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Science Fiction

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  • From The Earth to The Moon – Direct in 97 Hours 20 Minutes – Jules Verne

    From The Earth to The Moon – Direct in 97 Hours 20 Minutes – Jules Verne

    An early English translation published by Sampson Low, Marston et al, London in 1886.

    Translated from the French by Louis Mercier and Eleanor King. Described as the “Author’s Illustrated Edition”.

    Octavo, 160 pages plus 32 pages Publisher’s Catalogue. Seven full page illustrations. Original red cloth covered binding with black embossed decoration. Gilt title to front and nice decorative embossed image with gilt moon and red “spaceship”. All page edges gilt, very good condition with unusually clean and bright covers.

    Post American Civil War the Baltimore Gun Club had time on their hands. They decided to design and build an enormous gun (a Columbaid) to land three men (the President, his rival and a French Poet) on the Moon. A hugely influential book. Interesting that the section dealing with the calculations has some scientific merit … we like it.

    Early Jules Verne – nicely presented


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  • Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Peril on Mars – Patrick Moore

    Published by Burke, London a second edition 1961. Octavo, 158 pages. Missing its front free endpaper and with a gift inscription on the title. Dust jacket a little tatty at the top but really quite scarce and a sought after book.

    Patrick Moore, Astronomical Hero had the longest ever running television series “The Sky at Night” – he saw it all – In the late 1950’s he turned his hand to science fiction writing and here we are on his favourite planet Mars.

    Continues the story of Maurice Gray and Bruce Talbot told in “The Voices of Mars” … ten years later the Mars colony has grown from their earlier journey to rescue Dr York. Now on the lonely Mars satellite, Deimos, they receive an unexpected visitor and a desperate SOS from the Lowell Dome … it all gets very interesting and Martian!

    Patrick Moore Rarity


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  • The Great Airship – A Tale of Adventure – Captain Brereton – First Edition 1914

    The Great Airship – A Tale of Adventure – Captain Brereton – First Edition 1914

    A first edition published by Blackie, London and Glasgow no date but considered 1914.

    Hardback with striking decorative covers and illustrations within by C.M. paddy. Octavo, 360 pages and in very good condition despite its age. The author Captain Brereton (1852-1957) was a distinguished soldier and a highly acclaimed writer of adventure stories with over 40 publications to his name.

    A fast pace adventure in a jet powered airship. A scientist and his young friends experience exciting times in the air and in Canada, Mongolia and Africa.

    Exciting and striking Airship Adventure – 1914


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  • Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov – First Edition

    Foundation’s Edge – Isaac Asimov – First Edition

    A first edition, Grenada, London 1983. Large octavo, 326 pages including “Afterward” all in very good condition.

    The First Foundation dominates the Second but not the whole Universe … the hidden planet and powerful minds that will change the course of galactic history.

    Above all – Avoid “Brain Stop”


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  • The Tragedy of the Moon – Isaac Asimov  – 1975

    The Tragedy of the Moon – Isaac Asimov – 1975

    The first printing for the Scientific Book Club, 1975 and our preferred edition. Great condition and with the “has to be seen” dust jacket designed by Ean Taylor. Octavo, 220 pages and in very good condition.

    A collection of science essays from the legendary Asimov. Perhaps a more efficient calendar (Voyager has always thought Mars was a better basis) or would the Earth have been better without a Moon

    Would there be cheese without a Moon?


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  • Pantopia – Frank Harris – 1930 – Numbered Limited Edition in Fine Condition

    Pantopia – Frank Harris – 1930 – Numbered Limited Edition in Fine Condition

    A first edition and a stunning presentation by Panurge Press, New York. The condition is something to be seen and could be described as “as new”. A limited edition of 1250 copies of which this is number 591. The edition was printed “ for private circulation among adult collectors of literary curiosities”.

    Octavo, 229 pages of thick rich paper rough cut edges, sky blue cloth covers with embossed “leaf”’ design and panelling. Gilt devices to front, rear and spine, top edge richly gilt.

    Harris wrote a Preface where he states that this could be his best work. He took some time over it and was partly worried about censorship and when Lady Chatterley’s Lover came out he had to remove parts of Pantopia as he believed that he may be accused of plagiarism.

    Pantopia may be described as allegorical science fiction. The hero Phil Meredith is shipwrecked on a strange island Pantopia where the people speak a kind of Spanish and have advanced technology. The book predicts the invention of sonar. He meets Aura with whom he falls in love. After various social complexities Phil eventually escapes the island with Aura and they are rescued by a passing English ship. The narrative having concluded the book takes on an unusual structure with a series of letters from Aura to Phil of a romantic semi-erotic nature.

    Pantopia (Ideal is Everywhere) it is, and in perfect condition. Romantic gift from 1930


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