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French Language translations or about the French

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  • Matthew Flinders Private Journal (1803-1814)

    Matthew Flinders Private Journal (1803-1814)

    Matthew Flinders Private Journal from 17 December 1803 at Isle of France to 10 July 1814 at London

    Published by the Friends of the State Library of South Australia, a first edition 2005.

    Edited and with an Introduction by Anthony J. Brown and Gillian Dooley. Foreword by Witgar Hitchcock. Preface by Paul Brunton.

    Large octavo, xxxiv, 566 pages, coloured frontispiece & 12 colour plates, 26 black and white illustrations, folding map (London, showing Flinders’ residences etc) & another in rear pocket (Flinders’ General Chart of Australia, or Terra Australia). Bound in blue cloth covered boards, gilt stamped on spine, blind decorations on boards. One of 850 copies. A substantial book in very good if not fine condition.

    After useful introductions we start with the last few days on the Cumberland and Flinders’ plans and expectation on arrival at Mauritius. Unfortunately, the Captain-General Decaen, was suspicious as to the motives of Flinders having arrived in such a “small” ship and carrying papers for the “Investigator”. Consequently, his incarceration began the next morning when he was taken to the Café Marengo which first appeared to be a jail but turned out to be a tavern. Three and a half months later he was transferred to the Maison Despaux and then finally on 25th August 1805 to Plaines Wilhems where he would stay until 19th March 1910 before being released. His journal continues through his journey back to England and the final period during which he was preparing and revising his monumental work for publication.

    Eight appendices are of further interest … Flinders’ Passport from the French Government; A record of his Interrogation; the Captain-General’s Report; Flinders’ letter regarding Thomy Pitot; Avis do Conseil d’Etat; Flinders’ Parole; Question relative to the Isle de France by Vice Admiral Bertie and Flinders’ Last illness and the final five months to July 1814 by Stephen Milazzo.

    Flinders’ own words and what a story they make


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  • Lure of the Southern Seas – The Voyages of Dumont D’Urville 1826-1840

    Lure of the Southern Seas – The Voyages of Dumont D’Urville 1826-1840

    Large perfect bound soft cover (30cm x 24cm) a good size for showing off the many illustrations from artwork created at the time and photographs of displays from the voyage collection held in France.

    Published by the Historic Housed Trust of NSW in association of a exhibition held at the Sydney Museum in 2003.

    Well researched and produced making an important contribution to works on the two voyages undertaken by Dumont D’Urvillle in the first half of the 19th Century.

    Following and introductory chapter “Southern Discomfort” and excellent map, we gain an understanding of the man and what drove him. His voyage towards the Polar Ice; the Anthropology and “Harvest of Curiosities” and the more defined Natural History Catalogue. Some notes on the artists without whom the wonder could not have been so well revealed. Data back up in the form of routes and statistics of the Voyage are followed by the great man’s correspondence and of all things “his will” … references, bibliography.

    Dumont D’Urville well presented historical account, some new information and special images.


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  • Guide to Bruny Island History – B Davis

    Guide to Bruny Island History – B Davis

    Described as a Second edition 190 albeit there had been a number of printings of the First the proceeds of which have gone traditionally to erect plaques at important historical sites around Bruny.

    Not exclusively but essentially a history of the post colonial island and a special history its is too.

    Card cover with an early French version of the map as decoration. 40 pages all up nicely illustrated from period photographs – they have come out better than often with this type of “local” production. A good coloured modern map to centre for perspective and bearings.

    The third largest of the nearby Tasmanian islands and one held dear by those that have the life luxury to live there.

    Bruny get the history then the experience … book your ferry today.


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  • A Record of Tasmanian Nomenclature with Dates and Origins – J Moore-Robinson

    A Record of Tasmanian Nomenclature with Dates and Origins – J Moore-Robinson

    Extremely scarce item> we have not seen any original copies available .. and this one in fine condition.

    A pretty early place-name book … that is mainly European place-names. At a time when the consideration of original aboriginal names for places is foremost in mind this is a worthwhile counterpoint. We are not sure which work has most places covered … a confluence of both would be worthwhile … we don’t mean reading the obvious .. more the less obvious.

    Published at the Mercury Press in 1911.
    An unusually nice looking item. Thick like sugar paper covers, 106 pages, demi octavo, perfect bound, super condition for such a potentially fragile item over 110 year old

    Small scarce and in perfect condition.


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  • Francois Peron’s Natural History of Maris Island Tasmania. – Brian Plomley et al

    Francois Peron’s Natural History of Maris Island Tasmania. – Brian Plomley et al

    Another Plomley rarity we don’t expect to see again for a long time.

    Published as part of the Records of the Queen Victoria Museum in 1990.

    Soft cover, 50 pages, with charts etc all in fine condition.

    Baudin spent three days circumnavigation Maria Island in February 1802. Francois Peron was zoologist but also made meteorological, geomorphic, botanical observation – a multi faceted scientist was Peron.

    Peron knew his stuff when it came to Maria.


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  • The Marine Chronometers of the Baudin Expedition to Australia – 1800-1840 – Hilary King

    The Marine Chronometers of the Baudin Expedition to Australia – 1800-1840 – Hilary King

    A very professional offprint from the journal of Antiquarian Horology, 1977.

    Softcover, largish format, 508-521, illustrations from charts, a view and a of course the chronometers which look so advanced for the time. Postage may be reduced on this item for domestic customers.

    Of course like all of the scientific voyages of the time the use of these valuable accurate chronometers in order to calculate true longitude was as important as the creation of the internet in our time.

    Here we have a special digested account of the voyage, the expedition timekeepers, their accounts, records and performance.

    Baudin Expedition the use of the Chronometers.


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