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  • Scott of the Antarctic – Commemorative Tea Caddy

    Scott of the Antarctic – Commemorative Tea Caddy

    An unusual Polar Collectable, a tea caddy commemorating Scott and his final party who all perished on their way back from finding Amundsen’s flag at the South Pole.

    Typical, between the wars, caddy shape with curved front and scalloped sides. Images of the heroes from the 1910-13 Terra Nova Expedition. A portrait of Captain Scott on the lid and an image of Scott resplendent in Polar Dress in the front; to the sides Evans, Oates, Bowers, and Wilson. On the rear we see the team pulling a sledge through an Antarctic blizzard and a brief narrative of the tragedy.

    Date and maker unknown, we cannot find it in the encyclopaedia of tea caddies.

    The word caddy is derived from the Chinese weight measurement pronounced catty which back in the days became a standard measure for tea … approximately 600 gm.

    An interesting Polar Commemorative – not just for tea drinkers



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  • Matthew Flinders – Letters to Ann – Retter and Sinclair

    Matthew Flinders – Letters to Ann – Retter and Sinclair

    Published by Angus and Robertson, Sydney in 1999. A charming boo about the correspondence between Matthew Flinders and his wife Ann Flinders Chappelle.

    Octavo, 150pages with some facsimile images. A fine copy as new.

    Matthew and Ann had only been married three months before he set of to chart and first circumnavigate Australia, then the incarceration at the hands of the French. All up they were separated for ten years. Not too long after returning to England and the production of his massive cartographic achievement he died.

    The love they showed for each other is invigorating … the style and content of the letters a symbol of betrothal rarely found.

    The authors were given special access to what are still such private communications by the custodian .. Lisette Flinders Petrie.

    There can be no more romantic and intimate book..



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  • The Huon Pine Story – A History of the Harvest and Use of a Unique Timber – Kerr and McDermott

    The Huon Pine Story – A History of the Harvest and Use of a Unique Timber – Kerr and McDermott

    Huon Pine up there with the best woods in the worlds. What makes a good wood, well to start with you know it when you see it, smell it touch it …

    Large quarto, 299 pages, published by Mainsail Book as if self published. Super production, heavily illustrated throughout, end paper maps of logging areas etc. Fine condition. A heavy book that may require a postage supplement

    If it can be afforded and found the best boat builders number one choice of wood which makes this fine material that more romantic. If you ever want a good book about a tree – this is the one.

    Huon Pine First Choice Material beautiful Tree



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  • Haunts of the Blue Whale – L Norman

    Haunts of the Blue Whale – L Norman

    Effectively self published special book on whaling activities out of Hobart and the impact whaling had on the town – read debauchery .. according to Knopwood.

    Published in 1978.large wide octavo, 156 pages, numerous interesting and relevant illustrations.

    Hobart not only has its own whalers but it became the port to which English [including the Enderby Brothers] and American whalers made for refresh, repair and crew “rehabilitation”.

    Whaling a massive part of the history of Hobart Town



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  • A Voyage to Terra Australia – Matthew Flinders Undertaken for the Purpose of Completing the Discovery of that vast Country and Prosecuted in the Years 1801, 1802 and 1803 in His Majesty’s Ship “The Investigator”

    Australian Facsimile Editions No 37 by the Libraries Board of South Australia in 1966.

    Complete, two large folio volumes, 269 and 613 pages, and matching large solander case of folding charts and plates. Original buckram covered boards with gilt spine titles on Burgundy labels. Illustrated with 9 plates of views to the volumes and 18 folding charts and elevations and 10 folding botanical plates, all on a very large scale. A very good clean complete set. Massive scale will require an Overseas supplement to mail.

    A fine facsimile of Matthew Flinders monumental work regarding the circumnavigation and charting of Australia, his shipwreck on the Porpoise on Wreck Reef during his passage home, and his continued journey in the Cumberland and capture and imprisonment by the French on the island of Mauritius from 1804-1810.

    Fundamental, maps and profiles of the coastline of Australia. HMS Investigator was a 334 ton sloop fitted out for purpose. The circumnavigation, proving beyond doubt that Australia was one complete land mass had never previously been accomplished.

    After his release from prison and return to London, Flinders was in very poor health. He pressed on to complete this narrative and set of charts. They were originally published , as a whole, on 18th July 1814. Matthew Flinders died the following day.

    Monumental work in fine facsimile, complete with superb charts.



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  • An Authentic Journal of the Expedition under Commodore Phillips to Botany Bay with an Account of the Settlement made at Port Jackson and a Description of the Inhabitants – by An Officer (Watkins Tench)

    The very long title continues … with a Copy of a Letter from Captain Tench of the Marines: and a lift of the Civil and Military Establishment. To Which is Added – An Historical Narrative of the Discovery of New Holland, or, New South Wales by An Officer – Illustrated with a General Chart of New Holland and Botany Bay, with the adjacent Countries, and new discovered Islands.

    A fine and sumptuous facsimile of the original which was published in London in 1789. This edition published by Marsh Walsh of Melbourne in 1975. It was produced from an original owned by Ivo Hammet of Melbourne. Limited to 350 copies of which this is numbered 227. Printed by Walsh and bound by the Dove Bindery, Melbourne. And what a nice binding, full black leather with gilt First Fleet Ship device to front, five raised bands to spine with gilt lines, separate green leather title label (and the luxury of a spare tucked in at the rear board. Protected in a simple custom cardboard slip case. Super perfect condition.

    The First Fleet Journal of Captain Watkins Tench. A military officer and a man of some acumen. The most readable of all First Fleet accounts.



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