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Bounty / Pitcairn

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  • Studia Bountyana 1 [Mutiny on the Bounty] – Rolf Du Rietz

    Studia Bountyana 1 [Mutiny on the Bounty] – Rolf Du Rietz

    Seemingly, quite a few “Bounty Authorities” took exception to some of the ideas put forward by Marge Darby in her book “Who Caused the Mutiny of the Bounty?”. Notably, Rolf Du Rietz, of Uppsala was particularly motivated and produced this well researched and referenced contribution.

    Limited to 500 copies, self-published in the English language and printed in Uppsala in 1965. Soft covers, perfect bound (23cm by 16cm), 59 pages including list of references.

    Rolf du Rietz manages to thank a distinguished cast of thousands and the usual library bodies …. Including the illustrious Mackaness. We cannot help feel this supports his, at times, heavy criticism of Madge who no doubt intended her book to be of more general appeal. Regardless, we like this work, it certainly sets the mind in motion regarding “Who Caused the Bounty Mutiny” … not me said Bligh!

    Intellectual work on the Bounty Mutiny and the right to have original thought!


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  • Bounty / Pitcairn Item –  Harper’s New Monthly Magazine – 1871

    Bounty / Pitcairn Item – Harper’s New Monthly Magazine – 1871

    Bound as one volume Harper’s Magazine from December 1870 to May 1871. Small quarto, 952 pages bound in half black leather worn but strong, page edges speckled red.

    The usual smorgasbord of 19th century articles. The star is a 15 page illustrated article on the Pitcairn Islanders largely based on Lady Belchers book

    Unusual Bounty/ Pitcairn item often overlooked


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  • A Young Pitcairn Girl – Original Hand Coloured Engraving – 1845

    A Young Pitcairn Girl – Original Hand Coloured Engraving – 1845

    A beautiful hand coloured engraving from Die Volker des Erdballs ….The Peoples of the Globe According to their Descent and Kindship by German geographer Heinrich Karl Wilhelm Berghaus (1797-1884).

    Junges Madchen von Pitcairn … Young Pitcairn Girl. Finely engraved in steel with vivid colouring and gum Arabic applied to create highlights and depth.

    Good condition the paper 25cm x 16cm … the girl’s image 16cm. Would frame as a nice library item for a Bounty/Pitcairn collector.

    Price $90.00 unframed … enquire if you wish framing options.

    Delightful engraving beautifully coloured


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  • Ernest Scott (Ed.) – “Australian Discovery” – in Two Volumes – “By Sea” & “By Land”

    Ernest Scott (Ed.) – “Australian Discovery” – in Two Volumes – “By Sea” & “By Land”

    The editor, Ernest Scott, presents “Australian Discovery”, an examination over two volumes.

    Volume 1 begins with an examination of the mystery of Terra Australis Incognita before moving on to, amongst a great many other important events; Torres and Quiros; Tasman’s discovery of Van Diemen’s Land and New Zealand; Pelsart and the wreck of the Batavia; a Dutch account of New Holland and Van Diemen’s Land; Dampier’s Voyages on the Cygnet, and the Roebuck; Cook in New Zealand and his discovery of Eastern Australia; Bligh and the mutiny on the Bounty; discovery of the Bass Strait; and, Flinder’s discovery of South Australia. Included in this volume are a great many portraits and maps and a chronology of important events covered in great detail throughout the volume.

    Volume 2 begins with Blaxland’s story of the crossing of the Blue Mountains before moving onward to; Evan’s journal of his journey to the Bathurst plains; Governor Macquarie’s report on the country beyond the mountains; Evan’s discovery of the Lachlan; Oxley’s subsequent exploration of the Lachlan and the Macquarie; Evan’s discovery of Castlereigh ; Allan Cunningham’s explorations; Hume and Howell’s journey to Port Phillip; Lockyer’s exploration of the Brisbane river; Sturt’s discovery of the Darling and Murray; Mitchell’s exploration of Australia Felix; Sturt’s journey into central Australia; Eyre’s journey from Fowler’s bay to Albany; The Burke and Wills expedition; Stuart’s journey to central Australia and then across the continent. Again, included in this volume are many delightful portraits and maps, as well as a chronology of these events.

    This two volume set represents a marvelous and comprehensive examination of the discovery and exploration of Australia. The people involved, their impetus and their journeys as their knowledge of the great southern island evolved.


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