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English History

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  • Documents Relating to Anson’s Voyage Round the World 1740-1744 – Williams

    Documents Relating to Anson’s Voyage Round the World 1740-1744 – Williams

    Sounds like a bibliography and, there is one of some very unusual unique items, but it is much more than that.

    Editor Glyndwr Williams, History Queen Mary’s College London, is also on the Council of the Navy Records Society. He spent many years compiling this excellent book.

    First edition published in 1967 by the navy Records Society, London. Octavo,303 pages plus details of the Society and Members. Bound in their traditional style. Still has the original thin glassine protector which are pretty limited but it is amazing that is has survived. Perfect condition excepting some light creasing of the odd page, a printing defect. Illustrated and with a facsimile fold out of the circumnavigation World Map.

    The editors tackles some specific aspects of the important famous voyage. Part I The Origins of the Voyage; Part II – Preparations and Preliminaries; Part II – the Voyage England to Juan Fernandez; Part IV The Voyage Juan Fernandez to Macao; Part V – the Voyage the Acapulco Galleon; Part Vi – the Homecoming … List of Documents etc.

    Importantly, it contains the text of the manuscript journal of Lawrence Millechamp for the first time. Through this and numerous other documents the editor proves that the official account of the voyage … the magnificent volumes under the name of Richard Walter, Chaplain, had in fact been largely written by Benjamin Robins, a ghost writer for Anson himself. And, that the official account are smooth over certain issues in particular relating to the Spanish Galleon … significant Prize Monies were at stake and the story had to fit .. so to speak.

    Anson’s Voyage – Expands the Knowledge and the Intrigue


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  • The Mapmakers Art (Essays on the History of Maps) – Edward Lynam

    The Mapmakers Art (Essays on the History of Maps) – Edward Lynam

    There seems to be a posthumous book for every Head of the Maps Room at the British Museum.

    This one from the work of Edward Lynam who preceded Skelton (see our copy of his posthumous book). Perry’s copy with his signature.

    Published by the Batchworth Press, London a first edition1953. Small quarto 140 pages nicely illustrated throughout with some map images that rarely appear elsewhere. A couple of chips to the dust jacket, a very goo copy considering the age and likely use.

    We like this one a lot … the angle being an early and unusual approach to map making with an aesthetic appeal. Starts with the Character of England in Maps; Period Ornament, writing and Symbols on Maps; Saxton; Flemish Engravers; William Hack and the South Sea Buccaneers [Magnificent]; Early Days in the Bahamas etc.

    Finishes with a full list of books and articles by Edward Lynam

    Voyager Favourite – a unique approach.


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  • Modern Egypt [1877-1907] – Evelyn Baring – the Earl Cromer – 2 Volumes First Editions 1908

    Modern Egypt [1877-1907] – Evelyn Baring – the Earl Cromer – 2 Volumes First Editions 1908

    First edition published by Macmillan, London in 1908. Two thick volumes, 595 pages and 600 pages, folding map at rear of Anglo-Soudan, frontispiece portrait of the author. Covers in very good condition, some light foxing at the front (because of the frontispiece tissue guard) and the map otherwise very clean throughout. Very good copies. Total weight 2.5 kgs

    Ismail Pasha had borrowed heavily for the Suez Canal. Too much, and the debt was based on the cotton crop. Prices of cotton had been high during the American Civil War, but when this was over the cotton price collapsed. Egypt was effectively bankrupt by 1876. By agreement the French and the British too charge of Egypt’s financial affairs.

    Evelyn Baring, 1st Earl Comer was appointed the British Controller General and took the lead hand. After the Ahmed Urabi Revolt the British effectively absorbed Egypt into the Empire and Cromer became Consul General. Lord Dufferin conducted an investigation and prepared and influential report. In May 1882 a skirmish broke out and massacres took place in Alexandria, panic spread through Egypt, Alexandria was bombarded, abandoned and burnt. Baring continues with his history, incorporating the Sudan and the exploits of Gordan. Given his position and access to all documents relating to Egyptian affairs both in Egypt and London no more comprehensive account could have been written.

    Cromer in charge Egypt 1877-1907


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  • Antique Maps – Moreland and Bannister

    Antique Maps – Moreland and Bannister

    Third edition enhanced softcover edition published in 1993. Very good condition. Published by Phaidon.

    Small quarto, 326 pages, numerous relevant illustrations, some in colour. A special production as would be expected from specialist publisher Phaidon.

    The book starts with an image of Novae Guinea by Cornelis e Jode, Antwerp 1593 … the first map to show what is a fantasy of Australia with Lions an Dragons!

    One of the better book on antique maps and map collecting. Three principal sections … Map Making; Map Makers and Map Collecting followed by a Biographical Supplement … three Appendices regarding … Editions of Ptolemy’s Geographia; Blaeu/ Jansson Maps of the English and Welsh Counties and a Historical Charts – Map Making 600BC-AD1800. Finished with a good Bibliography and Index.

    A serious book on antique maps for those who want a deeper understanding


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  • Honours Conferred by Charles II (A Catalogue of Nobility) – First Edition 1662

    Honours Conferred by Charles II (A Catalogue of Nobility) – First Edition 1662

    Printed by Robert Pawley at the Sign of the Bible in Chancery-Lane near the Temple 1662.

    Full and proper title … Catalogue of Nobility – The Names and Titles of all such Dukes, Earls, Viscounts and Barons, Knights of the Garter, Knights of the Bath, and Knights Baronets, made by His Majesty K. Charles II. With the times of their Creations. Also, The Names of His Majesties Privy Council, the Bishops and Piers of the Realm as they are placed in this present Parliament. With the addition of above 40 new Honours.

    Small octavo, 68 pages after title and one-page Publishers Catalogue … which include the then useful “A Collection of What is Treason by the Laws of England”.

    Rebound at some date in full vellum with gilt titles to front in decorative gilt broader, nice gilt devices and lines to spine, silk ribbon added. A very nice presentation.

    After the restoration of the Monarchy in 1660, King Charles II quickly enhanced the “system” of privilege … the old names were there … Percy of Northumberland but many new ones were added … with all that in place his back was covered? And more time could be afforded to his greatest joy … to party.

    Period record of the Honours of Charles II – 1662


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  • Early 19th Century Pope Joan Card Game Staking Board

    Early 19th Century Pope Joan Card Game Staking Board

    A striking example of a Pope Joan Staking Board, likely Georgian.

    A red lacquered board probably made in China for the English market. The circular pot to hold counters is surrounded by eight divisions. The borders embellished to describe each of the compartments … the Nine of Diamonds (Which represents “Pope Joan”; The Ace, King, Queen and Jack of Diamonds, and the words Matrimony, Intrigue and Game with floral devices in gilt in-between. Still has the top to the pot (often missing) with more card decorations. Does not have a wooden pedestal foot which would have screwed on below. 24cm in diameter. Likely made from Birch or some other decorative light wood. A really super example.

    An 18th Century round game of cards for three to eight players derived French games and related to but less elaborate than Newmarket. It did not appear in Hoyle until 1814 but had been mentioned in early dictionaries. Pope Joan refers to the suspicion that Pope John VIII was actually a woman.

    Two Hundred Year Old Staking Board for Pope Joan – a lovely decorative piece


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