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  • The Loneliest Mountain – The Climbing of Mt Minto, Antarctica – Lincoln Hall

    The Loneliest Mountain – The Climbing of Mt Minto, Antarctica – Lincoln Hall

    First edition of the record of the first climbing of Mt Minto on Antarctica. A feat completed by a team of eleven the year before the publication of this book in 1989.

    Published by Simon and Schuster, Sydney. Octavo, 232 pages, profusely illustrated, many from photographs by Jonathan Chester. Very good condition.

    The narrative by Lincoln Hall is presented in journal style and is viewed by many as beautifully written. Forward by author Thomas Keneally who boldly states … “Lincoln Hall’s tale is one of the two or three best and most engrossing accounts ever written about travel in Antarctica”. We will stop there …

    Incredible modern era expedition – well told.


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  • In the Footsteps of [Captain Robert Falcon] Scott – Mear and Swan

    In the Footsteps of [Captain Robert Falcon] Scott – Mear and Swan

    Large octavo, 306 pages, published by Jonathan Cape, London in 1987. Nicely illustrated and with end paper maps.

    Robert Swan had an ambition to walk to the South Pole in honour of Robert Scott and his party. He enlisted Mear and another. They were supported by Peter Scott and Lord Shackleton. There were many challenges and they accomplished a number of firsts in their preparation – first up Erebus in the Winter. A really great account.

    Swan always an adventurer cycled from Cape Town to Cairo and circumnavigated (if that’s the correct term) the Vatnajokull Ice Cap in Iceland on skis. What fun he had.

    Swan all the way to the Pole


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  • Peaks and High Places [Tasmania] – Ian Boss-Walker

    Peaks and High Places [Tasmania] – Ian Boss-Walker

    Well it had to be a “Walker” to put together such an amazing book.

    Published in 1950 by the “Scenery Preservation Board” in 1950. Soft cover with a striking period style front cover, internally many charts of tracks and images from period photographs of the mountain scenes along the way.

    For anyone planning a nowadays hike this would make an interesting reference to support you iphone or whatever. We particularly like when the mountain huts are listed we are given information on who built, them when and why …

    Hiking in among the Tasmanian Peaks


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  • Explorations in Garhwal around Karmet [Important Mountaineering Report] – Journal of the Royal Geographical Society – January 1932.

    Explorations in Garhwal around Karmet [Important Mountaineering Report] – Journal of the Royal Geographical Society – January 1932.

    The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, January 1932, containing a report by legendary mountaineer Frank Smythe relating to the climbing of Kamet, then the highest peak climbed in the World. During the expedition they discovered and named the “Valley of Flowers” now a National Park in Sikkim. Smythe wrote well and his report is a good example of “in the moment narrative” .. you can almost feel the chills. Super images from original photographs accompany this article.

    Other articles of substance include, in the Rockies, the confirmation of the Purcell as the source of the Kootenay River and, a traverse through Norwegian Lapland by Charles Elton.

    Usual original blue wrappers, good photographs as mentioned and maps for reference. A crease across early pages from storage [priced accordingly], else clean and bright, a worthy copy of a scarce mountaineering report.

    Frank Smythe later overshadowed by Everest but up there with the best Mountaineer explorers.


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  • Travels Researches and Missionary Labors During Eighteen Years’ Residence in Eastern Africa – Together with Journeys to Jagga, Usambara, Ukambani, Shoa, Abessinia and Khartum; and a Coasting Voyage from Mombaz to Cape Delgado. – J.L. Krapf – 1860

    With and appendix by noted geographer and cartographer Ernest George Ravenstein (1834-1913) … the snow-capped mountains of Eastern Africa; the sources of the Nile; the languages and literature of Abessinia and Eastern Africa, etc and a concise account of geographical researches in Eastern Africa up to the discovery of the Uyenyesi by Dr Livingstone, in September last.

    First US edition published by Ticknor Fields, Boston 1860. Octavo, xl, 484 pages with folding map and extensive bibliography of the literature and languages of Eastern Africa. bound expertly in full morocco.

    Johann Ludwig Krapf (1810-1881) a German born missionary who carried out much fundamental exploration in East Africa often with Johannes Rebmann. They were the first Europeans to see Mount Kenya and the snow there and on Mt Kilimanjaro. He first arrived in Ethiopia in 1836 and became heavily involved in linguistics including some languages no longer spoken. Later in Kenya he wrote the first dictionary and grammar of the Swahili language.

    So important were the travels around the mountains and the reporting of the snow clad peaks and the prospects for the source of the Nile that Krapf’s record spurred the London Royal Geographical Society to fund the Burke and Speake expedition in an attempt to settle matters once and for all.

    Krapf a cornerstone account that inspired the Burke Speake expedition to confirm the source of the Nile.


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  • Everest is Climbed [Special Illustrated Work 1954] – Wilfred Noyce and Richard Taylor

    Everest is Climbed [Special Illustrated Work 1954] – Wilfred Noyce and Richard Taylor

    A very good copy of a very usual period “Puffin Picture Book” describing and celebrating the fits ascent of Everest. Noyce (teacher) was part of the expedition team lead by Hunt (soldier) and remembered for Hillary (beekeeper) and Tenzing (sirdar).

    Landscape staple bound soft cover 31 pages, profusely illustrated a really super piece of work not like anything else on the subject. Published by Penguin with permission from Hodder in 1954.

    Starts with the history of the “objective” after the team backgrounds … with Mallory and the 1922 expedition. The finding of Mallory’s ice axe 1933 and a table on notable achievements up to the final success. The Southern Route and the Great Crevasse. Oxygen systems and how they work. Base camp and the choices of tents as they advance. Climbing equipment and the nine camps to the top. The Western Cwm and the author Noyce at the Geneva Spur overlooking the South Col. The final trek to the top along the South east Ridge.

    Postage will likely be reduced on final billing.

    Rather unique Everest ephemera with genuine content and special illustrations of the period.


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