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  • The Sea and the Jungle – H.M. Tomlinson – Special Illustrated Edition

    The Sea and the Jungle – H.M. Tomlinson – Special Illustrated Edition

    This is the upmarket edition for the Imprint Society published in 1971, first edition was 1912. Considered a classic of travel writing … compared with Conrad.

    Full title … The Sea and the Jungle – Being the narrative of the voyage of the tramp steamer Capella from Swansea to Santa Maria de Belem do Crao Para in the Brazils, and thence 2,000 miles along the forests of the Amazon and Madeira rivers to the San Antonio Falls; afterwards returning to Barbados for orders, and going by way of Jamaica to Tampa Florida, where she loaded for home. Done in the years 1909 and 1910.

    A super publication number 1939 of 1950 on the colophon and there signed in black ink by the artist Garrick Palmer who produced the magnificent woodcuts. The colophon describes the production … The Sea and the Jungle has been printed for Imprint Society members in an edition limited to 1950 copies. Designed and produced in London by Ruari McLean, the book was composed in “Monotype” Bembo and printed from type by W. & J. Mackay in Chatham, England. The paper is Basingwerk Parchment, manufactured by Grosvenor Chater & Co Ltd. The binding in quarter black morocco and buckram was executed by Mackay Binders. The illustrations, printed from the block, were engraved on wood by Garrick Palmer of Cowplain, Hampshire, who here signs … Garrick Palmer.

    Large octavo, bound as described above but may we add gilt design to front board over green cloth, with gilt vertical decorative line, gilt title to spine ., top edge stained green to match, nice slipcase with artwork taken from the woodcuts. Double page map of the Amazon Basin, double page woodcut adorned Title Page, ten additional woodcuts mostly full page. A very good copy. We cannot over emphasise the quality of the woodcuts that are taken from the block so well that the texture of the print on the surface of the paper can be clearly felt.

    Henry Major Tomlinson (1873-1958) writer, journalist, traveller grew up in the London, East End Docks. He worked as a journalist for the Morning Leader. In 1909 an opportunity arose for him to take a trip on the tramp steamer Capella to South America. They were to deliver goods deep into the jungles of Brazil. His account in The Sea and the Jungle details the wild winter crossing of the Atlantic and his time at the construction site of the Madeira – Manare railway. Written with modesty, humour and adventure it remains one of the most popular travel accounts.

    A Classic of the Travel Genre – Beautifully re-presented.



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  • Discoverie of Guiana – Sir Walter Ralegh

    Discoverie of Guiana – Sir Walter Ralegh

    Sir Walter Ralegh’s [Old Spelling] account of his expedition to the Orinoco (now Venezuela as opposed to Guyana) published in 1595 was one of the greatest accounts of the Elizabethan era. And, in incredible writing. After all, the man was to go on and write his “History of the World” whilst in the Tower. His speech at his execution cannot be surpassed … by any speech.

    This Account published by the Hakluyt Society in 2006 is no mere facsimile of the “out of reach”’ original. The Ralegh manuscript still exist and is in the Library of Lambeth Palace. The editor of this work has studiously compared the manuscript with the published account, the latter influenced by Ralegh’s benefactors and various upper crust promoters of the day.

    The larger format Hakluyt of more modern times. 360 pages, 11 illustration including charts, maps etc. A very good copy.

    The upshot is truly amazing. Ralegh’s manuscript contains … lively tales of Amazon women, drinking bouts and swash buckling adventures” were all deleted. And, the focus of the published account was moved towards opportunities for profit, gold mines and the like … when the manuscript paid little attention to such matters.

    It is suggested that Raleigh, when in the Tower, went along with the fantasies of riches and profits, as a strategy for his release … likely, we suggest.

    A special work with the manuscript and the book compared as we turn the pages.

    Sir Walter Raleigh up the Orinoco … the First Account of It!



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  • A Voyage to the South Sea – William Bligh

    A Voyage to the South Sea – William Bligh

    Title continues … Undertaken by Command of His Majesty, for the Purpose of Conveying the Bread-Fruit Tree to the West Indies, in His Majesty’s Ship the Bounty, commanded by Lieutenant William Bligh. Including an account of the Mutiny on board the said ship and the subsequent voyage of Part of the Crew, in the Ship’s Boat, From Tofoa, one of the Friendly Islands, To Timor, a Dutch Settlement in the East Indies.

    The most authentic of the facsimiles of this popular account. Published by the Libraries Board of South Australia in 1969. Quarto, 264 pages. Original cloth covered boards, title label. One plate of the Breadfruit, 2 folding plans, 4 maps of which 3 folding, various illustrations including frontispiece of Bligh, all in keeping with the original. The multiple fold “Track of the Boat” is so long it’s too hard for use to get a good image.

