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Chess and games

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  • Chess: The Middle Game – John Littlewood

    Chess: The Middle Game – John Littlewood

    Published by Collins, London in 1974 a very good copy.

    The Beginning and the End meet in the Middle. Master this phase of the game to become a Champion (maybe). Packed full of “Tactical Ideas” understandable to the Novice and useful to the Chexpert!

    Master the Middle and take the ground


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  • Chess: Games to Remember – Horowitz

    Chess: Games to Remember – Horowitz

    Published by Pelham, London in 1973 a very good copy.

    Three hundred odd of the best games ever played. Hard to pass over Spassky but there is Bobby Fischer, Tal, Byrne, Czerniak, Reshevsky, Larsen etc.. the full spectrum of the great chess minds of the 1960’s no greater chess era.

    Greatest games many of them!

    We have a number of Chess books and often good sets – search “Chess”


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  • White Knights of Reykjavik – George Steiner

    White Knights of Reykjavik – George Steiner

    Published by Faber, London in 1973. Full title The Sporting Scene … White Knight etc a somewhat confusing full title. A pretty good copy.

    Well anyone of Voyager’s vintage will remember the confrontation of Fischer and Spassky and all that it stood for. A brilliant book about the event and the genius individuals.

    When chess was a heavyweight sport


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  • Lady Godina’s Rout – or – Peeping Tom Spying out Pope Joan – James Gillray – 1847

    Lady Godina’s Rout – or – Peeping Tom Spying out Pope Joan – James Gillray – 1847

    A special satirical print Lady Godina is a play on Lady Godiva. Pope-Joan is a card game and Lady Godina is holding the nine of diamonds which represents Pope Joan (the Pope that was said to be a lady). Note Voyager have an original Georgian Pope Joan Board for sale … see our Curiosities Section.

    A fashionable crowd, with two card tables, a round table in the foreground at which four persons play Pope-Joan. The most conspicuous is a pretty young woman directed to the left who is Lady Georgiana Gordon the Duchess of Bedford (1781-1853). Her semi-transparent draperies revealing her person leaving her breasts almost uncovered. A leering man stands behind her chair, negligently holding candle snuffers to a candle on the table, in order to peer down her décolletage. A stout lady in back view, sitting on a stool is Albinia Countess of Buckinghamshire, a little girl, and an elderly man (Dr John Sneyd 1763-1835) complete the table. On the right is another card-table at which three persons are playing. Standing figures freely sketched for the background, the whole design being dominated by the erect feathers of the ladies, usually springing from a turban

    James Gillray first produced this comic caricature in 1796. This issue in 1847 was published by Henry Bohn in London and whilst later is on a grander scale than the original. Expertly coloured.

    Price unframed … ask for recommended framing options.

    A popular card game and the exotic Lady Godina


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  • The Modern Openings in Theory and Practice – A.P. Sokolsky

    The Modern Openings in Theory and Practice – A.P. Sokolsky

    Published by Pitman, London in 1973. 238 pages plus index of players all in pretty good condition with an intact bright dust jacket.

    Sokolsky new his beginnings … capable of thinking outside the central square. Original thinking is the key to this essential work.

    Get it right from the start


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  • Larsen’s  Selected Games of Chess (1948-1969) – Bent Larsen

    Larsen’s Selected Games of Chess (1948-1969) – Bent Larsen

    Published by Bell, London a First English edition 1970. 181 pages all in very good condition with a complete dust jacket.

    The Danish Chess Grandmaster Bent Larsen was an aggressive player using every piece in full force. A man who thought there was forever a better game in him. Sought after edition

    Have you played your best game yet?


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