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  • Report on Iron Ore Deposits – Yampi Sound (Western Australia) – A Montgomery -1920

    Original report of the Department of Mines of Western Australia dated 1920. Authored by A Montgomery State Mining Engineer.

    Yampi Sound is in North Western Australia and the ore bodies investigated at Cockatoo Island and Koolan Island are not only impressive in terms of scale but in terms of grade (65% straight out the ground). Koolan was been and continues to be exploited, currently successfully by Mt Gibson Mines. Cockatoo is underway yet again but the path looks a little treacherous for the incumbent.

    32 pages octavo, in thick card covers, Annotated at front as a gift from Alfred Jones, Queensland Minister for Mines in September 1921 to Jack Reid mining identity.

    A super report and despite being ex library (cancelled stamp at front) is scarce and near impossible to come by – why do they let these things go. The charts / diagrams on separate loose sheet in the wallet at the back are of good quality and include a facsimile of the Admiralty Chart of the broader locale; A map from Campbell’s Report of 1908; Map of Koolan Island; Longitudinal and Cross Sections of the main bed at Cockatoo Island and Koolan Island Main Lode.

    Not sure, but one can’t help thinking that the information gleamed from these reports which started with pencil and paper gets to the point quickly and more economically than today’s plethora of multiple dimensional graphic and seismic analysis … and the accommodation has definitely gone upmarket – at least at Cockatoo!

    Yumpi sound almost all iron ore – still going.


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  • Original Frank Hurley Antarctic Photograph – Mawson proclaiming George V Land.

    Original Frank Hurley photograph. One of the most iconic of the B.A.N.Z. Expedition … Sir Douglas Mawson and his team … Raising the Flag over new Antarctic Territory – King George V Land. 26cm by 20cm in very good condition.

    Official “Mawson Antarctic Expedition” hand stamp and release date “Monday Apr 13, 1931” on the rear.

    Comes together with the official letterhead, title and details of image, “The party is here singing the national anthem after the reading of the official proclamation”

    Whilst explored by Mawson in his 1911-14 expedition and named after King George V, it was not until the summer of 1931 that is was officially proclaimed as recorded by this image.
    George V Land lies between 142 and 153 degrees east at the 60 degree south parallel.

    Original Antarctic photograph by Hurley with associated letterhead and notes.


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  • Kauri Gum Hair Pieces – Late 19thC early 20thC

    Rare and unusual outside museums. See example only at the Kauri Museum, Metakohe, New Zealand.

    The Kauri Pine associated with New Zealand and Northern Australia and Papua New Guinea. The trees were harvested in North Island New Zealand for boat building and along with that its unusual gum was collected. At one time Kauri gum was Aukland’s biggest export. Over harvesting almost killed them off and now they are protected.

    One of the oddest uses was the making of blonde simulated hair. This was dome by placing a piece of gum onto a heated plate. After a few second it was slowly lifted off. Fine strands formed as the gum was taken away. While still warm this could be arranged or plaited into this mock hair style. If become fragile another reason why examples are hard to come across.

    Several groups in a shed made display cabinet approximately 44cm wide.

    A postage supplement may be required dependent of any buyers location … don’t be shy ask us to quote best rates.

    One of the most unusual curiosities we have ever sold – Kauri Gum Hair


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  • The Forbidden erotica of Thomas Rowlandson 1756-1827.

    With and introduction and text by Kurt von Meier.

    First edition published by the Hogarth Guild, California [of all places] in 1970. Quarto, 187 pages illustrated throughout in colour from the exquisite colour risque engravings from the Master.

    Thomas Rowlandson (13 July 1757 – 21 April 1827) English artist and caricaturist of the Georgian Era, noted for his political satire and social observation. Prolific artist and printmaker; like others of his era, such as James Gillray, his caricatures are often rather bawdy. And there was also highly explicit erotica for his private clientele; never published publicly and now only found in “special” collections.

    Rowlandson and his take on the naught Georgian and they were … surprise your friends …


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  • The Tasmanian Tiger in Pictures – Dr Eric Guiler

    A scarce item by the unchallengeable Thylacine expert Dr Eric Guiller.

    Published in 1993. Soft wrapper, landscape, 28 pages with numerous illustrations from old photographs and contemporary photographs from the authors expeditions and field studies – he followed the Thylacine for over 40 years. Also, maps showing sightings and “unfortunately” earlier killings, sketches of Tiger tracks identified by Guiler etc.

    Very good if not better condition.

    Guiler about and searching for the Thylacine – convincing.


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  • Arches of Time [in Tasmania] – W.C. Morris

    A delightful memoir written as they should be late in life by Wiiliam Carl Morris. Morris involved in education and the Northern region of Tasmania for mots of his life before retiring to the east side of the Derwent River.

    Self published printed by Mercury-Walch in 1972. Smal octavo, 180 pages and a well honed but comprehensive account og goings on, observations and views. Card covers with a paper wrap around. A neat presentation in very good condition.

    Carries the unusual bookplate of R. C. Hutchinson. Raymond Charles published a few works himself including Twenty One Drawings about The First Hobart – no doubt he designed his own bookplate and appeared to enjoy motor cruising.

    A scarce little treasure that provides a personal perspective of the time …


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