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Aviation Including Airships

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  • Sky Pilot’s Last Flight – K Langford Smith

    Sky Pilot’s Last Flight – K Langford Smith

    First edition, published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney in 1936.

    Octavo,250 pages, blue cloth covered boards, slightly canted and a few innocent marks internally. Illustrated throughout from period photographs.

    Super Australian aviation rarity and the author’s experiences flying in Arnhem Land in Australia’s extreme north. Flying in and out of Roper River Mission, Groote Eylandt, Mataranka and Goulburn Island. Written in an easy story telling manner – Idriess like is what we call it.

    Sky Pilot in the Far North in the early 1930’s


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  • Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle – Jack Loney

    Mysteries of the Bass Strait Triangle – Jack Loney

    A first printing 1980 of shipwreck expert Jack Loney’s work on the deadly Bass Strait Triangle.

    Not just the ships lost but also some early aeroplanes disappeared.

    UFO’s are more frequently seen in this area than anywhere else in Australia.

    The photograph of the weird large blobs of light emerging from the water are shivering stuff.

    Softcover, 112 pages, thoroughly researched as expected of the author and well illustrated

    Not to be read on the Ferry!


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  • The Flight of the Small World [Ballooning Across the Atlantic] – Eiloart and Elstob

    The Flight of the Small World [Ballooning Across the Atlantic] – Eiloart and Elstob

    First edition published by Hodder, London in 1959. Octavo, 256 pages, lots of illustrations from original photographs of the adventures and mishappenings, also great technical drawings of the design and gear that was constructed purely around this project. Without the dust jacket but with all the action.

    Taking off from the Canary Islands and making it 1,500 miles and almost all the way to Barbados before a calamitous ditching – eventually towed the final stretch by a friendly fishing boat.

    About a third of the book taken up by all of the design, testing and preparatory work which makes for an interesting lengthy introduction to a truly remarkable adventure. Stuff for movie makers.

    Ballooning the Atlantic – we should all give it a go!.


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  • Call to the Winds – P.G. (Bill) Taylor – First Edition 1939

    Call to the Winds – P.G. (Bill) Taylor – First Edition 1939

    Important and scarce aviation book. “Bill” Taylor’s heroic flight with Kingsford Smith and Charles Ulm.

    First edition Angus and Robertson, Sydney, 1939. Octavo, 227 pages, with period photographs of the aircraft “Southern Cross” including the damaged engine and propeller and the life saving thermos flask. Signature on front paste down. Very good copy with an almost impossible to find dust jacket.

    Patrick Gordan Taylor (1891-1966) later knighted one of Australia’s greatest aviators. Participated in several major flight firsts with Sir Charles Kingsford, Charlie Ulm and later Richard Archbold. Known affectionately as “Bill” … Taylor joined the British Royal Flying Corps in 1916 with No 66 Squadron. After the war he returned to Australia and the start of commercial aviation activities.

    The core of this book is about a 1935 flight, in the Southern Cross, with Kingsford Smith and Ulm from Australia to New Zealand with the view to establishing a mail service between the two countries. Mid Tasman the starboard engine failed. They decided to return to Sydney but encountered high winds. The port engine began to overheat and was running out of cooling oil. Bill Taylor climbed outside the aircraft along the wire below the wind strut, with a thermos flask, drained oil from the broken starboard engine and transferred it to the port engine. He did this six times before they made a safe landing back in Sydney.

    Aviation Heroics – Bill Taylor with Kingsford Smith and Ulm – outside the Southern Cross over the Tasman


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  • The Amazing Mr Doolittle [Biography of American Air Ace and Daredevil] – Quentin Reynolds – 1954

    The Amazing Mr Doolittle [Biography of American Air Ace and Daredevil] – Quentin Reynolds – 1954

    A very good copy of the second impression of the first UK edition published in June 1954 one month after the first.

    Published by Cassell, London. Octavo, 313 pages, frontispiece of our Hero.

    Biography of the great American Air Ace. The front cover boldly list his achievements .. some would be less bold nowadays .. that’s history.

    His early flights is our bag though, and this ace started early in the 1920’s .. winner of the Schneider Trophy and a true daredevil .. where are they now? He was the first to fly on instruments alone, cross America etc.

    Doolittle, Not talking to the Animals, flying the Aeroplanes.


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  • Newnes’ Slide Rule Manual

    Newnes’ Slide Rule Manual

    A 1960’s revised edition of the “go to” book on the slide rule produced and published by George Newnes, London.

    Octavo, 112 pages of slide rule lovers delight. Covers the … Principle of the Slide Rule; Principle of Logarithms; Using the Slide Rule; Examples; Circular Slide Rules etc. Very good condition albeit a little creasing to the otherwise good dust jacket.

    The Preface starts … “The slide rule is considered by many a mysterious instrument requiring years of study before it can be used with facility”.

    Within twenty years sophisticated electronic calculators and personal computers made the slide made the slide rule obsolete and an “antique” of the past. Pity … to use the slide rule properly a knowledge of mathematics was required …

    A very interesting “modern” curiosity … get your slide rule today.

    Slide rules and the mathematics that flows from them.


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