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French Language translations or about the French

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  • Early Kingdoms in Madagascar 1500-1700 – Raymond Kent

    Early Kingdoms in Madagascar 1500-1700 – Raymond Kent

    Published by Holt, Rinehart et al 1980 a first edition. Octavo, 336 pages, illustrated from black and white photographs and with 12 maps. Very good condition.

    Detailed research into the precolonial history of Madagascar, considering how the early kingdoms were formed, how they grew and eventually changed.

    African influences were found to be at the core, whilst previously the influence of Asia was though more significant.

    Appendices in English, Malagesy and French and with a good bibliography for further reading.

    Early Madagascar understood … another great culture.


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  • The Expedition of the St Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific 1769-1770 – John Dunmore

    The Expedition of the St Jean-Baptiste to the Pacific 1769-1770 – John Dunmore

    A most interesting Hakluyt production. This expedition, conducted at the time of Cook’s first voyage, had dropped off the radar until the brilliant John Dunmore produced this work based on the journals of Captain Jean de Surville and First Officer Guillaume Labe.

    Published by Hakluyt in 1981, octavo 310 pages illustrated with maps, facsimile pages from journals etc. Original blue cloth covered boards with gilt design, dust jacket, a very good copy.

    Jean- Francois- Marie de Surville (1717-1770) was a merchant captain with the French East India Company. This was his only exploratory endeavour. He died in Peru without having completed his objective. In 1769 he was given command of the Saint Jaen-Baptiste to look for trading opportunities in the Pacific. He entered the Pacific from the north west and rediscovered the Solomon Islands, then on to New Zealand where he missed crossing paths with James Cook by a matter of days. Crossing the Pacific to Peru was confident in having dismissed the existence of David Land. His crew were in a most unhealthy state with the scurvy and other ailments. He decided not to call at Juan Fernandez and sailed straight to Chlica to get help. The ocean was rough and Surville set off in a small boat which capsized, and he drowned. Command was transferred to Labe. The ship however was seized by the Spanish and held for two years before the vessel and the remaining crew were let go. Roughly one third survived to return to France.

    Despite these difficulties (understatement) the journals contain valuable information on the Solomons, observations on pre-colonial Maori society, and extraordinary picture of the hardships endured.

    Jean Surville on the St Jean Baptiste


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  • The Discovery of the Clarie Coast Antarctic – Dumont d’Urville – 26th January 1840

    The Discovery of the Clarie Coast Antarctic – Dumont d’Urville – 26th January 1840

    An original beautifully executed lithograph by Louis Le Breton (1818-1866) published as part of the great “Atlas Pittoresque” to accompany “Voyage au Pole Sud et dans l’Oceanie sur les corvettes l’Astrolabe et la Zelee … sous commandement de M.J. Dumont d’Urville”.

    After discovering and naming Adelie Land (After d’Urville’s wife) on the 22nd of January 1840 and making various explorations the Astrolabe and Zelee continued west in search of further land. A violent gale separated the two ships and Dumont d’Urville feared that he might have lost the Zelee. However, the sea calmed and the Zelee appeared and the vessels were re-united. Shortly afterwards the Astrolabe encountered the US Exploring Expedition under Captain Wilkes. Dumont d’Urville had heard of Wilkes’ intentions at Hobart and made all haste to make his the first discoveries … and he did so. The encounter with Wilkes was very strange and through a misunderstanding Wilkes thought his approach to the French vessel was rebuffed .. not so the French simply manoeuvred to avoid any chance of a physical encounter in these difficult waters. A couple of days later the French discovered further extensive coastline which d’Urville named Cote de Clarie or the Clarie Coast after the wife of Charles Jaquinot Captain of his support vessel Zelee. This was on 26th January 1840 and the event is recognised in this delightful lithograph. The US Wilkes expedition also found the Claire Coast, but not until February had arrived. The Americans sailed further on confirming a thousand plus mile stretch of land … likely because of this the region is known in Australia as Wilkes Land … not so in France!

    Lithographed by P Blanchard on sturdy paper – 37 x 22cm to the edge of the image with very wide margin. Overall in excellent condition.

