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Bounty / Pitcairn

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  • Captain William Bligh and the Mutiny on the Bounty

    Captain William Bligh and the Mutiny on the Bounty

    The very special Hordern House publication to support the sale of the Parks collection. 133 catalogued items all with a special illustration. Many rare and some unique items.

    Hard bound with dust jacket in very good condition and of a standard as would be expected from Hordern House. A must for any Bountaneer!

    Special Mutiny on the Bounty item


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  • Bligh’s Bad Language – Passion, Power and Theatre on the Bounty – Greg Dening

    Bligh’s Bad Language – Passion, Power and Theatre on the Bounty – Greg Dening

    A first edition of a special Bligh book.

    Published by Cambridge University Press in 1992. Octavo, 445 pages with illustrations, charts and diagrams. A very good copy … as new except for a hint of a score mark on the front dust jacket, now protected in Brodart.

    What was going on in England and in the Navy. Was Bligh bad tempered of just ill prepared for what unfolded. Dening a Professor of History at the upmarket Melbourne University provides and extensive view on the reality of the Bounty Mutiny …

    Bligh misunderstood and misunderstanding


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  • Bligh – Master Mariner – Rob Mundle

    Bligh – Master Mariner – Rob Mundle

    A fine first edition of Rob Mundle’s excellent hardback book on Bligh. Large octavo, 368 pages with end paper illustrations and coloured illustrations inside. Published by Hachette, Sydney in 2010. Very good condition.

    The writer, a sailor from a sailing family writes about Bligh with a focus on detail and Bligh’s unrivalled skill as a navigator.

    He was at the forefront at an early age. With Cook on his fateful third voyage on the Resolution, it was a 24 years old Bligh who took command of the navigation on the voyage home. He was 34 when he found himself in conflict with Fletcher Christian resulting in the epic 47 day open boat voyage from Tonga to Timor. And, 36 when he commanded HMS Pandora around the world … among his company a young Matthew Flinders

    William Bligh – another perspective – and no less enlightening


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  • A Voyage Round the World in His Majesty’s Frigate Pandora – George Hamilton

    A Voyage Round the World in His Majesty’s Frigate Pandora – George Hamilton

    The Pandora was sent to recover the Bounty and bring back the Mutineers. The voyage is an extraordinary story told with a light and readable touch by George Hamilton, surgeon onboard. After having recovered some Mutineers the Pandora was wrecked on the Barrier Reef approaching the Torres Straits.

    One of a limited edition of 950 copies published by Hordern House in 1998. Octavo, illustrated, bound in quarter cherry Scotish calf with marbled paper covered boards.

    A faithful facsimile of the Voyage of the Pandora a rare 1793 publication connected to Bligh’s Mutiny on the Bounty.

    HMS Pandora was a sixth rate Porcupine class naval vessel. She was commissioned in May 1779, built by Adams & Barnard, Deptford. Pandora saw action in the war against France in that year and in the American War of Independence. She was then mothballed from 1783. In 1790 having heard of the Bounty Mutiny, the First Lord of the Admiralty, Lord Chatham despatched her, under Captain Edward Edwards, to recover the Bounty and capture the Mutineers. When they arrived at Tahiti, they found that a group of fourteen mutineers had broken away from Fletcher Christian and returned there. Some surrendered themselves, including Peter Heywood, others proved more difficult, but eventually all fourteen were captured and locked in a cell on board … known as Pandora’s Box. The Pandora visited numerous islands looking for the others … but only managed to lose some of their own crew to desertion. They headed west for home, but the ship ran aground on 29th August 1791 on the outer Great barrier Reef. She soon sank with 35 men lost including 4 of the Bounty Mutineers. The survivors made for a sand cay and two days later sailed in four open boats for Indonesia.

    The wreck was found in 1977 jointly by John Heyer and Ben Cropp, after much competition to be the first to the spot. The Queensland Museum excavated the wreck under a team led by Peter Gesner who wrote the forward to this book.

    HMS Pandora … the recovery of the Bounty Mutineers and its Shipwreck on the Barrier Reef.


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  • Bounty / Pitcairn Item –  Harper’s New Monthly Magazine – 1871

    Bounty / Pitcairn Item – Harper’s New Monthly Magazine – 1871

    Bound as one volume Harper’s Magazine from December 1870 to May 1871. Small quarto, 952 pages bound in half black leather worn but strong, page edges speckled red.

    The usual smorgasbord of 19th century articles. The star is a 15 page illustrated article on the Pitcairn Islanders largely based on Lady Belchers book

    Unusual Bounty/ Pitcairn item often overlooked


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  • A Young Pitcairn Girl – Original Hand Coloured Engraving – 1845

    A Young Pitcairn Girl – Original Hand Coloured Engraving – 1845

    A beautiful hand coloured engraving from Die Volker des Erdballs ….The Peoples of the Globe According to their Descent and Kindship by German geographer Heinrich Karl Wilhelm Berghaus (1797-1884).

    Junges Madchen von Pitcairn … Young Pitcairn Girl. Finely engraved in steel with vivid colouring and gum Arabic applied to create highlights and depth.

    Good condition the paper 25cm x 16cm … the girl’s image 16cm. Would frame as a nice library item for a Bounty/Pitcairn collector.

    Price $90.00 unframed … enquire if you wish framing options.

    Delightful engraving beautifully coloured


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