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Antarctic, Arctic, Polar

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  • Printed Charts of Scandinavia – Map Collectors’ Circle – R.V. Tooley

    Printed Charts of Scandinavia – Map Collectors’ Circle – R.V. Tooley

    The Map Collectors’ Circle publication published Nos 70 and 71 by R.V. Tooley in 1971. Very good condition with T.M. Perry, Australian map expert’s stamp to each.

    Excellent work by the master Tooley in No 70 we have Part I comprising catalogue details of 297 maps and charts of northern delights on 28 pages plus 16 pages of rare map illustrations. Completing the exercise in No 71 – Part II Tooley expands the catalogue to 759 items, over another 32 pages, and adds another 10 pages of illustrations of map examples.

    Rare Northern Cold Climate Maps catalogued by Tooley.


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  • Antarctica’s First Lady  – Edith M “Jackie” Ronne.

    Antarctica’s First Lady – Edith M “Jackie” Ronne.

    A special book effectively self-published with the help of the Clifton Steamboat Museum, Beaumont Texas in 2004. Why none of the major travel publishers did not we will never know, for all sorts of reasons an important account

    Octavo, soft cover, 406 pages heavily illustrated from period photographs. Perfect bound, very good condition.

    Finn Ronne was the organiser and leader of the last great privately funded Antarctic venture … the “Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition 1947-1948”. Jackie went along and was, as a result, the First American Woman to Set Foot on the Antarctic Continent and Winter-Over’. Perhaps a careful turn of phrase as Jennie Darlington went with them … it’s a long story.

    Not much in the book about the falling out between the woman. Regardless Jackie played an important part being the main administrator/ recorder of goings on. And there were many of them. Some important work was carried out and a large part of the Antarctic Continent was named after Jackie as a result.

    WE have an original photograph of Jackie and Jennie all furred up ready for the cold weather … its in out collection just search Jennie.

    Edith Ronne (Preferred Jackie) and Antarctic Pioneer


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  • The Cruise of Her Majesty’s Ship “Challenger” – William J.J. Spry – 1877

    The Cruise of Her Majesty’s Ship “Challenger” – William J.J. Spry – 1877

    An 1877 second edition of William James Joseph Spry’s book about the Challenger Expedition, the most important and certainly largest 19th Century Scientific Expedition.

    Published by Sampson Low etc London. This is the larger format of the work. Octavo, 388 pages with 46 black and white illustrations and large folding chart showing the track and activities of H.M.S. