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  • Photograph by B Sheppard – Spiky Bridge [Built by Convicts], Near Swansea, East Coast Road Tasmania

    Photograph by B Sheppard – Spiky Bridge [Built by Convicts], Near Swansea, East Coast Road Tasmania

    An original photograph by B (Benjamin) Sheppard (1902-1987). Size 21 x 16cm. Overall in good condition. Sheppard was most active in the 1950’s and the photograph likely cones from that period. The rear of the photograph carries B Sheppard’s stamp, that of the Agent General for Tasmania and a manuscript note identifying the location … a rather obvious one to those that love and live in the Apple Isle.

    You can still see the solid Spiky Bridge built by Convict labour in 1843. The road has been moved onto a more modern and rather boring structure. The spikiness is thought to be an invention to stop cattle falling into the water … maybe. If you go there the remain of the Governor’s cottage can be seen on the hill nearby.

    A Tasmanian landmark … Spiky Bridge a strange structure built by convicts


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  • Builder Bookends – Armor Bronze – c1925

    Builder Bookends – Armor Bronze – c1925

    A nice heavy pair of bookends of handsome builders at work by Armor Bronze designed by Julio Kileny.

    Substantial 3.2 kgs the pair and standing 20 cms tall … a very practical decorative set

    Expert Kuritzky states that Armor Bronze were listed as at 333 4th Avenue New York in 1920. He goes on to say that the New York facility was apparently discontinued in 1929 and they then re-emerged at Taunton Massachusetts in 1934 and finally closed just after WWII in 1948.

    Kuritsky gives this design a date of c1925. One of our bookends still carries the original Armor Bronze New York label which helps confirm a pre 1929 date.

    Some ageing as you would expect but generally in very good condition.

    Deco builders had more fun … a little cheeky!


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  • The Studio Magazine -1914 – (Including good article of the National Gallery of NSW)

    The Studio Magazine -1914 – (Including good article of the National Gallery of NSW)

    A very good condition issue November 1914 of The Studio – an Illustrated Magazine of Fine & Applied Art … and fine it is indeed.

    Quarto, soft decorative covers, 83 -160 pages plus advertisements front and back and inside covers. Complete.

    Lavishly illustrated, some in colour with tissue guard. Interesting period articles … Famous Miniatures in the Pierpont Morgan Collection; Charles Sargeant Jagger, Sculptor (Brilliant); The Panama-Pacific Exposition; R Gwello Goodman, Painter; Exhibition of the Royal Glasgow Institute; Monuments of Flemish Architecture; The National Gallery of New South Wales; Studio Talk etc

    Quality Art magazine from London 1914 with Australian Interest


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  • S Petri Basilica – Giovanni Faldo – c1670

    S Petri Basilica – Giovanni Faldo – c1670

    An original copper engraving by distinguished Italian 17th century architect, draftsman, engraver Giovanni Battista Faldo (1648-1678) published by Giovanni Giacomo De Rosis (1627-1691) a leading publisher in Rome a firm established by his father many years earlier.

    A superb example on folio sized hand laid paper. The strong image taking central position measuring 30cms x 17cms.

    A lovely early example of St Peter’s Basilica


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