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  • Tasmania – Geology of the Dundas – Mt Lindsay and Mt Youngbuck Region. Geological Survey Bulletin 62 [Four Large Maps]

    Tasmania – Geology of the Dundas – Mt Lindsay and Mt Youngbuck Region. Geological Survey Bulletin 62 [Four Large Maps]

    A.V. Brown, published by the Tasmanian Department of Mines in 1986.

    Large octavo, soft covers. Perfect bound. A new condition. First Edition. Perfect bound, 222 pages. Illustrated with black and white photos, diagrams. Comes with a fine collection of four geological maps all printed on thick quality paper, coloured maps impressive and strongly coloured.

    Colour map – Regional geology of the Dundas – Mt. Lindsay – Mt. Ramsay Area 90cm by 75cm.

    Colour locality map showing area covered on Corinna and Zeehan 90cm x 75cm.

    Black and white map 100cm x 60cm, Regional Geology of the Mt. Youngbuck – Magnet area by Brown 1984.

    Black and white map 70cm x 60 cm Geololgical compilation of the Zeehan-Waratah area – Dundas Trough Brown 1984.

    Everything nicely preserved in original clear wallet.

    Superior Geological Report of this important mineral area in Western Tasmania


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  • Storm & Silence – A Portrait [Circumnavigation] of the Tasman Sea – Joe Cannon – First Edition

    Storm & Silence – A Portrait [Circumnavigation] of the Tasman Sea – Joe Cannon – First Edition

    A big book in many ways and a treasure of a tempestuous voyage clockwise around the Tasman Sea.

    Softcover, self published in 2003, a slightly crude sticker proclaims First Edition Book No 27 and signed by Joe Cannon. Largish octavo, format, perfect bound, 408 pages, magnificently illustrated from original photographs, charts etc.

    The route if you figure it in your mind starts in the Hobart Derwent and straight out south and east down to the Aukland Islands, turning north to Snares and Stewart Islands before hitting the coast of South Island New Zealand at the Bluff. Turning up the west coast past Milford Sound up to Wellington, Embarking east and north all the way to Norfolk island , Lord Howe and north from there to Middleton Reef. Directly west to Coffs and a less formidable sail south and return.

    Great intermingled historical detail and the photographic elements … Norfolk, Lord Howe … Balls Pyramid are super. Nicely written narrative.

    A signed copy of Joe Cannon’s adventures around the Tasman Sea – a unique account


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  • Royal Hobart Regatta – Tasman’s Centenary Regatta -1838-1938

    Royal Hobart Regatta – Tasman’s Centenary Regatta -1838-1938

    A little tired but a great piece of Tasmanian ephemera the official souvenir programme of the centenary regatta which doubled as a commemoration of Tasman’s discovery in 1642.

    Such was the importance of the event in those days it was attended by senior representatives of His Majesty’s Australian Squadron, the New Zealand Squadron, the Royal Nederland’s Navy, the French Navy and the Italian Navy.

    As well as the multitude of water events there was also the Aquatic Ball, the presentation of the Centenary Medal, Wood chopping, Illuminations, Fireworks etc

    82 pages, rear cover missing with last page but the delightful front page retained quit nicely. Images of Tasman, Franklin, various current dignitaries, chart of the Derwent with course markers, images of flying boat etc. Good historical narrative and setting.

    The 1938 Centenary Regatta – If only for the cover


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  • The Scandalous Adventures of Captain Frederick Watson Wentworth – Hysterical Memoirs “edited” by Reg A Watson – Signed by the Author

    Reg Watson, who left us last year, was a prolific writer. Many serious and seriously researched works flowed from his pen.

    Effectively self published by the author in 2016 backed by the Anglo-Keltic Society. Large format perfect bound 92 pages, very good condition.

    This is for sure a work of humour right from the Hysterical and the warning from the Canberra Censor … restricted publication adults only we – know this is yarn over fact.

    Captain Wentworth – A Tasmanian Rake and Cad (1872-1949) certainly had an eventful life. Always wore his trousers one size to small to show his fine cut to the female kind. During his exploits he meets Breaker Morant and Chubbie Miller the female aviator and survives the Titanic. The erotic parts exit but are tame enough for general release – he seemed to attract women with a penchant for high leather boots and whips …

    Signed copy of the readable enjoyable adventures of Captain Wentworth.


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  • A Vindication of Phrenology – W. Matthieu Williams – First edition 1894

    Published by Chatto and Windus, London in 1894 a first edition of this “vindication” book by the esteemed phrenologist Williams.

    Largish octavo, xxii, 428 pages. Frontispiece photograph of the author pondering the shape of the head and its bumps crevices. Several illustrated plates and figures within the text. A very good copy.

    The author was a distinguished scientist and Fellow of the Royal Astronomical Society and Royal Chemical Society. He also authored a book titled “The Chemistry of Cooking” … Heston please note.

    If you don’t understand phrenology well this is the book for you … interest in the pseudo science was waning by this date maybe hence the vindication … some good things came out of it though … it’s all a matter of perspective.

    Phrenology explained and vindicated!


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  • Encyclopedia of the Antarctic – Edited Beau Riffenburgh- 2 Volumes

    Published by Routledge in 2006 this two-volume set is regarded as the font of all things Antarctica.

    A substantial effort the number of distinguished contributors runs to over a hundred.

    Two quarto volumes, 1,272 pages heavily illustrated with all sorts, high technical level with many maps, charts, explanatory diagrams etc. Very good condition. Weighs in at circa 3.6kgs so not really suitable for Overseas postage.

    The elements relating to the History of Exploration and History of Science are understandably our favourites. Other broader topics include … Atmosphere; Birds; Conservation; Geography; Glaciology; Technology; Oceanography; Physics and astronomy etc.

    It is all here in the Encyclopedia of the Antarctic – more than a winter’s reading


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