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Convicts, transporation etc

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  • An Eligible Situation – The Early History of George Town and Low Head – Diane Phillips

    Published by Karuda Press Canberra, part of The Historical Survey of Northern Tasmania in 2004. Scarce, try to find another one.

    Soft cover, perfect bound, nice quality, 138 pages, some illustrations. A fine copy, previous owners has left a card with a sketch of The Grove, George Town which makes for a nice relevant bookmark.

    Starting with the Port Dalrymple Settlement of 1804 and the progression to George Town in 1815, life there and the establishment of the Female House of Correction. The establishment of trade and marine activities. The modern day excavation of the Female factory site.

    Solid history of a neglected region of historical significance.


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  • The Dictionary of Australian Bushrangers – Roy Mendham

    The Dictionary of Australian Bushrangers – Roy Mendham

    Definitive list and mini- biography of Australian bushrangers. A special copy once owned by a knowledgeable enthusiast as it contains a number of pencilled additions between the entries and a fully annotated index at the back concerning Tasmanian and Norfolk Island … so clearly from the Apple isle.

    Published by Hawthorn Press in 1975, Octavo, 179 pages, a super copy.

    Like all books that “Grab us” just spent over an hour reading the content before writing it up. Often now pseudo idolised … they were thugs really .. and left a lot of people in distress … and sometimes dead!

    Bushrangers – all of them – Mastermind Material



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  • Martin Cash – Life After Bushranging – Maree Ring

    Martin Cash – Life After Bushranging – Maree Ring

    A unusual item, an extended pamphlet really all about Tasmania’s favourite bushranger Martin Cash. Not so much his goings on in his early days of bushranging (although there is a good snippet of that) but more about his time in New Zealand and then later on return to Hobart.

    Written from a sympathetic viewpoint, as often the case with Cash. We are not sure quite why that is the case. For sure he is supposed to have had a soft spot for women and we guess in return women had and still have a soft spot for him.

    However, and it’s a big however … when in NZ he seemed to spend most of his time forming and running brothels (yes plural). In fact in the end he was given the big tip off to leave the country … forcing his return to Tasmania. His illicit activities paid him well and he was able to purchase a smallholding up the back of New Town … he spent most of his leisure time in the pubs of Salamanca … well don’t we all.

    Self published Hobart in 1993. Softcover, stitched, 41 pages with some useful and relevant illustrations. We like the unpretentious writing of the researcher author. A fine copy.

    Martin Cash – the final story – and an interesting one too.

    Postage will be reduced on this item on final billing.


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  • A Convict Story – The Lost Lives of Lyra and William Sykes – “These few lines” – Graham Seal

    Published by ABC Books, Sydney in 2006. This book took twenty year of research in England and Australia a narrative based around fragments of the separated lives of Lyra and William Sykes.

    Living in northern England, William Sykes was a poacher and during such an escapade he got into an altercation and killed the gamekeeper. His penalty was transportation to the Swan River in Western Australia.

    Octavo, 234 pages, nicely illustrated with images of letters exchanges, journals and places relevant to both Myra and William. Fine condition.

    Interesting convict story well researched, written and presented.


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  • Maria Island Convicts – Brian Rieusset – Signed by Author

    Maria Island Convicts – Brian Rieusset – Signed by Author

    First edition signed self published by the author, Hobart 2007.

    Large format, softcover, perfect bound, 63 pages, illustrated.

    A thoroughly researched and well-presented work on the convict of Maris Island, Tasmania 1825-1832.

    The Register of Convicts which contains information on the 1 female and 346 male convicts is held at the Oxfordshire County Records Office in England. Not sure why it stays there of why the solitary female had to endure this rather peculiar imbalance.

    The illustrations are special … we love the one of the Bernacchi house where Louis Bernacchi of Antarctic fame was brought up. The appendices with full useful contents from the register are a historian’s delight.

    Maria Island Convicts – Great work by Rieusset


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  • Contested Places – Tasmania’s Northern Districts from Ancient Times to 1900 – Shayne Breen – Signed

    Contested Places – Tasmania’s Northern Districts from Ancient Times to 1900 – Shayne Breen – Signed

    A scarce book published in 2001, in limited numbers, by the University of Tasmania the author completed a Doctorate on which this work is based. Regarded as an innovative piece of historical research. Signed by the author.

    Octavo, soft cover, perfect bound, 226 pages, illustrated, a fine copy.

    Tasmania’s Northern Districts comprises the municipalities Deloraine, Westbury, Evandale and Longford a large agricultural area.

    Contested Places refers to the competing groups in the region up to 1900. Starting with the dispossession of the Aboriginal people. Then the conflicts between large landholders and landless labourers and tenant farmers. Specific issues relating to the eradication of pests are dealt with as well as the harder to grasp philosophy of social law and interactions between colonial society and the bush.

    A solid scholarly work for those interested in social contest and the impact of people in the natural environment in Tasmania.


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