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  • Lucien Dechaineux 1869-1957 [Tasmanian Artist] – A Retrospective

    Lucien Dechaineux 1869-1957 [Tasmanian Artist] – A Retrospective

    Florent Vincent Emile Lucien Dechaineaux was an inspiring Belgian born artist who found his place and home in Tasmania.

    Published by the Centre for the Arts Gallery, University of Tasmania, where an exhibition of the artists work was held in September 1986.

    Card covered large size 53 pages with many examples of the artists work, some in colour. Scarce and in very good condition.

    Dechaineux was 15 years only when his family emigrated to Australia. Family failures in fruit growing and gold mining saw Lucien end up at the Sydney Technical College. His first foray into art was house painting, but it was not long before his talent shone through. He married a Tasmanian girl and moved to the Apple Isle where he blossomed as an artist and educator.

    Lucien Dechaineux a Tasmanian artist we should see more of ..


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  • Complete Set – The London Aphrodite – Literary Periodical (in Six Parts) – Ed. Jack Lindsay and P.R. Stephensen.

    Six original publications of Jack Lindsay’s London based Franfrolico Press, published in 1929. Banned in the USA for alleged obscenity … quite tame and very artistic really.

    Nearly 500 pages in total. A pot-pourri of Australian and European literary and artistic talent. Norman Lindsay contributed with his unusual imagery. Octavo, card covered, some age but generally a good and importantly complete set. Occasionally black and white plates and scattered vignettes by Norman Lindsay. Literary contributions from Aldous Huxley, Norma Douglas, Liam O’Flaherty, Sacheverell Sitwell and other icons of the pen.

    Aphrodite – all of them and a wonderful read.


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  • Original Joseph Lycett – Mount Wellington – near Hobart Town – Van Diemens Land -1826

    Original Joseph Lycett – Mount Wellington – near Hobart Town – Van Diemens Land -1826

    An original hand coloured aquatint from the scarce “Views in Australia, or New South Wales and Van Diemen’s Land”

    By Joseph Lycett published in London in 1826 by J Souter of 73 St Pauls Church Yard.

    Lycett was a convict artist of great distinction – he had been sent out for forgery. He was pardoned and later returned to England where he again went about his forger’s ways – he took his own life in prison. His artistry is unique and charming and he produced 50 images of New South Wales mainly in and around Sydney and a number of beautiful views in Tasmania.

    A strong colourful Lycett – most sought after view

    Price $690.00 unframed – rare and very collectable


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  • Skinner Prout in Australia 1840-48

    Skinner Prout in Australia 1840-48

    If you want to collect Skinner Prout you may be too late his works are fetching big prices.

    This is the best “get to know him” book put together by Tony Brown and Hendrik Kolenberg to accompany a tour of Prout’s work held in 1987.

    Squarish format, perfect bound, 80 pages, with many illustrations of the works … super biographical outline of the master. Very good if not better condition.

    Sought after reference to Skinner Prout.


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  • William Buelow Gould – Convict Artist of Van Diemen’s Land – Garry Darby

    William Buelow Gould – Convict Artist of Van Diemen’s Land – Garry Darby

    Published in 1980 by Copperfield as part of the Art Library.

    Large quarto, 136 pages, illustrated not only the plates of artwork, which are magnificent but also in the lengthy introduction about the artist and his work. A fine copy.

    William Gould (1803-1853) arrived in Hobart in 1827. Whilst he is known to have been at time a drunken and rebellious convict his work in totality describes a complex individual who undoubtedly had a love for nature.

    This is the first effective catalogue of the known works of Gould. Unusual for the period and Australia principally a still life artist (how can you not admire the cat with the fish that grace the jacket) but also luminous landscapes and characterful portraits of Aboriginal people. The biographical details comprise the first eighty pages.

    William Gould now a much admired and more understood convict artist.


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  • Bronze Plaque Swedish Polar Explorer Otto Nordenskiöld by Austrian Artist Hugo Taglang – 1905

    Bronze Plaque Swedish Polar Explorer Otto Nordenskiöld by Austrian Artist Hugo Taglang – 1905

    Produced to commemorate the Antarctic achievements of Swedish explorer Otto Nordenskiöld (1869-1928) who led a Heroic Era expedition to the Antarctic in 1901-1904. A fine image of the man decked out in heavy polar furs.

    Nordenskiold arrived in the Antarctic in 1901 and wintered on Snow Hill Island. Unfortunately, their ship the ‘Antarctica” got trapped in ice and sank in 1903. His back up Larsen eventually met up with the stranded team but was unable to get them away. They were eventually rescued by the Uruguayan Navy. Despite all this their visit was hailed a scientific success as they explored and researched much of Graham Land.

    Nordenskiöld was made Professor of Geography at Gothenburg University in 1905 the same year this commemorative was struck. He later went on to explore northern Greenland and in the 1920’s certain parts of South America. He was killed by a bus in Gothenburg crossing the road.

    80mm by 57mm weighing 170gm. The artist medallist Hugo Taglang (1874-1944) was born in Vienna. An example of this item is shown in the National Maritime Museum Collection, London ID MEC 2149.

    Otto Nordenskiöld an unusual Antarctic commemorative


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