted February to July 1968 relating among other things to the restoration of Ahu Ko te Riku and Ahu Tahai.

    Bulletin Two of December 1970 reprinted 1979 regarding the restoration of Ahu Vai Uri. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages vii and 43, including 20 illustrations from photographs.

    Bulletin Three (although not printed so on cover – this is Bulletin 3) of December 1970 reprinted 1979, on the restoration of Ahu Huri a Urenga and two unnamed Ahu at Hanga Kio’e. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages xi, 47 with 20 illustrations from photographs, maps, and plans.

    Bulletin Four published 1975 regrading the Ceremonial Center of Orongo part 1 (we think all published). Same format, binding, and condition. Pages viii and 40 pages with 18 illustrations from photographs, maps, and plans.

    Bulletin Five published in 1975 by Patrick Carlton McCoy under instruction from William Mulloy – Easter Island settlement Patterns in the Late Prehistoric and Protohistoric Periods [A Survey]. Same format, binding, and condition. Pages x and 164 with 18 Tables; 61 Illustrations including images from photographs, superb maps, plans, diagrams etc – a most extensive body of work.

    Original Reports by William Mulloy for the Easter Island Committee – Complete Set


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  • New Light on the Discovery of Australia as revealed by the Journal of Captain Don Diego de Prado y Tovar – Edited Henry Stevens – Translated from Spanish by George Barwick

    New Light on the Discovery of Australia as revealed by the Journal of Captain Don Diego de Prado y Tovar – Edited Henry Stevens – Translated from Spanish by George Barwick

    Published in London by Henry Stevens, Son and Stiles, 1930. First edition, 262 pages, full page map, 2 fold out maps, 2 pages facsimile copy of pages of Prado’s Relacion, 2 large Prado fold out maps in pocket at rear. Bound in maroon cloth, some page edge flecking otherwise a nice copy of an important book.

    A sequel to Clement Markham’s work on Quiros and compiled from historical records since found.

    The opening paragraph sets the scene “ the recovery of the long-lost manuscript Relacion of Captain Don Diego de Prado y Tovar, who accompanied Pedro Fernandez de Quiros on his famous voyage of exploration in the South Seas in 1605-6, is undoubtedly the most important “find” of virgin historical material made in modern times. It furnished us for the first time with a detailed account of the discovery of Torres Strait and Northmost Australia, made during the continuation of the voyage to Manila by Prado and Torres after the parting of the ships at Espiritu Santo, whence Quiros returned to America””

    Maps include Cornelius de Jode’s Speculum Orbis Terrae of 1593, folding map of Wytfliet’s Descriptionis Ptolemaicae Augmentum 1597 Facsimiles of Four Prado Maps (in one) and a Sketch Map of the Voyage of Prado and Torres deduced from dates, latitudes etc.

    Fundamental re discovery of Australia … with very good and most interesting maps



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  • Tribal Tattoos – Andy Sloss

    Tribal Tattoos – Andy Sloss

    An interesting little soft cover, only ever in this form. Published by Carlton, London in 2007.

    Perfect bound 72 pages, illustrated throughout (naturally). Some introductory and concluding pages and in between .. Pacific; South America; North America; some Europe and Africa.

    The variations, contrasts and similarities make this an interesting study even if you are not an advocate of the dye and needle.

    Tattoos – a nice sounding and looking word, and steeped in cultural heritage worldwide


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  • Easter Island – Earth Island – Bahn and Flenley

    Easter Island – Earth Island – Bahn and Flenley

    A high quality book published by Thames and Hudson, London in 1992, a first hardcover edition.

    Large squarish octavo, 240 pages, over 200 illustrations from photographs, sketches of digs, designs, maps and charts etc. Nice bibliography. A fine copy.

    They reference previous visits from Cook etc and then the scientific efforts of Katherine Routledge (Voyager Hero) in WWI and then Thor Heyerdahl who brought with him William Mulloy who would become the expert on the island and its past. Bahn and Flenley are a bit harsh with their criticism of Heyerdahl.

    A super book and essential for any Easter Island enthusiast. We are going to dig out some work by Mulloy shortly.

    Easter Island should be part of a tight collection.


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