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Wodeouse P.G.

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  • Plums of Wodehouse (P.G.)

    Plums of Wodehouse (P.G.)

    We are not too keen on the Folio Society … sorry about that – they do some great work but its all rather glitzy. We make the exception for Wodehouse who we think would have agreed with our aforementioned remark.

    A 2005 edition, it was popular in pristine. All covered in dazzling gold illustrated cloth covered boards. In its slipcase – fine condition.

    Plums several times intermingled with short complete ditties. Plums are what one should put to memory and bring out with gusto at any severe dinner party.

    “I can’t stand Paris. I hate the place. Full of people talking French, which is a thing I bar. It always seems to me so affected” … sorry again ed.

    Wodehouse Plums better than Greengage. .


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  • Cocktail Time – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition 1958

    Cocktail Time – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition 1958

    First Edition 1958 of a sought-after Wodehouse.

    Published by Herbert Jenkins, London. Octavo, 222 pages. In the preferred slightly chipped dust jacket all in pretty good condition, albeit some spots to page edges.

    Frederick, Fifth Earl of Ickenham has a lot of things on his plate but he gets them (everybody) sorted with much hilarity.

    Sought after Wodehouse – First Edition


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  • Service with a Smile – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition

    Service with a Smile – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition

    First edition published by Herbert Jenkins in 1962.

    Octavo, 192 pages. Very good condition albeit with some light age marks to page edges … clean and bright inside. Good dust jacket with closed split near front hinge

    Uncle Fred sorting out the upper crust as usual and importantly stops the theft of the Empress of Blandings (A portly pig) whose beautiful image adorns the front cover.

    Wodehouse First and a rollicking story.


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  • Ice in the Bedroom – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition 1961

    Ice in the Bedroom – P.G. Wodehouse – First Edition 1961

    Wodehouse First UK Edition 1961. Octavo, 223 pages, red cloth covered boards with silver titling to spine and front. Dust jacket near complete, a little aged, sunned on spine. A trifle spotted on page edges, clean inside. A pretty good copy.

    Freddie Widgeon has slaved a a solicitors clerk. His meagre days seem over as his holding in Silver River Oil Stock has ramped up following the recommendation of American Thomas G. Molloy. Where will it all end and with what hilarity an what is this Ice in the Bedroom.

    Wodehouse Financial Humour – First UK Edition


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  • The Small Bachelor – P.G. Wodehouse – New Edition 1970 – Fine Copy

    The Small Bachelor – P.G. Wodehouse – New Edition 1970 – Fine Copy

    This is an old one, first published in 1927. This is the first printing of a new issue by Barrie & Jenkins, London in 1970. Octavo, 204 pages, a very good copy in a complete dust jacket

    Complex Wodehouse carry-on. George Finch artist who desires New York socialite Molly Wellington, cannot paint .. a hopeless artists. Her mother prefers the advances of Lord Hunstanton. Many characters contribute to George’s success or lack of … including a poetic policeman, an ex-convict valet, a fortune teller, Fanny the pickpocket etc.

    Read carefully or your laughing will cause injury!


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  • Sunset at Blandings – P.G. Wodehouse

    Sunset at Blandings – P.G. Wodehouse

    Published by Chatto and Windus for the Book Club Associates, a first printing 1978. Octavo, 213 pages illustrated endpapers, diagrams of Blandings etc. A very good copy.

    P.G. Wodehouse died at the age of 93 in 1975 having written one hundred books been a highly acclaimed Hollywood scriptwriter, written the lyrics to 300 published songs etc. This is his final unfinished work, 16 of maybe 22 planned chapters.

    Compiled by Richard Usborne and magnificently supported by the “Work in Progress”, manuscript notes of scenarios and plots found at PGW’s bedside and at home. They make very interesting reading and remind Voyager of our other favourite unfinished work “The Mystery of Edwin Drood” by Dickens.

    Usborne also provides a fun chapter on the fictitious Blandings Castle and its surroundings, an essay on the train timetable between Paddington and Market Blandings with the help of a “Bradshaw’s” expert, before Michael Portillo had the idea, and few pages of “Notes to Text”’ which will make any reader qualify as a first grade Wodehouse expert.

    Unfinished but entertaining


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