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  • The Wreck of the Amsterdam – Peter Marsden – First Edition 1974

    The Wreck of the Amsterdam – Peter Marsden – First Edition 1974

    The Dutch East Indiaman set out on her maiden voyage in 1748 loaded with cargo and silve7r, with three hundred people on board.

    A storm in the English Channel forced the captain to beach her near Hastings after a near mutiny.

    She’s still there and at the occasional low tide remnants can be seen from the shore. Peter Marsden was the Field archaeologist at the London Guildhall Museum and he was called in when a party of workmen with access to a digger tried their luck and found something rather special.

    First edition published by Hutchinson, London in 1974. Octavo, 288 pages, heavily and well illustrated. A very good copy.

    The Wreck of the Amsterdam; a long time afterwards fresh discoveries are made.


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  • Australian Shipwrecks – Volume 2 (1851-1871) – Jack Loney

    Australian Shipwrecks – Volume 2 (1851-1871) – Jack Loney

    A first edition published by Reed, Sydney in 1980. Small quarto, 239 pages all in very good condition with a very good to better dust jacket. A few illustrations from period engravings and early photographs.

    Jack Loney’s excellent work on shipwrecks representing part of the Australian Shipwrecks series started by Bateson.

    An essential edition for those interested in wrecks. Follows the usual format with notes on sources followed by a chronology and notes on ships and their wrecking. Index of ships at the end.

    Essential Australian Wreck Book


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  • Wrecks on King Island – Jack Loney

    Wrecks on King Island – Jack Loney

    From wreck master Jack Loney. Focused on the wrecks of King Island bang in the middle of the Bass Strait … there were plenty of them.

    Originally published in 1979 this is a fine copy of the reissue dated 1995, by Marine History, Portarlington, Victoria … effectively self published this was Jack Loney’s address. Decorated soft covers, 52 pages, illustrated.

    Beautiful, wind blown King Island known now for its world best dairy products, giant crabs and challenging golf course. In the early days a haven for whalers, sealers and convicts on the run.

    Presented as a chronology from 1801 to 1994 with enough detail to provide a good education on the subject and an excellent starting point for the more detailed investigator.

    If its Loney its Shipwrecks and where are they plentiful – King Island.


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  • Wreck and Relics – Victorian Coastline – Geoff Nayler

    Wreck and Relics – Victorian Coastline – Geoff Nayler

    Self published, no date, by diver wreck enthusiast Geoff Nayler. Octavo, soft cover, 64 pages, heavily illustrated throughout.

    Nayler has put together here, with the assistance of a number of similarly minded friends, a good account of thirty better known wrecks along the central Victorian coast. Wreck finds abound from crockery and cutlery to anchors, wheels, and beautiful bells … the cannon raised by the author our favourite.

    Previous obviously knowledgeable owner has made one or tow pencil “correction’ we have left them their for expert review.

    Postage likely to be reduced in Australia on this item ..we will do that on billing so ignore the default …

    Good Victorian wreck reference by Nayler …


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  • Tek Sing Shipwreck Treasure –  Sunk 1822

    Tek Sing Shipwreck Treasure – Sunk 1822

    Qing Dynasty floral plate recovered by Mike Hatcher from the Tek Sing shipwreck.

    Lovely condition. One of the larger bowls, 15cm in diameter, 3cm deep with well executed decorative border and elaborate inner floral display. Floral features and line decoration bellow. Original Nagel auction reference sticker still attached.

    The Tek Sing Shipwreck – Background

    The Tek Sing (Chinese for “Bright Star”’) was a large Chinese Junk which sank in 1822 in the South China Sea at the Belvidere Shoals. She was 50 meters long, 10 metres wide and weighed a thousand tons. Manned by a crew of 200. The great loss of life has led to the Tek Sing being referred to as the “Titanic of the East”.

    Sailing from the port of Amoy (now Xiamen), the Tek Sing was bound for Jakarta, with a cargo of porcelain goods and 1,600 Chinese immigrants. After a month of sailing, Captain Lo Tauko took a shortcut through the Gaspar Straits and ran aground on a reef and sank in 100 feet of water.

    The next morning and English East Indiaman captained by James Pearl sailing from Indonesia to Borneo passed through the Gaspar Straits. He found debris from the sunken Chinese vessel and survivors. They managed to rescue 190 people.

    In 1999, marine salvor Mike Hatcher discovered the wreck. His crew raised what has been described as the largest cache of Chinese porcelain ever recovered. It was auctioned by Nagle in Stuttgart, Germany the following year


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  • Narrative of the Wreck of HMS Porpoise –  Robert Purdie [A Flinders Item]

    Narrative of the Wreck of HMS Porpoise – Robert Purdie [A Flinders Item]

    Octavo, xiv, 134 pages, published by Hordern House in 2014. A very good copy.

    Robert Purdie was a young surgeon who was wrecked on HMS Porpoise on a reef off the Queensland coast (to become known as “Wreck Reef’’). This was the vessel originally taking Matthew Flinders back the England having completed his coastal survey of Australia, confirming the entirety of the land mass. Purdie’s account had been published anonymously in The Naval Chronicle in 1807/07. He had been a junior officer on the Investigator and was among those that stayed on the reef whilst Flinders and other rowed back to Sydney to successfully mount a rescue.

    The narrative is lively, informative and readable … here well presented with an excellent introduction and notes by Matthew Fishburn

    Flinders and Wreck Reef by Surgeon’s Mate Purdie.


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