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  • The Last Tasmanian Tiger – The History and extinction of the Thylacine – Robert Paddle.

    The Last Tasmanian Tiger – The History and extinction of the Thylacine – Robert Paddle.

    When Voyager first came to Hobart he wanted to offer a million dollar reward to find the Thylacine … stopped by a more sensible individual who said .. you can’t offer a million dollars … Voyager replied … But we would have the Thylacine … I still think like that today.

    There are debates about which is the best Thylacine book .. not sure but this one is up there by Robert Paddle.

    Published by Cambridge University Press [Maybe that confirms it] in the year 2000. Large octavo, 273 pages, nicely illustrated with many period photographs of the sadly gone beauties – fine condition.

    Thylacine or Tassie Tiger Gone but not Forgotten



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  • Inscriptions in Stone – St David’s Burial Ground (Hobart) 1804-1872 – Compiled by Richard Lord

    Inscriptions in Stone – St David’s Burial Ground (Hobart) 1804-1872 – Compiled by Richard Lord

    First edition 1976. Number 215 of 1000 copies.

    Published by St David’s Battery Point in 1976. Small octavo, 210 pages, frontispiece of Robert Knopwood astride his horse with dog. Very good copy.

    A unique record of early Hobart town from the headstones of the first cemetery. Many that have visited Hobart have spent time reading the gravestones at St David’s. It is impossible not to come away with a sense of perspective on both old and modern life.

    Sadness and triumph reflected in stone and here recorded in greater depth with through research (four years in the making).

    There is nothing morbid about this book it is in fact a celebration of the first European’s to grace Tasmanian shores.

    Graveyard delight (well it’s a special one) from Hobart.


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  • H.M. Bark Endeavour – Ray Parkin

    H.M. Bark Endeavour – Ray Parkin

    Her place in Australian History. With and Account of her Construction, Crew and Equipment and a Narrative of her Voyage on the East Coast of New Holland in the Year 1770

    First edition of this important publication in super condition. Issued by the Meiegunyah Press, Melbourne in 1997. Slipcase with two volumes.

    Volume 1 has the narrative, 468 pages. The narrative draws on the records of Cook, Banks and Parkinson.

    Volume 2 contains 25 maps and 31 drawings and plans of all things involved in building the functioning ship.

    A must for any maritime historian. H.M. Bark Endeavour – nowhere else in such detail


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  • Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    Australian Bird Maps – Robert Hall [Self Published Hobart 1922]

    A very scarce, unusual and informative book, self published by the author at Hobart in 1922.

    This copy presented with the authors compliments. Soft cover with sugar paper jacket, perfect bound 220 pages plus errata. Original paper label to front and spine. A delightful item.

    Illustrated throughout with sketch maps showing the distribution and migration patterns of Australian bird life. Exactly 100 years one so it would be a worthwhile source to compare with current data for the enthusiast or expert.

    The author eminently qualified being the Past President of the Royal Australian Ornithological Union … profits from the book were donated to the Scouts and Guides.

    The books is arranged by State … Queensland and the Northern Territory together and South Australia with the short lived Central Australia [of which few are aware]

    Super scarce bird book with some interesting facts some maybe not found elsewhere.


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  • Edward Elgar Symphony No 2 – with Expert Manuscript Annotations

    Edward Elgar Symphony No 2 – with Expert Manuscript Annotations

    Published by music score specialists Novello of Sevenoaks, Kent. No date originally published in 1911 and dedicated to the memory of the then late king Edward VII.

    Written, or designed as Elgar would have it, in 1910 as a tribute that missed publication before the King’s passing.

    Soft cover 171 pages of score Symphony No 2 in E Flat Op 63, copyright by the publisher. Printed in a facsimile style of the original. Carried the name at front John Snowdon, probably the musical talent who lives in the Huon area.

    What makes this special in our view, apart from the magnificence of the piece, is the manuscript interpretive annotations, mainly towards the front of the work … robust theme; E Flat with colouring; rising 5th syncopation; similar to Brahms; wild outbursts of orchestral virtuosity; ghost episode … we love it.

    Elgar’s magnificent No 2 with expert annotations.


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  • Bronze Plaque Swedish Polar Explorer Otto Nordenskiöld by Austrian Artist Hugo Taglang – 1905.

    Produced to commemorate the Antarctic achievements of Swedish explorer Otto Nordenskiöld (1869-1928) who led a heroic era expedition to the Antarctic in 1901-1904. A fine image of the man decked out in polar furs.

    Nordenskiold arrived in the Antarctic in 1901 and wintered on Snow Hill Island. Unfortunately, their ship the ‘Antarctica” got trapped in ice and sank in 1903. His back up Larsen eventually met up with the stranded team but was unable to get them away. They were eventually rescued by the Uruguayan navy. Despite all this their visit was hailed a scientific success as they explored and researched much of Graham Land.

    Nordenskiöld was made Professor of Geography at Gothenburg University in 1905 the year this commemorative was struck. He later went on to explore northern Greenland and in the 1920’s certain parts of South America. He was killed by a bus in Gothenburg crossing the road.

    80mm by 57mm weighing 170gm. The artist medallist Hugo Taglang (1874-1944) was born in Vienna. An example of this item is shown in the National Maritime Museum Collection, London ID MEC 2149.

    Otto Nordenskiöld an unusual Antarctic commemorative


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