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Science including Natural Sciences, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics, Astronomy, Medical Sciences etc

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  • Climates of Hunger – Reid Bryson and Thomas Murray – 1977

    Climates of Hunger – Reid Bryson and Thomas Murray – 1977

    At Voyager we have recently started exploring the history and historical views of climate change science. This is our first book in this category by leading US Professor of the study Reid Bryson (1920-2008).

    Climate change supporters of which we are now nearly Universal … (to be against … being so out of touch and unfashionable) should read this.

    Here we have a well informed book from 1977. It sets out very well a potted history of climate change and describes the impacts, for example on cropping (including the “Hay Season” in Iceland). The only problem, is the underlying conclusion, that the world is about to get cooler … we think. Form your own view … do not dismiss it for out of date maybe irrelevant (now) views … this is part of the history of the whole “climate change” arguments and within it are hidden clues to the reality.

    Interestingly, published by the Australian National University Press in 1977. Very good condition. Octavo, 172 pages with a myriad of charts, diagrams etc explaining the facts and conclusions.

    Climate change an earlier informed perspective … the Vikings had one …


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  • Papers and Proceedings of the Royal Society of Tasmania – 1887

    Printed at “The Mercury” Office Hobart in 1888. Bound in original salmon pink paper covered boards, lxvii pages ,289 pages plus 43 lithographic plates mainly of botanical items at the rear. Other folding plates and tables some of significant interest.

    Many papers demonstrating the broad range of intellect in Tasmania at that time.

    Much on fish and the introduction of salmon by Saville-Kent. New botanical discoveries … a short paper on the Comets of 1880 and 1887 with a useful chart … a surprising paper on the orbit of Alpha Centauri. Topographically Colonel Legge’s paper on the Highlands of Lake St Clair is of a high standard and the lengthy review of the Tertiary Rock of Australia by the esteemed R.M. Johnston similarly with many folding tables accompanying this article.

    Showing some age and wear to the covers, see images, and some minor soiling lower down on a few of the preliminary pages, still a very good example of a scarce and worthy journal.

    Substantial Journal with a broad range of Tasmanian interests – many engraved plates.


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  • Handbook of Forensic Science [Authentic] – Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] – 1975

    Handbook of Forensic Science [Authentic] – Federal Bureau of Investigation [FBI] – 1975

    A genuine article .. for some reason often in facsimile. An original handbook produced by the Federal Bureau of Investigation Laboratory, Washington. A revised edition published in August 1975.

    Card covered copied typescript document. Stapled, 133 pages (28cm by 22cm), design to front, name on title. A little worn but nice to have an authentic one as suggested.

    Everything you need to know about evidence … how to collect it, preserve it, package it etc. And what a big world crime and forensics is … we have anthropological (bits of people etc); nuclear; carbon dating; bank notes and of course bullets. An interesting array of information that could come in useful one day … great background for a budding crime writer.

    FBI Forensics about the time of Starsky and Hutch.


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  • Radio-Activity. An Elementary Treatise, from the Standpoint of the Disintegration Theory – Frederick Soddy M.A. – First Edition 1904

    Radio-Activity. An Elementary Treatise, from the Standpoint of the Disintegration Theory – Frederick Soddy M.A. – First Edition 1904

    An important work in the history of science. Explaining all of the then known facts by the theory of radio-activity and the explosive disintegration of elementary atoms.

    Voyager scientific hero Frederick Soddy (1877-1956) was to win the Nobel Prize in 1921… “for his contributions to our knowledge of the chemistry of radioactive substances, and his investigations into the origin and nature of isotopes”.

    Published by “the Electrician” Printing and Publishing Co, London in 1904.

    Octavo, brown cloth covered boards with gilt lettering on front and spine. Xi, 214 pages; 40 illustrations, diagrams and charts; publishers catalogue. Some age but a worthy copy of an important and scarce work.

    Soddy in conjunction with Rutherford developed the disintegration theory of radioactivity from experiments conducted between 1901-1903.

    Following this work Soddy lectured in physical chemistry and radioactivity at Glasgow University. By 1913 his theory of disintegration had been further developed and the concept of isotopes developed … i.e. that certain elements exist in two forms which have different atomic weights. He became Professor of Chemistry at Aberdeen in 1914 and after WWI went to Oxford where he stayed until retirement in 1937.

    Important work Soddy on Radio-Activity – early days.


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  • Antique French Field or Students Microscope – Triple compound objective

    Antique French Field or Students Microscope – Triple compound objective

    A late Victorian possibly Edwardian student’s or field drum microscope of the French variety. Comes with a “Nachet” style triple compounding objective which gives a number of magnifications when combined.

    A functioning microscope in very good barely used condition … good clean mirror. Case in very good condition.

    Nice triple objective field microscope


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  • The Arbouin Copper Mines at Cardross on the Chillagoe Mineral Field, North Queensland – Lionel Ball – 1918

    Queensland Department of Mines publication no 261 by Lionel Ball B.E. published in Brisbane in 1918. At that time Ball was the Government Geologist. The mines also produced some gold and silver.

    Seventy pages still in the original olive green paper wrapper. Illustrated with a map, diagrams and images from photographs taken by the author. Previous ownership name etc on title otherwise clean and bright.

    William Hahn, in exploring the Tate to the Walsh river traversed the outskirts of the field in 1872. After that likewise Mulligan the explorer whilst marking a road from the Etheridge to Palmer Goldfields passed within sight of the Mountain Maid cupriferous outcrop. It was not until 1897 that the true resources of the area were more properly understood when Arbouin and Harkins came upon the outcrops known as the Klondyke. Logan Jack visited the resulting field a year later and was most impressed with the possibilities. Unfortunately costs were high in this region and whilst there were some successes the outbreak of WWI put paid to that as many of the men involved enlisted and few sadly returned.

    The publication starts with the usual history of the region also addressing previous publications.

    A comprehensive report on the geology of the area .. pre-Silurian schistose rocks; Amphibolites; Pegmatites; Permian Elvans etc.

    Ore deposits … their origin, lode channels, formations and ore shoots.

    Mineralogy and the distribution of elements and the occurrence of minerals … many in form.

    A Register of Holdings; Mining operations; Treatment carried out in terms of ore dressing and some smelting.

    The Queensland Chillagoe Mines – A scarce and curious one ..


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