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  • Polar Medal – Erwin Springweiler – 1941

    Polar Medal – Erwin Springweiler – 1941

    A Polar commemorative golden bronze medal sculpted by Erwin Springweiler and issued by the American Society of Medalists in 1941.

    73 mm in diameter weighing 160 gms a fine bright unpolished example. The Arctic side has a proud Polar Bear on a floe with Snow Geese flying in the background and the names Greely, Bartlett, Peary and Byrd celebrated. The Antarctic four proud Penguins with the names Palmer, Wilkes, Byrd and Ellsworth celebrated. Along the rim the Society and Sculptors full name is engraved

    Erin Frederick Springweiler (1896-1968) was born in Pforzheim, Germany and trained at the Munich Academy. During the 1830’s he worked with American sculptor Paul Manship at Havana, Cuba. He specialised in animal sculptures and his anteater can be seen at the Washington D.C. Zoological Gardens.

    The Society of Medalists was formed in the USA in 1930 to encourage the medallic work of superior sculptors. It ceased in 1995. Springweiler was selected to produce the 1941 issue, the only medal in the series to have a Polar theme.

    Springweiler wrote about his approach … “In creating this medal, I was thinking of another world, a silent and cruel one, the regions around the poles of our globe, the endless ice-wastes, the land of midnight sun”

    Polar Celebratory Medal by Springweiler


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  • The Life and Work of Sydney Long  – Joanna Mendelssohn

    The Life and Work of Sydney Long – Joanna Mendelssohn

    A first edition published by McGraw Hill, Sydney as part of the Copperfield Art Series, 1979.

    Folio, 284 pages in complete dust jacket all in very good if not better condition. With numerous illustrations of the great man’s work including 38 in full colour including folding colour frontispiece.

    Sydney Long (1871-1955) was born in Goulburn, New South Wales.

    One of Australia’s greatest artists partly inspired by the Heidelberg School. By 1897 he had developed his own style, with possibly his most admired painting being completed that year … The Spirit of the Plains. Painted in a soft colour palette a naked Grecian wood nymph leading a procession of dancing Brolgas … simply wonderful. His paintings in this style, often with low key eroticism, were the foundation of a new art style Australian Paganism and influenced the likes of Norman Lindsay.

    Long sold his early works at good prices which financed time spent in London just before WWI where he turned to etching and engraving and held positions of distinction in several Societies.

    Sydney Long the definitive work


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  • Wildlife and Wilderness – An Artist’s World – Keith Shackleton

    Wildlife and Wilderness – An Artist’s World – Keith Shackleton

    A really super book of Keith Shackleton’s Polar art. Much of the work completed on the Ms Lindblad Explorer (see our copy of Keith Shackleton’s Antarctic Pilot). In his well written introduction he expresses his gratitude to Lars-Eric Lindblad for putting his vessel on the high seas with him aboard.

    First US edition published by Salem House 1986. Small quarto, landscape 120 pages with 8 full page colour images of selected cold weather painting with a nice page of attendant narrative. Very good if not fine condition.

    A nice forward by HRH Prince Charles. But to the art … something special … the subjects naturally well chosen and the style clean bright and dramatic

    Keith Shackleton’s beautiful paintings – where can we get one?


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  • Louisa Anne Meredith – A Tigress in Exile – Vivienne Rae Ellis

    Louisa Anne Meredith – A Tigress in Exile – Vivienne Rae Ellis

    Sought after quality book published by Blubber Press in Hobart in 1979. Octavo, 275 pages all in fine condition. Nicely illustrated.

    Louisa Anne nee Twamley was already an accomplished write and painter when she arrived in Australia in 1839. First in NSW then later in Tasmania she further developed her prestigious talent.

    This fine book by Vivienne Rae Ellis is an excellent insight into her very full life

    Special book about a special Tasmanian


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  • Tasmanian Vision – The art of nineteenth century Tasmania

    Tasmanian Vision – The art of nineteenth century Tasmania

    Published by the Tasmanian Museum and Art Gallery in 1988. Oblong Landscape soft wrapper production of 115 pages with over 200 hundred illustrations, the more important works in scale and colour. A little ageing to the covers but really a very good copy for a softcover.

    From page 94 onwards are excellent biographies of the artists selected including … Mary Allport, Ludwig Becker, Thomas Bock, Boyes, Louis Breton, Brownrigg, Knut Bull, Chapman, Costantini, Robert Dowling, William Duke, Frank Dunnett, Benjamin Duterrau, Augustus Earle, G.F. Evans, Sarah Fogg. Haughton Forrest, George Frankland ….. through to John Webber. An impressive list and nicely described with sufficient worthwhile commentary. Further back we have a useful bibliography for a lifetime of further reading on this important topic.

    A possible bonus is two postcard included (if you remember what they are for!) … Thomas Buck’s beautiful portraits of Woureddy a Native of Bruny Island and Mathinna.

    Tasmanian 19th century art … well done and nicely illustrated


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  • The Studio Magazine -1914 – (Including good article of the National Gallery of NSW)

    The Studio Magazine -1914 – (Including good article of the National Gallery of NSW)

    A very good condition issue November 1914 of The Studio – an Illustrated Magazine of Fine & Applied Art … and fine it is indeed.

    Quarto, soft decorative covers, 83 -160 pages plus advertisements front and back and inside covers. Complete.

    Lavishly illustrated, some in colour with tissue guard. Interesting period articles … Famous Miniatures in the Pierpont Morgan Collection; Charles Sargeant Jagger, Sculptor (Brilliant); The Panama-Pacific Exposition; R Gwello Goodman, Painter; Exhibition of the Royal Glasgow Institute; Monuments of Flemish Architecture; The National Gallery of New South Wales; Studio Talk etc

    Quality Art magazine from London 1914 with Australian Interest


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