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Middle East

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  • Vickers Mk1 303 M.G. [Machine Gun] Slide Rule Manufactured by W.H.H. for the Australian Forces – WWII

    Vickers Mk1 303 M.G. [Machine Gun] Slide Rule Manufactured by W.H.H. for the Australian Forces – WWII

    A fine example of the Vickers slide rule for the 303 (7.7mm) Machine Gun … perhaps the best machine gun of the 20thC.

    The Vickers 303 MG was based on the earlier MAXIM Gun after Vickers purchased the manufacturer in 1898. The Vickers 303 was used from WWI up until 1968 … it played its biggest part in WWII. It was capable of 10,000 rounds per hour and incredibly robust and reliable. Well like by Australian and New Zealand gunners. Required a team of five or six to operate … it was rather heavy, with a heavy tripod, water cooler and condenser and one can only imagine the weight of ammunition at the rate of firing. It was often used for “indirect firing” at up to 4 kms i.e., when the target could not necessarily be seen, and the trajectory must be calculated – hence the development of the sophisticated slide rule.

    This Australian variant of the Mark I is an adaptation of the Mark III that was manufactured in metal following a request from the 2/2nd (Australian) Machine Gun Battalion as the found the then wooden Mark III unsuitable for jungle warfare. The Vickers historical website references and Australian War Diary …

    “RULES, SLIDE: Probably one of the most useful items of equipment held by Machine Gunners is the Slide Rule. The present issue Rule, slide MG Mk III – 303 VMG for Mark VII amn is quite unserviceable, being made of cane and glued at the joins. The cane swells in the moist climate, the slides will not run freely, the glue gives way at the joins – and the whole thing falls to pieces. Should any of these things fail to happen, the white ants make sure that the Rule is u/s. So that throughout all the recent ops we have been denied the use of this most useful instrument. The Mk IV slide rule, designed for use with Mk V IIIz amn, is of metal construction throughout, and is most efficient. Were it possible to have a similar Rule, suitable for use with Mk VII amn, it would be of great assistance.

    15cm by 8cm by 1cm with two independent reversible sides for calculating range, drop, dispersion etc. Moves freely, excellent condition.

    The 2/2nd (Australian) Machine Gun Battalion was formed in 1940 and went to the Middle east and then fought at the Battle of Alamein. By 1943 they were required back in Australia to oppose the Japanese – they fought at Milne Bay and then later in Borneo. The equatorial conditions encountered gave rise to the above report and the re-development of this Slide Rule.

    See example in the VMGCRA collection … similarly manufactured by W.H.H. the struggle to find any further references to this maker.

    Unusual military slide rule … of some complexity and Australian relevance regarding its construction and manufacture


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  • A Taste of the Hills – Miles Smeeton – First Edition 1961

    A Taste of the Hills – Miles Smeeton – First Edition 1961

    A first edition published by Rupert Hart-Davis, London in 1961. Octavo, illustrated with maps, and illustrations from photographs. A very good copy.

    Miles (1906-1988) and Beryl Smeeton (1905-1979) were adventurers as if from a different era. Well known for their sailing adventures and twice near disaster going East around the Horn .. they made it successfully from the west.

    Miles had a distinguished military background … Yorkshire born … full of grit.

    Miles was posted to India before WWII and he writes about his time there. And, with Beryl, his overland adventure from Basra back to England. Finishing with an attempt in the Himalayas on 25,460 feet Tirich Mir with Tenzing … Beryl became the highest climbed female at the time.

    Miles Smeeton with Beryl on land and just as adventurous as the sea..


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  • The Doomed Oasis (A Novel of Arabia) – Hammond Innes

    The Doomed Oasis (A Novel of Arabia) – Hammond Innes

    Hammond Innes a master of the thriller.

    First published 1960, this is the 1962 Readers Book Club edition which we prefer for its more evocative dust jacket.

    Octavo, 286 pages, very good condition.

    Set in Arabia a ex British Army Colonel has taken to Arab life. His son a wayward lad from Cardiff flees trouble to the same locale to be a geologist. Accused of murdering his father things get a bit hot under the Arabian Sun. Packed with action among the sand dunes.

    Hammond Innes and Adventure and Thrills in the Desert


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  • Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopoli Magna) Plates and Text Supplementary to Ehnasya – Flinders Petrie – 1904

    Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopoli Magna) Plates and Text Supplementary to Ehnasya – Flinders Petrie – 1904

    Roman Ehnasya (Herakleopoli Magna) Plates and Text Supplementary to Ehnasya – Flinders Petrie – 1904

    A Special Extra Publication of The Egypt Exploration Fund … published by order of the Committee, London 1905.