    Famous voyage from England via Cape Town, St Paul and Van Diemen’s Land to Tahiti. Sojourn and description, sailing in return and the Mutiny off Tofoa, open boat voyage for Bligh and his supporters to Coupang in Dutch Timor for a passage to England,

    Bligh and eighteen of his crew were set adrift by Fletcher Christian, the Master’s Mate of the Bounty and made the journey of 4,000 miles in an open boat. Several of the mutineers who had settled on Pitcairn Island to return to Tahiti were eventually captured and three were executed in England. Bligh was subject to two further effective mutinies in his career, although only the New South wales fiasco can be blamed on the harsh exercise of his authority.

    Bligh … the Breadfruit, the Mutiny and the Boat … the authentic account



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  • The Arctic Whaling Journals of William Scoresby the Younger – Three Volumes Complete Set

    Published by Ashgate for the Hakluyt Society, London, progressively in three volumes.

    Small quarto, Volume I – the Voyages of 1811, 1812 and 1813, 242 pages with 9 illustrations and 5 maps/ charts, published 2003, edited by C Ian Jackson. Volume II – the Voyages of 1814, 1815 and 1816, 307 pages with 8 illustrations and 3 maps, published 2008, edited by Jackson with an Appendix by George Huxtable. Volume III – the voyages of 1817,1818 and 1820, 245 pages with 8 illustrations and 3 maps, published 2009, edited by Jackson with and Appendix by Fred Walker. Very good near fine condition.

    No greater Arctic Mariner than William Scoresby with suffix the Younger” to distinguish him from his also distinguished father. Sailing adventures effectively sponsored by the whaling trade. These volumes transcribe the extensive journals key by Scoresby littered with their whale’s tail symbols customary of any great whaling log.

    In pursuit of this then highly prized, now protected and cherished, marine animal Scoresby pushed the boundaries of what could be expected in cold climate sailing. And kept immaculate records.

    There is too much to reference … in the second volume we have the voyages in the Esk. Caught in the tidal current of the Sumburgh Rost and nearly wrecked before she reached the Shetlands on her outward journey. Also, graphic description of the destruction by fire of the Hull Whaler Clapham, regarded by Scoresby as “the finest ship that ever engaged the fishing trade”. In 1816 for high drama the journals are outstanding when part of the Esk’s hull was torn away by ice, and drastic attempts were made to repair it including inverting the ship in the sea on the ice-edge. Scoresby’s ability then to return the ship safely to Whitby with only the floorboards of the hold keeping the leekage to a manageable rate seems incredible.

    Scoresby’s Arctic Adventures Complete and Unsurpassed.



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  • Sir Hubert Wilkins – Enigma of Exploration – John Grierson

    Sir Hubert Wilkins – Enigma of Exploration – John Grierson

    There is a relatively recent book on Wilkins … The Last Explorer by Simon Nasht … it’s pretty good but in our opinion this is the one .. and he certainly was an “enigma” not “the last”

    The author, John Grierson, an adventurer of note himself with many extraordinary solo flights to his name … he was banned from flying over Russia “owing to his inexplicable propensity for landing in Prohibited areas”

    First edition published by Robert Hale, London 1960. Octavo, 224 pages 6 maps, 22 illustrations and frontispiece. The dust jacket designed by Biro is a classic; we have rarely seen it so good. A very good copy of a hard to find biography.

    Hubert Wilkins (1888-1958), Australian polar explorer, adventurer, war hero, war photographer and much more. Winner of the Royal Geographical Society Patrons Medal in 1938 for his polar efforts and the remarkable flight undertaken from Barrow Point to Spitzbergen. The first to attempt the North Pole by submarine and, almost made it. The US Navy took his ashes to the North Pole by Submarine such was the respect for the great man.

    Worth running through the chapter contents … he had such a full life. After Introductions and his early life; the Balkans to Trinidad; with Stefansson to the Arctic (see Voyager’s Stefansson Collection); the Great War (one of the first aerial photographers); Expeditions to Northern Australia; Flying the Arctic; First Flight in Antarctica; Submarine to the North Pole; Antarctic with Lincoln Ellsworth; the Search for Levanevsky; Antarctic again with Ellsworth etc

    The Biography Sir Hubert Wilkins Australian Hero.



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  • The Illustrated Armada Handbook. – David Thomas

    The Illustrated Armada Handbook. – David Thomas

    A first printing 1988 published by Harrap, London. Softcover of small quarto size, 218 pages, heavily illustrated as would be expected.

    The best all round book on the Armada with enough facts and analysis to satisfy any Mastermind contestant on the subject.

    Well organised from Background, the Players, Cadiz and Philip’s Beard, Invasion Pans, Armada Sails for Lisbon, Corunna to Lizzard, Battle of f Plymouth, Capture of the Rosario, Battle of Portland Bill, Battle of the Isle of Wight, Calais and the fireships, Battle of Gravelines and the pursuit to Scotland … etc, Super supplements of the Opposing Fleets, the Armada Guns, the Armada Losses and a glossary of 100 related books … get them all?

    The Armada by Thomas – Drake would have appreciated …



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