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  • The Chiffon Scarf – Mignon Eberhart – First Edition 1940.

    The Chiffon Scarf – Mignon Eberhart – First Edition 1940.

    1940 First Edition published by The Sun Dial Press, New York. Octavo, 301 pages, some dust jacket chips otherwise a really good copy of a hard to come by period mystery.

    More murders than Midsummer. A triangular love affair complicates a situation rife with horror! A test flight to check the performance of a new engines leaves two dead. With many a weapons about but what about “The Chiffon Scarf”?

    Nebraska born Mignon Eberhardt (1899-1996) was probably America’s most successful female mystery writer during her lifetime and she wrote from the 1920’s into the 1980’s. Winner of many awards her novels compared with Agatha Christie in terms pf plot, characterisation and dramatic effect …

    1940 First Edition – Sensational Mystery


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  • But the Dead are Many – Frank Hardy – First Edition 1975

    But the Dead are Many – Frank Hardy – First Edition 1975

    An Australian First Edition of Frank Hardy’s unusual novel, another with the left wing theme. Published by The Bodley Head in Australia in 1975. Octavo, 293 pages in fine as new condition with a like dust jacket.

    Frank describes this work as “a Novel in Fugue Form” which gives rise to an unusual composition. A notable figure of the Australian Communist Party dies in a remote hotel in suspicious circumstances. A close friend investigates and the fugue appears with interspersing elements from the victims life … which involves time and relationships in Russia.

    Frank Hardy perhaps at his most creative.


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  • The Calligraphers Handbook – Osborne

    The Calligraphers Handbook – Osborne

    An unusual book for us but we think its time everyone relearned to write and if you are going to do that why not do it properly and with style.

    Published by Gallery Books, New York in 1987. We have attributed the book to Nigel Osborne who was the art director … really it’s a collaboration of talented pen enthusiasts. Quarto, 64 pages and as would be expected illustrated everywhere.

    There are a number of books on this subject and in this style but this is the best one we have come across to get anyone interested beyond those difficult first steps into the true world of beautiful calligraphy. Handy introduction to the various pen nib types.

    The least we can do is improve our standard signature.

    Calligraphy – you have always wanted to do it – pick up a pen today.


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  • Kangaroo – Sylvie Selig – Jonathan Cape 1980

    Kangaroo – Sylvie Selig – Jonathan Cape 1980

    Possibly our favourite kangaroo book.

    Picture book published by Jonathan Cape in 1980. Landscape 44 pages and an unusual construction in that every second page is a half page which creates a new image against the full pages … an interesting and amusing device. A pretty good copy.

    Our little kangaroo has an idyllic home life but is carried away by a bird of prey … not for long he is rescued and looked after and soon recovered to his grateful family. Every page a vibrant image. Not said but clearly based in the more tropical parts of Australia.

    Sylvie Selig was born in 1941 in France … her art cover a broad range of styles and her premium work is highly collectable … at the core is her vibrant imagination subtly bordering ion the surreal.

    Collectable kangaroo with striking colourful illustrations.


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  • The Four-Legged Lottery – Frank Hardy – 1958

    The Four-Legged Lottery – Frank Hardy – 1958

    As we are reminded jacket front by the author of Power Without Glory.

    Octavo, published by the Australasian Book Society with permission from Werner Laurie, London same year as the London first 1958. 224 pages, very clean with like dust jacket. A very good copy albeit ownership signature on free end paper.

    A book about crime and the criminal element and the goings on at the race track. A very Australian novel full of Australian character … some of the dodgy variety! Super ending.

    Frank Hardy loses none of his established grit down the race track.



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  • The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan – Peter Pauper Press

    The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyan – Peter Pauper Press

    A lovely little production by the superb Mount Vernon, Peter Pauper Press printed delightfully on rag paper.

    The Edward Fitzgerald translation illustrated by Jeff Hill. No date but likely 1970′s

    Unpaginated but 62 pages with 9 full page illustrations, the verses printed crisply within decorative borders. Decorated paper covered boards the design of which carries over to the dust jacket. Very good condition albeit a little ageing to the jacket.

    The Rubaiyat should require no introduction .. every library should have several versions of which this a special one.

    The Rubaiyat by the special Peter Pauper Press.


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