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  • History of the Wedderburn [Victoria] Goldfields – J R Gray

    History of the Wedderburn [Victoria] Goldfields – J R Gray

    A very nice copy of a hard to find copy published by Queensberry Hill Press in 1981.

    Octavo, 92 pages, illustrated by Phillip Belfrage, who has nicely signed the half title. His sketches are better than the usual. Large coloured folding map at the rear too big for our imaging system.

    Wedderburn on the Calder Highway in Victoria was an early gold area known for its sizeable nugget finds … an area with a number of gold rush waves leading to an interesting and varied history. Nicely written with good facts on the numerous reefs worked by those with the fever.

    A special gold book – maybe one for the nuggeter.


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  • Gold – The Romance of its Discovery in Australia – Barrett – 1944

    Gold – The Romance of its Discovery in Australia – Barrett – 1944

    An unusual and scarce piece of “Gold” ephemera by Charles Barrett who was editor of The Swagman’s Notebook.

    Published by United Press, Melbourne in 1944. Softcover, ninety-six pages, small format, decorative covers, illustrated with images from Gill the 19thC goldfields artist. The odd bit of age but still a good worthwhile copy.

    A potpourri of bits about the history of gold … the odd relevant poem, and chapters on Early Discoveries [including slightly strangely California]; Hargraves Story; Discovery at Ballarat; Gold Mania in Melbourne; The Bendigo Diggings; Lucky Diggers; Canvastown on the Yarra; the Turon Diggings; Gold Brokers; the Great Escort robbery; Chinese in the Diggings; Famous Nuggets; etc etc

    Postage in Australia will be reduced a tad on final billing.

    Gold and the Mania it brought a nice readable summary by Barrett



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  • Victoria’s Forgotten Goldfield – Christie and  Gray – Signed by Christie – First Edition 1981

    Victoria’s Forgotten Goldfield – Christie and Gray – Signed by Christie – First Edition 1981

    … A History of the Dargo, Crooked River Goldfield.

    Super little book and a very details and oft curious story of the goldfield at Dargo, in Eastern Victoria.

    Softcover, small format, 136 pages, with illustration, tables of information etc a nice production. Signed on the title by Christie, very good condition albeit the back cover is marked at edges, but with no comprise internally which is bright and clean.

    After discovery in 1865, gold recovery peaked in 1868 at 7,652 ounces and soon fell away. Despite this brief moment of glory as with other gold fields it spurred an enormous amount of interest and development in the area. We are off tomorrow to look at a spot not too far away.

    Well honed history of one of the lesser known and more curious gold finds in Australia


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  • Wrecks on King Island – Jack Loney

    Wrecks on King Island – Jack Loney

    From wreck master Jack Loney. Focused on the wrecks of King Island bang in the middle of the Bass Strait … there were plenty of them.

    Originally published in 1979 this is a fine copy of the reissue dated 1995, by Marine History, Portarlington, Victoria … effectively self published this was Jack Loney’s address. Decorated soft covers, 52 pages, illustrated.

    Beautiful, wind blown King Island known now for its world best dairy products, giant crabs and challenging golf course. In the early days a haven for whalers, sealers and convicts on the run.

    Presented as a chronology from 1801 to 1994 with enough detail to provide a good education on the subject and an excellent starting point for the more detailed investigator.

    If its Loney its Shipwrecks and where are they plentiful – King Island.


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  • The Exploration of Australia – Albert Calvert – First Edition 1895

    A pretty good copy of the first edition of Calvert’s book much admired and coveted in any collection on the subject. A compendium volume was issued a year later due to the success of this work.

    Published by George Philip, London in 1895. Small quarto, 26cm by 21 cm, quarter bound cream buckram (simulated vellum) over deep blue buckram with gild titles and line decoration. Aged to spine as usual, corners rubbed. Pretty good internally the large folding map repaired close tear. Internally a little browned due to the spongy nature of the paper, really quite clean throughout; viii, 26 pages. Frontispiece of Dampier, 16 plates. A solid book 1.4kgs.

    The super map is 87cm by 72cm with the routes of the likes of Sturt, Mitchel, great, Winnecke etc marked

    Albert Calvert carried out his own explorations often influenced by gold exploration and mainly in western Australia. He was a prolific writer about Australia partly to fund his exploratory activities. He had previously published ‘The Discovery of Australia” concerning the early maritime activities of the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, British etc. In the Preface to this work he describes his pain in working with the early accounts, in terms of their completeness, reliability etc. In this work he is more at ease in that he has the first hand accounts of the various explorers .. on land he mapped out each day of their activities … hence the huge map included.

    Exploration covered include in the maritime, Dampier; the Dutch; Cook; Flinders; Phillip; Baudin, Bougainville … in the interior, Wentworth; Sturt; Mitchell; Macquarie; George Grey; Eyre etc

    Calvert’s collectable account on the exploration of Australia with valuable map.


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  • Gold Refining – Donald Clark – First Edition Australian 1909

    Gold Refining – Donald Clark – First Edition Australian 1909

    First edition published by Critchley Parker, Melbourne [Pitman’s London] in 1909.

    Octavo, x, 124 pages with 12 full page plates. Original cloth covered boards, some foxing otherwise a very good copy of what seems to be an extremely scarce and interesting book. Early ownership signature of Harold Sims, Helensburgh, New South wales.

    Donald Clark was born in Geelong in 1865. He studied under the Rev H Stewart who in turn had been a student of the great Lord Kelvin. After graduation Clark was soon made Director of the School of Mines at Bairnsdale and later Director at the School of Mines in Bendigo. He also authored “Australian Mining and Metallurgy”.

    This is a sophisticated work, which deals with the methods and systems of gold refining. Includes chapters on … the Occurrence of Native Gold; Refining Gold with Oxidising and Chloridising Agents; Sulfur Refining; Refining by Cementation Process; Refining Gold Bullion by means of Oxygen; Miller’s Process; Parting with Nitric Acid; Parting by Electrolysis; the Treatment of Cyanide Precipitates etc etc.

    First edition Australian Reference on Gold Refining 1909


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