    Quarto, hardbound in original cloth covered boards, gilt title to spine. Title, list of plates, narrative to page 15, 28 full page plates of multiple items followed by 3 full pages of Potters Marks. Previous owners stamp to front free end paper. Very good condition and a very rare item

    A large quantity of figures were found in houses and could be dated by coins found along with them. Consequently, serving as a scale by which to date late examples of classical work. Here we have literally hundreds of photographic images of the items found carefully classified … such as … Classical figures (Roman); Serapis, Iris, Horus (Roman); Harpocrates (Roman); Egyptian Gods (Roman); Roman Heads; Roma Lamps … and Potters Marks (many of them). Narrative chapters on the Terracotta Figures; The Lamps (extensive) an the Architecture

    Together Price $270.00

    Flinders Petrie at Ehnasya with the scarce illustrated Supplement



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  • Deshasheh – Flinders Petrie – 1889

    Deshasheh – Flinders Petrie – 1889

    The Fifteenth Memoir of The Egypt Exploration Fund.

    Hardback published by order of the Committee and sold by them at Great Russell Street and Kegan Paul and Quaritch.

    Large quarto, 51 pages plus 37 pages of plates a few of which are folding. Very good condition. A heavy item that may require an Overseas postage supplement.

    The great Flinders Petrie by this time has spent many years in Egypt, accomplished many great find and produced numerous memoirs in this form. The work here he describes as more varied than usual, and has fulfilled more the character of exploration than in previous years. One of the least known parts of Egypt, the western side form Faynum to Minieh, was completely traversed and examined; and two site within that area excavated.

    We explore the Cemetery of Deshasheh and the Tomb of Anta, the Tomb of Shedu, the Tombs of Nenkheftka and Son.

    The drawings and photographs of the findings are simply superb as usual.

    Flinders Petrie – Egyptology – Highest Standard


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  • Lawrence of Arabia – The Journal of the T.E. Lawrence Society – Long Unbroken Run of 46 Issues – Bound and in Fine Condition.

    Lawrence of Arabia – The Journal of the T.E. Lawrence Society – Long Unbroken Run of 46 Issues – Bound and in Fine Condition.

    Published at Oxford by the Society a continuous run from 1991 to 2014.

    Octavo, 46 issues (Over 4,000 pages) plus the index volume. Bound in eight volumes, blue cloth covered boards. Volume 1, Number 1 Spring 1991 to Volume XXIII, Number 2 2013/14. Retaining the original card covers on every issue. Not a mark on them, fine condition. A heavy set which may require an Overseas postage supplement

    We will be adding a listing of the journal contents. This is the first bound volume only ..

    Vol 1/1
    1. A.W. Lawrence 1990-1901 (T.E. younger brother had just died)
    2. Eleven Hundred Miles on the Lawrence Trail
    3. Lawrence as an Archaeologist
    4. T.E. Lawrence and the Bodleian
    5. Mecca’s Revolt against the Turk
    6. Interview with Colonel Lawrence
    7. An Appeal from Damascus: the Mohammed Abdulla Bassam Affair
    8. Notes on the Introduction to the Royal Air Force of High-Speed Craft
    9. A Lawrence Diary, “Oriental Assembly”
    10. An Introduction to the BBC 1962 Documentary: T.E. Lawrence 1888-1935
    11. Documentary Proof of Wishful Thinking
    Vol 1/2
    11. Off and On The Tracks to Atwi
    12. T.E. Lawrence and Frederick Manning
    13. Lawrence and his Brough Superiors
    14. Arabian Nights and Days: Part I
    15. Ramping
    16. T.E. Lawrence and Rupert de la Bere
    17. T.E. Shaw and the British Power Boat Company
    18. Tale of an “Arabian Knight”: The T.E. Lawrence Effigy
    Vol 2/2
    19. More Travels on the Lawrence Trail
    20. Arabian Nights and Days: Part II
    21. The Mint Illustrated
    22. Amendments to the Authorised Biography
    23. T.E. Lawrence Materials at Oxford.
    Vol 3/1
    24. Seven Essays
    25. Summary of the Hejaz Revolt
    26. T.E. Lawrence at Clouds Hill
    27. T.E. Lawrence and the Visual Arts
    28. Notes on the American Issues of Revolt in the Desert
    29. Notes on Editing the Oxford Seven Pillars
    Vol 3/2
    30. Sherif Feisal
    31. Great Britain and the Arabs up to the Armistice of 30 October 1918
    32. Two views of T.E. Lawrence
    33. Lawrence of Arabia in a New Disguise
    34. T.E. Lawrence and the translating of the Odyssey
    35. Motor-Boats for the R.A.F.
    36. Voyage of an R.A.F. Motor-Boat

    T.E. Lawrence – The Journal of the Society – The man would have been impressed.


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