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Science Fiction

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  • Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

    Brave New World – Aldous Huxley

    A King’s ransom for a first edition or this rather nice Vanguard Library copy from the 1950’s in the scarce Vanguard glam dust jacket rarely seen – check it out.

    Octavo, in Vanguard style, 214 pages, evenly toned from period paper type, clean and tightly bound, original owners name at front and back. Jacket has some carefulrepairs and the bookseller’s sticker to front but it’s really jolly good.

    One of the standout novels of the 20th Century with a long and interesting Forward by the author … who suggest he would make some changes now but “rolling in the muck is not the best way of getting clean” – if you get it don’t let it put you off – this is one of those books everyone should read.

    Brave New World is that special dust jacket



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  • The Web of Time – Lee Harding – First Edition 1980

    The Web of Time – Lee Harding – First Edition 1980

    A very nice copy of the first edition of this Science Fiction offering by Australian writer Lee Harding.

    Published by Cassell in1980. Octavo, 168 pages all in very good condition bar ownership signature at front ends. Perfect and glorious dust jacket the image of which gives a clue to the nature of the story or at least one of the key props.

    Australian Science Fiction from a master of the craft.


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  • The Foundation Trilogy [Foundation: Foundation and Empire: Second Foundation] and then The Stars, Like Dust; The Naked sun; I Robot – Complete & Unabridged – Isaac Asimov

    The Foundation Trilogy [Foundation: Foundation and Empire: Second Foundation] and then The Stars, Like Dust; The Naked sun; I Robot – Complete & Unabridged – Isaac Asimov

    A monster collection including Isaac Asimov’s greatest work the Foundation Trilogy and more all in one place.

    This is a Book Club edition in association with the principal’s Heinemann, Secker and Octopus Book. Issued in 1982. Extra thick octavo, 863 pages. A very slight even tone to the pages due to the nature of the paper very clean throughout – an unread copy we suspect. Binding and dust wrapper very good. Too heavy for overseas without a postage supplement.

    Asimov won the Hugo Award for BEST ALL Time Science Fiction Series with the trilogy … the Galactic empire crumbles but one man creates a new force for civilised life … it gets complicated.

    And at the very end I, Robot … given the explosion of AI makes this a must read or a read again.

    Asimov – his best stuff – will keep you going through the winter.


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  • The Amber Spyglass – Philip Pullman – First Edition Signed by the Author

    Published by Knopf, New York in 2000. A true first edition, the USA preceding the UK first.

    Thick octavo, 518 pages. Super fine condition, signed nicely mid title page above the author’s name.

    The third and final book in “His Dark Materials” series which included The Golden Compass and The Subtle Knife.

    Lyra has been hidden away by her Mother and Will is determined to find her. The pair on a pilgrimage to a realm devoid of all light and hope, embroiled in battles between forces of good and evil – the destiny of the Cosmos is at stake.

    Winner of the 2001 Whitbread Book of the Year award and more. Sixth in the Guardian’s best 100 books since 2000.

    Special book nicely presented and signed


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  • Simon Black in Space – Ivan Southall.

    Simon Black in Space – Ivan Southall.

    An early sought after Space Classic published in 1953 an year after the first.

    Published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney and London. Octavo, 223 pages, some line drawn illustration, very clean internally albeit light toning, super dust jacket, making the book gift worthy.

    The author was a distinguished pilot in the R.A.A.F in WWII awarded the Distinguished Flying Cross (D.F.C). After the war he was co-opted to write about the R.A.A.F in Europe. He still had time to write about the adventures of Simon Black.

    Black in the special aircraft “Firefly 3”, the only aircraft in the World capable of pursuing the flying saucers into space. Accompanied by Rex the Alsatian (it’s a dog’s life).

    Collectable Early Space Adventure penned by Australian Hero.


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  • Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Published by Burke, London a second edition 1961. Octavo, 158 pages. Missing its front free endpaper and with a gift inscription on the title. Dust jacket a little tatty at the top but really quite scarce and a sought after book.

    Patrick Moore, Astronomical Hero had the longest ever running television series “The Sky at Night” – he saw it all – In the late 1950’s he turned his hand to science fiction writing and here we are on his favourite planet Mars.

    Continues the story of Maurice Gray and Bruce Talbot told in “The Voices of Mars” … ten years later the Mars colony has grown from their earlier journey to rescue Dr York. Now on the lonely Mars satellite, Deimos, they receive an unexpected visitor and a desperate SOS from the Lowell Dome … it all gets very interesting and Martian!

    Patrick Moore Rarity


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