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  • The Arbouin Copper Mines at Cardross on the Chillagoe Mineral Field, North Queensland – Lionel Ball – 1918

    Queensland Department of Mines publication no 261 by Lionel Ball B.E. published in Brisbane in 1918. At that time Ball was the Government Geologist. The mines also produced some gold and silver.

    Seventy pages still in the original olive green paper wrapper. Illustrated with a map, diagrams and images from photographs taken by the author. Previous ownership name etc on title otherwise clean and bright.

    William Hahn, in exploring the Tate to the Walsh river traversed the outskirts of the field in 1872. After that likewise Mulligan the explorer whilst marking a road from the Etheridge to Palmer Goldfields passed within sight of the Mountain Maid cupriferous outcrop. It was not until 1897 that the true resources of the area were more properly understood when Arbouin and Harkins came upon the outcrops known as the Klondyke. Logan Jack visited the resulting field a year later and was most impressed with the possibilities. Unfortunately costs were high in this region and whilst there were some successes the outbreak of WWI put paid to that as many of the men involved enlisted and few sadly returned.

    The publication starts with the usual history of the region also addressing previous publications.

    A comprehensive report on the geology of the area .. pre-Silurian schistose rocks; Amphibolites; Pegmatites; Permian Elvans etc.

    Ore deposits … their origin, lode channels, formations and ore shoots.

    Mineralogy and the distribution of elements and the occurrence of minerals … many in form.

    A Register of Holdings; Mining operations; Treatment carried out in terms of ore dressing and some smelting.

    The Queensland Chillagoe Mines – A scarce and curious one ..


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  • Some Mines and Mineral Deposits at the Heads of the Brisbane, Burnett and Mary Rivers – Jackson 1901

    Some Mines and Mineral Deposits at the Heads of the Brisbane, Burnett and Mary Rivers – Jackson 1901

    Queensland Department of Mines Report to both Houses of Parliament published in Brisbane in 1901, first year of Federation. At that time Dunstan was Assistant Government Geologist. The Report is presented by William Rands, Government Geologist.

    Foolscap, 19 pages plus 5 full page plates. Chipped and repaired to leading edge of front page, otherwise in good condition.

    Covers silver-lead deposits at Monsildale; the Rising Star, North Star and Great Pyramid Prospects at Biarra; Gold found near Milford Rocks Head Station; Gympie Copper Mines at Gooroomjam Creek; Nanango Gold Field; Jimma and a Cobalt Deposit at the Black Snake District.

    A few diagrams within the text and a good image from an early photograph of the entrance to the Cobalt prospect [Certainly one worth following up!]. The Plates include a god Geological sketch of the Monsildale Silver Deposit; a Plan of the Rising Star Workings; Section of Workings at Gympie Copper; the Jimna Prospecting Tunnel [looks dangerous] and the Secrets of the aforementioned Cobalt.

    A rare one and focusing on some quite boutique mining prospects of the period in the South-East of Queensland.


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  • Newnes’ Slide Rule Manual

    Newnes’ Slide Rule Manual

    A 1960’s revised edition of the “go to” book on the slide rule produced and published by George Newnes, London.

    Octavo, 112 pages of slide rule lovers delight. Covers the … Principle of the Slide Rule; Principle of Logarithms; Using the Slide Rule; Examples; Circular Slide Rules etc. Very good condition albeit a little creasing to the otherwise good dust jacket.

    The Preface starts … “The slide rule is considered by many a mysterious instrument requiring years of study before it can be used with facility”.

    Within twenty years sophisticated electronic calculators and personal computers made the slide made the slide rule obsolete and an “antique” of the past. Pity … to use the slide rule properly a knowledge of mathematics was required …

    A very interesting “modern” curiosity … get your slide rule today.

    Slide rules and the mathematics that flows from them.


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  • North West to Fortune (The Discovery of the North West Passage)  – Stefansson – First UK Edition 1960

    North West to Fortune (The Discovery of the North West Passage) – Stefansson – First UK Edition 1960

    Prolific explorer and writer Vilhjalmur Stefansson’s last book on the history of solving the North West passage. A first British edition published by Allen & Unwin in 1960 … Stefansson died in 1962 at 83 years of age. Octavo, 356 pages after preliminaries, end paper maps, very good condition.

    Given his exploration record and the many years spent within the Arctic Circle who better to write this book. Starting the primary objectives of Columbus and Cabot to find route west to the Far East. The first recorded note of the concept is that of Robert Thorne, merchant of Bristol who produced two papers preserved by Hackluyt one addressed to Henry VIII … “I know it to be my bounden duty to manifest this secret to your Grace, which hitherto, I suppose, has been hid”. The proof was more difficult and many lives were lost.

    Stefansson’s record goes well beyond the broader list of adventurers Cook, Franklin, McClure (in search of Franklin) and John Rae and later Amundsen. He covers in detail the efforts of the Fur Traders and finally the epoch-making achievement” of the US submarine, Nautilus.

    North West Passage complete by Stefansson


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  • The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society 1926 March – George Binney – Amundsen’s Polar Flight

    The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society 1926 March – George Binney – Amundsen’s Polar Flight

    A very good copy of The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, March 1926, containing “Amundsen’s Polar Flight: Review” by George Binney.

    Binney reviews the two publications of Amundsen’s Polar flight: My Polar Flight – Roald Amundsen, and Our Polar Flight – Roald Amundsen and Lincoln Ellsworth, both published in 1925.

    Also in this edition; an essay regarding the inter-relations of East African territories, with accompanying colour map by Maj. A. G. Church; a wonderful examination of the lakes of Scotland and Switzerland by Prof. Leon W. Collet with maps, contours, geographical and mathematical analysis and splendid photographs to accompany the piece.


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