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  • Wrecks & Reputations [The Loss of the Schomberg and Loch Ard] – Don Charlwood

    Wrecks & Reputations [The Loss of the Schomberg and Loch Ard] – Don Charlwood

    Published by Angus & Robertson in 1977. A very good copy, 190 pages with fine dust jacket.

    Don Charwood’s well researched tightly composed and nicely illustrated account of the difficulties of early vessels sailing through the Western entrance of the Bass Strait.

    Particular reference to the fate of the Schomberg and the Loch Ard and to its only survivors Eva Carmichael and the young man that saved her Tom Pearce.

    The fate of many other ships of the “Loch” brand are listed – leads one to conclude never to sail in a vessel named Loch anything!

    What out for the rocks!


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  • Argonauts of the South – Frank Hurley – First Edition 1925

    Argonauts of the South – Frank Hurley – First Edition 1925

    First Edition … Argonauts of the South. Being a Narrative of Voyagings and Polar Seas and Adventures in the Antarctic with Sir Douglas Mawson and Sir Ernest Shackleton.

    Published by G.P. Putnam, New York in 1925. Large octavo, original cloth covered binding, top edge gilt, other edges uncut. 290 pages after preliminaries, with frontispiece and 70 full page plates from photographs taken by the author. Two folding maps and decorated end papers. Corners bumped and the odd marking to covers. Tight and clean inside. A pretty good copy.

    Reference Spence 615 and Renard 768.

    Carries the Bookplate of first owner Charles Kerry, famous Australian photographer. Charles Kerry (1857-1928) had a particular interest in the bush and the aborigines. Frank Packer named his son Kerry after him.

    Australian photographer and adventurer James Francis (Frank) Hurley (1885-1962) requires little introduction. Along with Ponting the greatest Polar photographer, never to be surpassed. Not only did he accompany several Antarctic expeditions he was an official photographer in both World Wars. During a very cold winter literally holed up in the Antarctic Hurley conceived an expedition to warm climates (in an effort to boost comrades moral) and out of that his other great work Pearls and Savages, in New Guinea was born.

    Hurley’s classic photographic record in the Polar Seas and Antarctic


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  • A Voyage to Terra Australia – Matthew Flinders – Two Volumes Plus Map Case

    A Voyage to Terra Australia – Matthew Flinders – Two Volumes Plus Map Case

    A Voyage to Terra Australia – Matthew Flinders Undertaken for the Purpose of Completing the Discovery of that vast Country and Prosecuted in the Years 1801, 1802 and 1803 in His Majesty’s Ship “The Investigator”

    Australian Facsimile Editions No 37 published by the Libraries Board of South Australia in 1966.

    Complete, two large folio volumes, 269 and 613 pages, and matching large solander case of folding charts and plates. Original buckram covered boards with gilt spine titles on Burgundy labels. Illustrated with 9 plates of views to the volumes and 18 folding charts and elevations and 10 folding botanical plates. A trifle marked on page edges really a very good clean complete set. They weigh 8.3 kgs all up so a postage supplement may apply depending on buyer location.

    A fine facsimile of Matthew Flinders monumental work regarding the circumnavigation and charting of Australia, his shipwreck on the Porpoise on Wreck Reef during his passage home, and his continued journey in the Cumberland and capture and imprisonment by the French on the island of Mauritius from 1804-1810.

    Contains fundamental, maps and profiles of the coastline of Australia. HMS Investigator was a 334 ton sloop fitted out for its purpose. The complete circumnavigation, proving beyond doubt that Australia was one complete land mass had never previously been accomplished.

    After his release from prison and return to London, Flinders was in very poor health. Regardless, he pressed on to complete this narrative and set of charts. They were originally published , as a whole, on 18th July 1814. Matthew Flinders died the following day.

    Monumental work in fine facsimile, complete with superb charts.



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  • Trimaran Solo – Victress’ Round the World – Nigel Tetley

    Trimaran Solo – Victress’ Round the World – Nigel Tetley

    First edition, Nautical Publishing Company, Lymington 1970.

    The story of Nigel Tetley’s incredible circumnavigation as part of the Sunday Times single-handed non-stop race Round the World. During which Tetley achieved many firsts but won no prizes as the Victress sank near the Azores a thousand miles from the finishing line.

    A much-prized book. Large octavo, 176 pages with twelve plates from photographs and ten charts. Very good if not fine condition.

    Presented as a journal makes for interesting “in the moment” reading. The events leading up to the sinking (very fast) and the rescue particularly gripping. (Always remember to send a May Day).

    The schedules of provisions at the end are surprising … round the world sailing clearly creates quite a hunger, and a thirst … three dozen bottles of Cutty Sark!

    Scarce sought-after account in fine condition


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  • The Penance Way – The Mystery of Puffin’s Atlantic Voyage – Merton Naydler

    The Penance Way – The Mystery of Puffin’s Atlantic Voyage – Merton Naydler

    Published by Hutchinson, London a first edition 1968.

    Octavo, 252 pages with end paper charts, photographic illustrations and diagrams. Nicely put together and a very good copy.

    David Johnstone and John Hore lost their lives mid-Atlantic in 1966. The fifteen-foot Puffin was found upturned. Extraordinarily, Johnstone had left behind a 35,000-word journal … upon which this book is primarily written.

    Courage and tenacity documented to the very end.


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  • From Raft to Raft – Bengt Danilesson – First English Edition 1960

    From Raft to Raft – Bengt Danilesson – First English Edition 1960

    Published by George Allen & Unwin, London in 1960. Octavo, 184 pages, end paper charts, numerous images from photographs by Alain Brun. Apart from some innocent tape ghosts on the end papers a very good copy.

    The author Scandinavian, Bengt Danielson was expert Ocean-going rafts. He was not on this expedition., the Tahiti Nui. And recounts the story from survivor Alain Brun.

    Ethnologist Eric de Bisschop held a view opposite to Thor Heyerdahl … that the Polynesians sailed west from Tahiti to influence Chilli and Peru. He set out to prove it in the Tahiti Nui I and then sailed back in Tahiti Niu II a voyage twice that of Heyderdhal all up. Great difficulties were encountered and in the second leg a makeshift raft had to be made from what was left. Leader, Bisschop died before they were rescued.

    An amazing story, though one with a sad ending … a Voyager favourite


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