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Science Fiction

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  • A Unique Document: Flying Saucers Over Papua   A Report on Papuan Unidentified Flying Objects.  Rev’d Norman E.G. Cruttwell of the Anglican Mission, Manapi, Papua New Guinea. March 1960

    A Unique Document: Flying Saucers Over Papua A Report on Papuan Unidentified Flying Objects. Rev’d Norman E.G. Cruttwell of the Anglican Mission, Manapi, Papua New Guinea. March 1960

    Typewritten document with sketches of flying saucers, tables of information etc. Foolscap,45 pages stapled in corner. This is a contemporary copied document. We cannot locate the original or any other copies and consequently this may well be a unique item, a classic UFO record.

    In June 1959 Rev William Gill witnessed the most extraordinary contact with a UFO at Boainai Mission on the north-east coast of Papua. Previously he had reports of UFO sightings by Stephen Moi a mission teacher – he was sceptical. On the 26th June in the early evening standing in front of his house he saw a brilliant light which descended towards him. He was joined by witnesses. The object came to within three hundred feet and remained stationary . It was circular with a wide base and narrow upper structure and two sets of protruding legs. Periodically a shaft of blue light emanated from the centre. A human-like figure appeared, joined by three others. Father Gill described them in his notes as “men”. They watched the UFO for several minutes before if disappeared in the clouds. An hour later another smaller craft was seen over the sea and then another over Wadobuna Village. Twenty minutes later the larger craft reappeared and stayed for half an hour, the smaller craft coming and going. The next day discussion were held and observations continued that evening. The larger craft returned and the human like figure appeared. Gill waved and figure waved back. They beckoned it to land and it hovered close to the ground before disappearing at speed.

    Gill sent his notes to Cruttwell who sent a report to the London, Flying Saucer Review. As a result Crutwell was appointed local investigator for the International. U.F.O. Observer Corps.

    Crutwell commenced research into Papuan sightings the first modern day sighting being in 1958 … an event covered up by the Australian Military. This typed report is a summary of his extensive findings. The chapter headings give you some idea of the depth … Sightings before 1958; 1958 The Overture; 1959 “Tilley Lamps in the Sky”; Kaleidoscopic Light; The Visitation at Boainai; Corroboration from Giwa and Baniara; Strange Craft over Menapi; More Spherical Objects and Others; The Last Sightings of the Year; Have We any Clues? The Appendices are remarkable … Their Concentration in Area; Their Distribution in Time; The Close Knit Nature of the Sightings … And tables and graphs … Summary of Papuan Sightings; Graph of Monthly Frequency; Daily Frequency; Times of Sightings; Table of Localities; Table of UFO Types; Names of Principal Witnesses.

    Unique comprehensive work on the Papuan UFO Sightings of 1958

    Rev Gill communicates with Aliens …



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  • Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Published by Burke, London a second edition 1961. Octavo, 158 pages. Missing its front free endpaper and with a gift inscription on the title. Dust jacket a little tatty at the top but really quite scarce and a sought after book.

    Patrick Moore, Astronomical Hero had the longest ever running television series “The Sky at Night” – he saw it all – In the late 1950’s he turned his hand to science fiction writing and here we are on his favourite planet Mars.

    Continues the story of Maurice Gray and Bruce Talbot told in “The Voices of Mars” … ten years later the Mars colony has grown from their earlier journey to rescue Dr York. Now on the lonely Mars satellite, Deimos, they receive an unexpected visitor and a desperate SOS from the Lowell Dome … it all gets very interesting and Martian!

    Patrick Moore Rarity


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  • Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov – First Edition

    Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov – First Edition

    A first edition, Grenada, London 1983. Large octavo, 326 pages including “Afterward” all in very good condition.

    The First Foundation dominates the Second but not the whole Universe … the hidden planet and powerful minds that will change the course of galactic history.

    Above all – Avoid “Brain Stop”


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  • The Tragedy of the Moon – Isaac Asimov  – 1975

    The Tragedy of the Moon – Isaac Asimov – 1975

    The first printing for the Scientific Book Club, 1975 and our preferred edition. Great condition and with the “has to be seen” dust jacket designed by Ean Taylor. Octavo, 220 pages and in very good condition.

    A collection of science essays from the legendary Asimov. Perhaps a more efficient calendar (Voyager has always thought Mars was a better basis) or would the Earth have been better without a Moon

    Would there be cheese without a Moon?


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  • Pantopia – Frank Harris – 1930 – Numbered Limited Edition in Fine Condition

    Pantopia – Frank Harris – 1930 – Numbered Limited Edition in Fine Condition

    A first edition and a stunning presentation by Panurge Press, New York. The condition is something to be seen and could be described as “as new”. A limited edition of 1250 copies of which this is number 591. The edition was printed “ for private circulation among adult collectors of literary curiosities”.

    Octavo, 229 pages of thick rich paper rough cut edges, sky blue cloth covers with embossed “leaf”’ design and panelling. Gilt devices to front, rear and spine, top edge richly gilt.

    Harris wrote a Preface where he states that this could be his best work. He took some time over it and was partly worried about censorship and when Lady Chatterley’s Lover came out he had to remove parts of Pantopia as he believed that he may be accused of plagiarism.

    Pantopia may be described as allegorical science fiction. The hero Phil Meredith is shipwrecked on a strange island Pantopia where the people speak a kind of Spanish and have advanced technology. The book predicts the invention of sonar. He meets Aura with whom he falls in love. After various social complexities Phil eventually escapes the island with Aura and they are rescued by a passing English ship. The narrative having concluded the book takes on an unusual structure with a series of letters from Aura to Phil of a romantic semi-erotic nature.

    Pantopia (Ideal is Everywhere) it is, and in perfect condition. Romantic gift from 1930


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  • Quality Scientific Model of a Hydra

    Quality Scientific Model of a Hydra

    A very good example of a hand painted biological model from the 1960’s. Now collectable and 1906 “scientifically decorative”.

    The Hydra is a small fresh water animal with remarkable properties. These predatory little creatures possess radial symmetry and can be found in many un-polluted fresh water ponds. Multi-cellular and only a few millimetres long they lend themselves to microscopic study. They have an incredible regenerative capacity which makes them extremely interesting … they do not appear to age or die of old age.

    The tubular body is secured by a sticky foot called the basal disc. At the other end a mouth opening is surrounded by a number of tentacles each of which is clothed in stinging cells (oouch!). The nasty bits explosively discharge a dart of neurotoxins into the prey sometimes in their hundreds (double ooouch!). They reproduce by growing “buds” on the body wall which become miniature Hydra that break away (convenient). They also have another more complex manner of reproduction when times get tough for food. All of this and more makes the Hydra a very interesting little beauty to study.

    Hard to get quality model of the common but very mysterious everlasting Hydra


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