    Price $590.00 unframed – rare

    Antarctic discovery of the Clarie Coast 26th January 1840 Voyage of Dumont d’Urville.


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  • Le Theatre – Revue Bimensuelle Illustree – 1906

    Le Theatre – Revue Bimensuelle Illustree – 1906

    A substantial and beautiful collection of “Le Theatre” – Six months from January to June 1906.

    Folio (35cm by 28cm) by Goupil & Co, Paris. Six editions complete and in beautiful condition. Bound in blue cloth covered boards, front board with striking art nouveau design by George Feuge. Gilt title to spine and top page edges richly gilt.

    This work weights several kgs so is only suitable for domestic purchase. Postage will be subsidised by Voyager i.e held at the standard allownace

    Each edition carries a coloured front page and the occasional coloured image throughout. Many, many black and white images, often full page, of a theatrical and costume nature. Period advertisements add interest.

    A stunning historical record of the Parisian Theatre just after the turn of the century … a beautiful gift for the theatrically inclined ..


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  • The Art of Georges Lepape – From the Ballets Russes to Vogue by Claude Lepape and Thierry Defert

    The Art of Georges Lepape – From the Ballets Russes to Vogue by Claude Lepape and Thierry Defert

    The book on the work of the talented Georges Lepape. Written and compiled by his son Claude Lepape with the assistance of Thierry Defert.

    Folio, 175 pages published by Thames and Hudson. London a first UK edition 1984. Lavishly illustrated, with 196 images of which 135 are in colour encompassing the start to finish of Lapape’s work. Excellent biographical content.

    Very good near fine condition. A heavy book which may require a postage supplement depending on buyers location.

    From his childhood in Paris and the Montmartre and Beaux-Arts that influenced his developing style. The important long relationship with top fashion designer Paul Poiret. La Gazette du Bon Ton (see Voyager’s original pochoirs – a number referenced in this work). The 1920’s and the Theatre and on to Vogue and New York.

    Most beautiful illustrated book – the work on Lepape


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  • First Edition maps of Islands off Terra Napoleon and the County of Cumberland in New South Wales – Louis de Freycinet – 1811 – First Printing

    First Edition maps of Islands off Terra Napoleon and the County of Cumberland in New South Wales – Louis de Freycinet – 1811 – First Printing

    An original copper engraving” Plan des Iles Jerome (Terre Napoleon) par M.M.H. Freycinet at Bernier, an 1802. Plan des Iles Berthier (Terre Napoleon) par M.M.H. Freycinet et Bernier, an 1802. Plan du Comte de Cumberland (Nouvelle-Galles du Sud) d’apres les Cartes Anglaises, mais assujetti aux observations Francaises.

    The map is by Louis Claude Desaulses de Freycinet (1779-1842). Plate No 9 from the second atlas of his maps from the Voyage de Decouvertes aux Terres Australes (Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands) published by Langlois in Paris, in 1811.

    The French had intended to colonise Australia. The first volume of this work was published in 1807. The second volume which contained the maps was in 1811 still three years before Flinders.

    Three maps on one sheet, thick sturdy paper, strong plate mark, excellent definition. Sheet dimensions 35.1cm by 26.1 cm. Cumberland map 16.7 by 10.5 cm other two 8.3 by 10.5cm each. Some foxing and marks around the edge generally well off the printed area. A rare map.

    Tooley reference Map, 618

    Price $440.00 unframed

    Freycinet accompanied Nicholas Baudin on his famous voyage to complete the French mapping of Australia. Baudin leader aboard Le Geographie and Freycinet aboard Le Naturaliste. Whilst in Sydney Baudin sent the Naturalist home with the records of their effort so far and purchased a vessel from Philip Gidley King, the Casuarina, which he placed under Freycinet’s command. Baudin died on the final voyage home and the task of writing up the travels fell to the naturalist Francois Peron. Sadly, he in turn died before completing the work and the mantle was passed to Louis Freycinet who completed that task and produced the magnificent accompanying atlas.


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