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Middle East

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  • Mare Rubrum (The Red Sea) – Petrus Bertius -1602

    Mare Rubrum (The Red Sea) – Petrus Bertius -1602

    An original copper engraved miniature map of the Red Sea region, one of the earliest to focus on this region. With north orientated to the right showing Yemen and the east coast of the Arabian Peninsula and Egypt with place names and rivers in some detail, mountain regions illustrated, shallow marshy areas highlighted. Later colouring as always. 12.5cm by 8.5cm.

    Engraved by Petrus Kaerius for the great geographer Petrus Bertius and published by Cornelis Claesz in Amsterdam in 1602 for the “Tabularum Geographicarum Contractarum Libri”. Refer expert Geffrey King’s authoritative work on miniature maps.

    Price $120.00 unframed

    Red sea region over 400 year old.


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  • The Old Man Young Again or Age-Rejuvenescence in the Power of Concuspiscence … Literally Translated from the Arabic by an English “Bohemian” – Kitab Ruju’a as-Shaykh ila Sabah Fi-l-Kuwwat ‘ala-l-Bah

    The Old Man Young Again or Age-Rejuvenescence in the Power of Concuspiscence … Literally Translated from the Arabic by an English “Bohemian” – Kitab Ruju’a as-Shaykh ila Sabah Fi-l-Kuwwat ‘ala-l-Bah

    Published Montamartre, Paris by Charles Carrington 1898. Publisher of many things naughty in the naughty 1890’s. The work described as … privately printed for a small number of Amateurs and Bibliophiles, is strictly limited to Five Hundred numbered copies on Papier de Hollande. The present copy is No 437.

    Large octavo, 265 pages, top edge gilt, rich maroon endpapers, black cloth covered boards, bevelled and decorated in gilt. Decoration above Chapter headings and some romantic, not crude, illustrations.

    A slightly strangely constructed book in three parts. The First deals with the age and authorship of the Book, Arabian Medical Science; the Strength of Male Copulation and the various kinds of Impotence and Degrees of Virility and the Power of Erection etc. The Second the formation of the yard and testicles; evils from over-indulgence; ill effect of excessive coition and things to take; the advantages (many) of copulation … medicines, oils etc to improve various matters. The Third the Romance of the Genital Instinct; Aphrodisiacs and then some unmentionables.

    For those of suitable age that may be shocked the dedications is worthy … Inscribed to the Memory of the late Sir Richard F. Burton, whose works suggested, and whose labours aided me in my task of making this English version of a work, which, whatever may be thought of it today, was not deemed obscene by the people in whose generation it appeared.

    Rare Privately Printed 1898 – How to Make an Old Man Young Again!


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  • Thomas Cook’s – Tours of Egypt the Nile, Sudan, Palestine and Syria -1928

    Thomas Cook’s – Tours of Egypt the Nile, Sudan, Palestine and Syria -1928

    We love this 110 page brochure advertising Thomas Cook’s tours in the style of Poirot and Death on the Nile.

    It would take us a week to explain the depth of information, photographs, maps, intricate details of each of the numerous vessels with photos of the cabins, saloons etc. End paper maps and layout of each of the vessels.

    Very good condition albeit some pencil annotations of a planned holiday – luck bastards!

    Comprehensive view of Egypt and Palestine in the 1920’s


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  • A Journey Through Central and Eastern Arabia – Palgrave 1869

    A Journey Through Central and Eastern Arabia – Palgrave 1869

    Full title … “Personal Narrative of a Year’s Journey through Central and eastern Arabia by William Gifford Palgrave.

    This is the first one volume edition published by Macmillan, London in 1869. The first edition in two volumes having been published in 1865.

    Large octavo, 422 pages after preliminaries with vignette portrait on the title page plus a large coloured folding map and four folding plans. Striking gilt pictorial covers slightly aged a trifle shaken, still an excellent copy. Carries the name plate of Edward Charles Stirling one of Australia’s greatest all round scientists of the era.

    A special book. Palgrave’s narrative of the first recorded west-east crossing of the Arabian Peninsula, from Ma’an in Sothern Jordan to the Gulf. Palgrave disguised himself as a Syrian doctor and took on the name Selim Abu Mahmoud al’Eis. He journeyed for thirteen months and took in Ha’yel, Bereydah, Riad, Hothoof, Kateef, then on to Bahrain and Qatar and Muscat and Oman places little understood in the west at that time. Palgrave was sponsored by the French (Napoleon III) partly to investigate the potential trade in Arabian horses and cotton.

    The vignette portrait was engraved by Feens from a medallion by Woolner. The hand tinted map was engraved by J. Sulzer and colour coded, defining the Sultan of Shomar; the Sultan of Wahhabee; Sultan of Oman etc. The plans are of Hayel, Riad, Hothoof and the Palace at Riad.

    The first owner Sir Edward Charles Sterling was a leading figure in South Australia. He was a surgeon, physiologist, anthropologist, palaeontologist and legislator … quite a man. Educated at St Peters College, Adelaide and then on to Trinity Cambridge (another one!) became a Fellow of the Royal College of Surgeons in 1874, a fellow of the Royal Society (the World’s Greatest Club) in 1893 and then knighted. He was the first Professor of Physiology at Adelaide University … took part in the important Horn Scientific Expedition to Central Australia as Medical Officer and anthropologist … he wrote some of the better papers. He also had time to reconstruct fossils of the giant extinct marsupial wombat and collect rare marsupial moles in the outback. On retirement he developed one of Australia’s most admired private gardens being a Fellow of the Royal Horticultural Society … a good life.

    Important Middle Eastern travel account – prestigious owner


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  • Map of the Middle East – Isaak Tirion – 1732

    Map of the Middle East – Isaak Tirion – 1732

    An original copper engraved map by Dutch cartographer Isaak Tirion (1705-1765) of the broader Middle East. Published in Amsterdam and dated in the plate 1732.

    Very good original condition with centrefold as issued. Relief shown for all mountainous regions. Incredible detail throughout with many historical references. An extensive map taking in the whole of the area between the Red Sea, The Gulf, The Black Sea and the Caspian.

    34cm by 26cm with borders to top and bottom, narrow at the sides. A good very clean example of a rare and detailed map.

    Tirion produced several Atlases and Dutch town plans. Some suggest that his maps were based on those of Guillaume de L’isle although we see them as being much more detailed than de L’ísle’s standard.

    Price $190.00 unframed

    One of the best 18th Century Maps of the Region


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  • The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments – Pictorial Covers – 1908

    The Arabian Nights’ Entertainments – Pictorial Covers – 1908

    Published by Ward and Lock, London in 1908. Large octavo, 448 pages with the sumptuously decorated pictorial red cloth covered boards. Prize label to paste down and a few spots near the front generally clean and tightly bound.

    The story of the Ass, Ox and Labourer; the Merchant and the Genie, the History of the Fisherman; history of Sinbad the Sailor (the Seven Voyages); the Three Apples; the Little Hunchback; Sleeper Awakened; Aladdin and the Wonderful Lamp; Ali Baba and the Forty Robbers who were killed by One Slave and the History of Camaralzaman. Several full page pen illustrations.

    Pictorial Covers Delight the Arabian Nights


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