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  • Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) Golden Jubilee Medal – 1997

    Australian National Antarctic Research Expeditions (ANARE) Golden Jubilee Medal – 1997

    Rare, circa 300 were issued. We can only see one example in Institutions being that awarded to Dr Phillip G. Law who was the leader of the Australian Antarctic Division at the time of issue. This is held in Museums Victoria Collection reference 1303887.

    Just over 5cm in diameter silvered. On one side, 50 and ANARE JUBILEE 1947-1887, with a Leopard Seal swimming through the 50.

    On the reverse a Map of Antarctica with longitude and latitude lines (unusually Tasmania shown as connected to the mainland. Around AUSTRALIAN NATIONAL ANTARCTIC RESEARCH EXPEDITION with Antarctic flora and fauna including fish, seals albatross, penguins, crustacea.

    A beautiful design. Originally would have come in a wooden case (per Law example) … not present here.

    Very good uncirculated condition, strong relief.

    ANARE Medal celebrating 50 Years of continuous effort.



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  • Letters From High Latitudes [Iceland, Jan Meyen, Spitzbergen] – Dufferin

    Letters From High Latitudes [Iceland, Jan Meyen, Spitzbergen] – Dufferin

    Being some account of a Voyage in 1856 in the Schooner Yacht “Foam” to Iceland, Jan Meyen, and Spitzbergen.

    A 1913 edition published by John Murray, London, having been published a number of times since the first of 1857. This edition particularly well formed, unusual to still have the original dust jacket albeit with some age.

    Octavo, 228 pages, with impressive portrait frontispiece of the great man, and numerous illustrations and diagrams throughout.

    Written as if a series of lengthy letters. Some unusual introductory content … poem “To The Figure=Head of the “Foam””; list of Dramatis Personae … Protesilaus stumbles on the threshold; the Icelander – a modern Sir Patrick Spens; Loch Goil – the Saga of Clan Campbell; through the Sounds – Stornaway; Out into the North Atlantic and gales and sea sickness – first sight of Iceland, landing at Thule; Reykjavik and buying horses … the lava plateau, mystical mountains, crossing the Arctic Circle; On to Jan Mayen and the volcanic Mount Berrenberg; Sailing for Bear Island and Cherie Island, the Freer Sea, landing at Spitzbergen, English Bay and Lady Edith’s Glacier …

    Despite the popularity of the expedition and the book of events this was the only published work of the rather busy Frederick Hamilton-Temple -Blackwood, the First Marquess of Dufferin and Ava of Northern Ireland. Dufferin (1826-1902) was variously .. 3rd Governor of Canada, Viceroy and Governor General of India, Chancellor of the Duchy of Lancaster etc he also held senior positions in the Middle East. Born into wealth he was educated at Oxford. Late in life he became involved in a major financial scandal resulting in the loss of most of his own fortune. He was exonerated of any blame, seemingly.

    Dufferin in the “Foam” in the cold North … unusual descriptive writing.



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  • Two Voyages to the South Seas – Dumont D’Urville – 2 Volumes

    Two Voyages to the South Seas – Dumont D’Urville – 2 Volumes

    Two large volumes published by the University Press Melbourne 1987. Cream linen covered boards protected by a slipcase all in fine condition.

    Reissued from the original French translated by Helen Rosenman.

    Volume I – 312 pages deals with the voyages of the Astrolabe 1826-1829 and,

    Volume II – pages 313-634 the voyage of the Astrolabe and Zelee 1837-1840.

    Nicely illustrated with 29 maps and charts and 56 plates – some in colour. This is the first account in English of two important voyages to Australasia the Pacific and the Antarctic. The Astrolabe visited Hobart Town, Jervis Bay and Port Jackson whilst the second voyage went to Port Essington as well as Tasmania (again) and the Antarctic. A superb account of the people and natural history encountered. An essential Antarctic item for that element.

    Two Special French Voyages by D’Urville



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  • Voyages to the South Seas – Danielle Clode

    Voyages to the South Seas – Danielle Clode

    Also, published in soft back this is the already prized hardback. Magnificent production as you would expect from Miegunyah Press.

    Octavo, 315 pages after xxv, great dust jacket all in fine condition.

    A special narrative of French Exploration in Australia with Bougianville, Laperouse, d’Entrecasteaux, Baudin, Freycinet and Dumont d’Urville.

    And, of course, many illustrations from the beautiful artwork produced by the French.

    A special book – one to be kept



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  • The Natural History of “Bores” – Angus B. Reach – 1847

    The Natural History of “Bores” – Angus B. Reach – 1847

    A third edition and scarce regardless. Published by David Bogue, London.

    Scarce in its original form with delicate printed wrappers, albeit a little dusty and rubbed. Small octavo, 112 pages with preliminaries and catalogue at the rear.

    Illustrated by H.G. Hine. A hilarious account of “Bores”. Could still be well applied, approaching two hundred years later.

    Because it is a third edition the writer, through addition, can make reference to critics .. whose remarks include “ The Natural History of Bores .. we take to be an account of the species to which the ingenious writer belongs” … and so forth. Well we have read it and … Voyager may well be modifying some of his own inherent characteristics … not so many stories about oneself seemingly.

    Boring or not it is all set out … could make a good pointed gift



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  • Ocean Passages For The World – 1973 Complete

    Ocean Passages For The World – 1973 Complete

    A fine copy of the third edition prepared by Commander H.L. Jenkins of the Royal Navy and published by The Hydrographic Department, Taunton, England. A Preface by Rear Admiral Hall.

    This essential reference was first published in 1895, then 1923, 1950 and then this edition 1973. Revised and modernised each time.

    Slipcase with folio volume plus wallet containing the numerous large folding charts. Folio volume bound in blue cloth covered boards, gilt titles 258 pages with 25 charts and diagrams some coloured and folding. The work is divided into two principal sections … Part I – Power Vessel Routes; Part II – Sailing Vessel Routes. Also, the 1977 Supplement of 11 pages, with additions, corrections and other changes. Very good condition.

    The wallet contains seven large (a metre or so wide) charts and a viz .. World Climatic Charts (January and July); World Main Ocean Routes for Power Vessels; World Sailing Ships Routes; Tracks Followed by Sailing and Auxiliary Powered Vessels and World Surface Currents .. and D6083 Loan Line Rules etc. Also a ready reckoner … Logarithmic speed, time and distance scale.

    Ocean Passages – All You Need to Know – Complete and Fine



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