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  • Alvin Lustig Dust Jacket design for New Directions – 50 Postcard style Illustrations.

    Alvin Lustig Dust Jacket design for New Directions – 50 Postcard style Illustrations.

    Voyager hero and favourite graphic designer Alvin Lustig got into bed with super New York publisher of high end literature, New Directions, to design unique dust jacket art for the likes of Tennessee William, Dylan Thomas, Ezra Pound etc.

    This boxed set of fifty postcards is a retrospective of that work comprising some of the more unusual designs. Unfortunately the books are getting out of reach for all but the devoted cashed up collector. So why not get this selection as an introduction or reminder of this man’s talent.

    Would make a super gift – and get over the – we don’t use postcards any more – they are a memento of normal life as it once was before the whole world spent their whole waking moments tapping away with two fingers on a iphone … uuhhggh.

    Lustig beautifully presented and maybe a challenge for some.


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  • Errol Flynn – The Tasmanian Story – Don Norman

    Errol Flynn – The Tasmanian Story – Don Norman

    Scarce, first and only edition of this ditty on Errol Flynn, the most dangerous man ever in tights. Born a stones throw from Voyager’s abode he is a Sandy Bay / Battery Point legend.

    This work was promoted by Messrs Hurst and Metcalf who at the time of publication in 1981 were the owners of the Errol Flynn Theatre of Tasmanian History which was poised within the Masterpiece Fine Art Gallery in Sandy Bay.

    Card covered, 57 pages plus list of Errol Flynn’s Motion Pictures – there were lots; and a dapper image of “In like” on the rear cover. Lots of images throughout – Flynn looked rather mischievous even at two year old. A number of his schools – we think he was asked to leave a couple.

    Errol Flynn the best account of his Tasmanian upbringing


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  • New South Wales Military Uniforms – A collection of images

    New South Wales Military Uniforms – A collection of images

    A collection of images of early and unusual New South Wales military uniforms – from the Boer War and earlier up to the Great War.

    Housed in a typical 1980’s photograph album with the convenient static assisted flip of sleeve allowing easy access to the items. Some have interesting notes to rear. All up 19 images, many large. Some Army promotional photographs, others photographic reproductions of early images, the odd postcard style.

    Some specifically identified … Sgt J Barracluff, Sydney Troop, NSW Cavalry Regt who we learn was a member of the tournament team sent to Great Britain, 1893- awarded 2nd Prize (equal) for Tilting at R.I.M. Tournament, Dublin 1893. A nice early image of the NSW Army Medical Corps at the Boer war. Sqn Sgt Maj W.H. Davies c1905-1912 in full dress review order. And, drummer Bert Taylor with second set of Drum Banners c1900 on his Drum Horse. Possibly our favourite – the “Cycle Section” many with turned down handle bars … and gaiters …

    A nice diverse collection of NSW historical military uniform images.


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  • The Randall Art Gallery and School of Painting – South Brisbane – Catalogue of Works in Oils, Water Colours, Pastels, Black and White etc by the Late R.J. Randall

    The Randall Art Gallery and School of Painting – South Brisbane – Catalogue of Works in Oils, Water Colours, Pastels, Black and White etc by the Late R.J. Randall

    A very scarce dedication to Richard John Randall (1869-1906), Queensland Artist. As you can see he died early – of a suggested brain tumour. In such a short time he had produced an incredibly broad body of work – he was a poet also.

    No date of publication, we can only find the National Library copy and they suggest with a ? 1919 – we think maybe 1907 because of a memoriam dated such, at the very back, from his father.

    His father George was involved in immigration and spent quite some time in England. Richard accompanied him on an extended stay in early adulthood and studied under known English landscape masters .. Randall himself was exhibited at the Royal Academy of Art for his “Hay Mill”.

    His death was a tragic jolt for his father George who spent many years afterwards promoting his sons works – he commissioned this Catalogue of Works.

    Softcover, 90 pages, illustrated throughout with images of the paintings and super images of his studios and the official collection of his works which were donated to a named gallery at the City Hall. Very good 12 page narrative appreciation to front.

    There is a further story if you have the patience for it. Randall’s Studio was preserved in South Brisbane but came under pressure from developers in the 1990’s – the type that knocked things down in the night – then and still now. The top floor was preserved and it was moved by the Council – it then suffered from neglect and vandalism and was moved again to the Mt Coot-tha Botanical Gardens – you can see it there near the car park.

    John Randall perhaps up there for Queensland’s greatest artist taken early but left a lot.


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  • Ancient Maps and Explorers’ Routes on Stamps – Stern

    Ancient Maps and Explorers’ Routes on Stamps – Stern

    Probably our favourite from the Map Collectors’ Circle publication published in 1964 No 15 by M F Stern

    A super subject well researched and documented by the author under the watchful eye of Editor in Chief the one only R.V. Tooley.

    Usual small quarto perfect bound softcover comprising 22 pages with illustrations throughout the text, not at the end as if the usual form – we like this.

    When we first read this it took Voyager back to his childhood and many hours were spent scrabbling around trying to find that old stamp album. Another early hobby has been rejuvenated but with this map related speciality.

    Maps on stamps – should have thought about it earlier!


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  • Antarctica – Reginald Ford

    Antarctica – Reginald Ford

    An unusual facsimile presentation of one of the rarest heroic era publications – the tiny book “Antarctica” which was originally published in New Zealand in 1906.

    A boxed set of items by the Erskine Press issued in 2015 comprising solid black box with a front label copy of the front cover repeated .. inside two postcards – Discovery in Winter Quarters from a painting by A.E. (Uncle Bill) Wilson and A new and accurate map of the islands of the Antarctic etc by Talland Power for the Erskine Press; a stout copy of a broadsheet advertising a lecture “Farthest South” by Mr C Reginald Ford with various positive opinions and press remarks. Also, a 12 page, card covered potted biography of Charles Reginald Ford by Crispin de Boos. And, the said facsimile with linen textured card cover, 32 pages numerous images – a faithful facsimile including the odd light stain from the original.

    Ford was a steward on the Discovery Expedition and was the first person to beak his leg on the Antarctic when he was skiing. He was so well regarded that on return he acted as Scott’s secretary during his extensive leaders lecture tour.

    Try to find an original if you can – the next best thing is this unusual collection from the Polar mad Erskine Press .


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