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  • The Comedians – Graham Greene – First Edition 1966

    The Comedians – Graham Greene – First Edition 1966

    First edition published by The Bodley Head, London in 1966. Octavo, 313 pages. Very good condition. First edition variant dust jacket designed by James and Ruth McCrea.

    Described as a novel, not an entertainment, if you understand the Greene definition.

    Classic Graham Greene novel based in Haiti at the time of dictator Doctor Duvalier “Papa Doc”. Greene could not return to Haiti to finish his novel because of his description of the dictator in the English press. As usual alive with characters and suspense and sometimes comedy.

    First edition Greene Classic


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  • The Best Science Fiction Stories (Second Series)  – Edited Bleiler and Dikty – First Edition 1952

    The Best Science Fiction Stories (Second Series) – Edited Bleiler and Dikty – First Edition 1952

    The second series edited by the experts in the field Bleiler and Dikty. Authors include … Cyril Kornbluth; Damon Knight; Ray Bradbury; Katherine Maclean; L. Sprague de Camp …

    First UK edition published in 1952 by Grayson & Grayson, London. Octavo, 240 pages. Striking dust jacket designed by Madge Marriott. A very good copy super clean inside and very good jacket.

    Fourteen short sci-fi stores, including classics … Not to be Opened; The Mindworm; Contagion; The Last Martian and Born of Man and Woman.

    Stories for grown up readers.

    Classic Sc-fi collection first nicely presented.


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  • Service with a Smile – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition

    Service with a Smile – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition

    First edition published by Herbert Jenkins in 1962.

    Octavo, 192 pages. Very good condition albeit with some light age marks to page edges … clean and bright inside. Good dust jacket with closed split near front hinge

    Uncle Fred sorting out the upper crust as usual and importantly stops the theft of the Empress of Blandings (A portly pig) whose beautiful image adorns the front cover.

    Wodehouse First and a rollicking story.


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  • Dodsworth – Sinclair Lewis (First American Nobel Laureate for Literature)

    Dodsworth – Sinclair Lewis (First American Nobel Laureate for Literature)

    First published in 1929 this is the 1947 Modern Library edition with a special foreword by Clifton Fadiman.

    Octavo, 377 pages all in very good condition.

    The author Harry Sinclair Lewis (1885-1951) was the first American to win the Nobel Prize for Literature in 1930.

    Sam Dodsworth makes a fortune selling his automotive business and with his younger glamorous wife, Fran, heads for a summer in Europe. Soon they find that their different interests drive them apart … Fran enjoying the high party life whilst Sam’s interests lie in history and culture. Fran falls for an admirer and that’s the end of the relationship. Sam has a more enduring meeting ..

    Dodsworth a special story – readable and with meaning.


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  • Tortilla Flat – John Steinbeck

    Tortilla Flat – John Steinbeck

    First published in 1935 this is the book that brought success for John Steinbeck.

    This is the Modern Library edition, a 1970’s issue, Steinbeck had passed away in 1968 as noted on the back flap … although not updated in the “Note on the Author”.

    As well as the “Note’ we have Steinbeck’s own remarks about the book. He struggled a bit with the critics interpretation of the characters in the book … he held them close to his heart.

    Octavo, 317 pages with illustrations by Ruth Gannett. A nice copy.

    The story of “Danny’s House” and the lives and exploits of the Paisanos that lived there.


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  • The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio

    The Decameron of Giovanni Boccaccio

    The complete unabridged Modern Library edition. Published in 1951 (by reference to the number of book on the list back of dust jacket). Thick octavo, 630 pages. With a forward by Morris Ernst dated 1930 regarding the difficult time the book had had in America because of draconian obscenity laws. Well here it is unadulterated.

    Translated by John Payne, which must have been a lengthy task and one well done. It has stood the test of centuries and was a source of inspiration for Chaucer, Shakespeare and Keats.

    Good condition albeit with two previous owners names on the end papers and later date stamp on half title. Light chips to dust jacket and a hint of fading, now protected in Brodart.

    A lusty bawdy delight by Boccaccio translated by Payne


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