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  • Stones of a Century [Tasmania] – Michael Sharland

    Stones of a Century [Tasmania] – Michael Sharland

    A fine copy of Michael Sharland’s book on the exquisite historic architecture of Tasmania.

    A second edition published in 1969. Published by O.B.M. Hobart and printed by the distinguished Walch & Sons. Octavo, 78 pages and over a 100 images from photographs of the stone faced beauties. An interesting readable narrative that has passed the test of time.

    Old Tasmanian Buildings a class on their own in Australia.


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  • The West Hobart Story – Joan Goodrick

    The West Hobart Story – Joan Goodrick

    A 1999 edition of Joan Goodrick’s well researched book on West Hobart.

    Octavo, perfect bound soft cover 217 pages.

    Interesting that the Land Grants come at the end when they are close to the start of the story that is West Hobart. Lots of images from period photographs, many of the architecture … with some charming cottages and grander homes and the usual sprinkling of pubs and civic building.

    From Knocklofty we change tact to “The Bad Old Days” to the curvaceous Landsdowne Crescent and the Hill Street Reservoir, and then the trams that connected the West End folks with the City. Crime and Calamities provide entertainment some of the sordid sort. Street by street analysis take one on a journey … a walk that would be good to do book in hand.

    West Hobart quite an attraction visually and historically.


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  • Acta Iranica – the King and Kingship in Achaemenid Art – Margaret Cool Root.

    Acta Iranica – the King and Kingship in Achaemenid Art – Margaret Cool Root.

    A scarce hardback edition from the superb series on Iranian studies Acta Iranica published by the International Committee of Scholars of the Indo-Iranian Studies at the University of Liege. Peer reviewed and published by E.J. Brill in Leiden, Netherlands.

    This edition Volume IX of the third series published in 1979. “Essays on the Creation of an Iconography of Empire” by the esteemed Margaret Cool Root.

    Large octavo, 357 pages followed by LXXII pages of plates from original photographs, illustration within the text one triple folding architectural plate.

    The author completed her Doctorate at Bryn Mawr College, Philadelphia in 1976. This book is an expanded version of the work included in her Thesis. She is now Professor of her discipline at Michigan University.

    Achaemenid Art is the Art of the Kings, the official art of the Achaemenid Dynasty, arising from a clan of Persian people of that name who would ruled the Near East from 550 BC to 331 BC [the arrival of Alexander the Great]. An architectural, sculptural and artistic delight is contained in this large body of work.

    A scarce element on the history of an interesting period dominated by the Persian Achaemenid.


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  • Firegrates and Kitchen Ranges – Eveleigh

    Firegrates and Kitchen Ranges – Eveleigh

    From the Shire Album series. Whilst based on records, images and hardware residing in England, this has good Australian appeal for those with period house of a liking for ironmongery of the practical and aesthetic sort.

    Published in 1983, decorated card covers, 32 pages, it’s the forty plus images and descriptions that make this a special little jigger … we love.

    Time to rip out than stainless steel Harvey Norman monstrosity and get a proper oven!

    A Grate Little Book!


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  • Historic Stanley [North West Tasmania] – From Original Sketches by Marquerite Close – Signed by the author and artist.

    Historic Stanley [North West Tasmania] – From Original Sketches by Marquerite Close – Signed by the author and artist.

    Well for those that have not been there, Stanley with its impossible to miss “Nut” is one of the most picturesque places you are likely to come across. And, steeped in history being a very early settlement associated with Australia’s first major corporation the Van Diemen’s Land Co.

    Soft cover, landscape, 68 pages with a page of narrative followed by a sketch throughout. A super reference and keepsake for any Stanley lover.

    Beautiful historic Stanley and Artist’s record.


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  • Ross Bridge Tasmania – Studies in Historical Archaeology – Maureen Byrne

    Ross Bridge Tasmania – Studies in Historical Archaeology – Maureen Byrne

    Maureen Byrne was a professional archaeologist which makes this “local history” rather more honed and full of well researched fact.

    Anyone who loves Tasmania either as a local or a visitor cannot help fall in love with the town of Ross and its magnificent convict built bridge.

    Published in 1969 by the Australian Society of Historical Archaeology in conjunction with the Ross Council and its then appointed Bridge Restoration Committee .. now there’s a worthwhile cause.

    Squarish perfect bound card covered, 51 pages with folding plans at rear. Extensively illustrated from photographs taken by the author. A very good copy.

    The bridge was to undergo restoration with the removal of badly laid thick tarmacadam … this was the chance to call in the expert Byrne. A special record was made … the best part being something that could have received better treatment earlier .. 186 carvings, 31 over the top of each arch. Among the carvings along with those involved in the creation of the bridge we have … Jorgen Jorgensen the Danish adventurer then part of life in Van Diemens Land; Governor George Arthur resplendent in his top hat; John Headlam a hated school master in his mortar board; William Kermode a local grazier .. along with horned goods and wild beasts.

    Comparison with Italian bridge architecture add interest.

    The Ross Bridge rivals European Bridge Architecture with its numerous carvings.


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