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  • Bowie – Fashion – 1980

    Bowie – Fashion – 1980

    Super original copy of this iconic single …. Scream like a Baby on the B side. From the album Scary Monsters (and Super Creeps).

    Ooh bop, do-do-do-do-do-do-do-do..

    Robert Fripp from King Crimson played the lead guitar. Bowie coined a new meaning for the word “Fascists” which likely amused him.

    David Bowie will never be forgotten ..


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  • The Third Man (Graham Greene – Anton Karas) – The Harry Lime Theme

    The Third Man (Graham Greene – Anton Karas) – The Harry Lime Theme

    Sheet Music published by Chappell & Co, London in 1950 (Catalogue number 39386). Published co-incidental with the BBC adaptation.

    A classic with special appeal for a particular generation. The theme for the film noir The Third Man … written by Graham Greene directed by Carol Reed. Here adopted by the BBC for their rendition of the classic post war drama.

    Four pages of music score, in 79 bars .. with the beautiful slower section and crescendo.

    Whilst filming on location in Vienna, Carol, Orson Welles etc were out on the town and in a wine cellar heard Anton Karas play his zither. Reed was captivated and contracted Karas to play the soundtrack. This act of genius helped to assuage what is widely regarded as the longest speechless ending in film history … check it out, again.

    Dan da dan .. dan da dan de dan ..

    Get out the schnapps and tune up the zither


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  • Antarctica – Evangelos Papathanassiou – Scarce Vinyl Pressing 1983

    Antarctica – Evangelos Papathanassiou – Scarce Vinyl Pressing 1983

    Fine copy of the soundtrack by “Vangelis” to Koreyoshi Kurahara’s 1983 film about the 1958 ill-fated Japanese scientific expedition to the South Pole, and the dramatic rescue from impossible weather conditions on their return journey. It’s as much about the survival of some of the dogs initially left behind as the people. Vangelis was invited to produce his dramatic electronic music score after the worldwide success of Chariots of Fire and Blade Runner.

    The film was not that successful overseas, whilst being the Japanese sponsored entry it was not accepted in the foreign language section of the Academy Awards. Back home in Japan the beautiful huskies managed to get the film a Popularity Award.

    Vangelis on the other hand shows his usual innovation and brilliance. Rare Japanese pressing. Perfect Condition.

    Best listened to with the aircon very low


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  • Unproduced Film Script – Joseph Conrad’s “The Heart of Darkness”

    Late 1970’s unproduced film script titled “Voyage to the Inner Station: Joseph Conrad’s Descent and Return from the Heart of Darkness” 134 pages of script in the agency covers of Paul Kohner – Michael Levy.

    The author is named John nelson Reid and believed to be one of the many pseudonyms of successful writer Shimon Wincelberg (Naked City, The Time Tunnel, The Paper Chase, Have a Gun – Will Travel etc).

    The copy of Ilse Lahn who as a successful producer and worked at the agency around that time. Paul Kohner was in the movie business from the early days and would have been in his seventies when this script appeared. He was very successful and managed Ingmar Bergman, Maurice Chevalier, Dietrich, Garbo, Huston and many more. Michael Levy headed up CBS Theatrical Films which was generally unsuccessful.

    There are no telling reasons why this script didn’t get to production. One of the difficulties would be that there was another unfulfilled script based on the book written by Orson Welles … it did not make it either … it was regarded as to difficult (read expensive) to produce but many think it was because Welles was frozen out of Hollywood because he upset Randolph Hearst when he made Citizen Kane.

    We have read it through and we like it!

    We also have the book see separate listing for the summary storyline.

    Could be a gold mine waiting – Conrad’s Heart of darkness scripted but not acted


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  • Hold Back the Dawn – Ketti Frings – First Film prmotion Edition 1948

    Hold Back the Dawn – Ketti Frings – First Film prmotion Edition 1948

    Published by Triangle, New York 1948 a first edition of this type. Printed on war paper so the usual browning but very clean despite that … a very good dust jacket with a nice montage of the stars to the front.

    The book of the Oscar nominated motion picture starring Charles Boyer and the beautiful Olivia de Havilland.

    Romanian gigolo tries to gain entry to the USA by hitching up with visiting school teacher. It all goes wrong and wrong and then right.

    First Film Promotion Edition 1948


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