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Verne Jules

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  • From The Earth to The Moon – Direct in 97 Hours 20 Minutes – Jules Verne

    From The Earth to The Moon – Direct in 97 Hours 20 Minutes – Jules Verne

    An early English translation published by Sampson Low, Marston et al, London in 1886.

    Translated from the French by Louis Mercier and Eleanor King. Described as the “Author’s Illustrated Edition”.

    Octavo, 160 pages plus 32 pages Publisher’s Catalogue. Seven full page illustrations. Original red cloth covered binding with black embossed decoration. Gilt title to front and nice decorative embossed image with gilt moon and red “spaceship”. All page edges gilt, very good condition with unusually clean and bright covers.

    Post American Civil War the Baltimore Gun Club had time on their hands. They decided to design and build an enormous gun (a Columbaid) to land three men (the President, his rival and a French Poet) on the Moon. A hugely influential book. Interesting that the section dealing with the calculations has some scientific merit … we like it.

    Early Jules Verne – nicely presented


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  • The Adventures of Captain Hatteras  – Jules Verne

    The Adventures of Captain Hatteras – Jules Verne

    Published in London Ward and Lock and early English translation circa 1895. A two-part story … “The English at the North Pole” and “The Ice Desert”. Octavo, 223 pages. Which the super pictorial boards in the “‘blue format” … it was also published with a green background.

    Some foxing mainly on the page edges but also on the first and last few pages otherwise clean. Still a pretty good copy of a desirable Verne.

    Some say based on Sir John Franklin and then later to have an influence on Peary and Frederick Cook in their choice of routes to the North Pole!

    First published in French in 1866 and, accepting the Franklin reference above, influenced for sure by the Hayes expedition to Ellesmere Island. It was published as part of the “Voyages Extraordinaire” which was to include “Five weeks in a Balloon”, Journey to the Centre of the World” and “From the Earth to the Moon”. Interestingly, a bit like “Star Wars” it was published as book number two in the sequence even though it was the first published.

    Hatteras sets off for the North Pole, has a mutiny which results in the loss of his ship. They have to hole up for the winter and build accommodations through knowledge of Russian Ice palaces and create fire using ice lenses. After the thaw they build a new ship from remnants of another shipwreck and head north to find an island bang on the pole. Volcanic and Hatteras enters the crater and it doesn’t go too well for him from there.

    The second part “The Ice Desert” is based on an island which is a northerly extension of Ellesmere … New America … and more adventures ensue.

    Jules Verne’s Polar Adventures


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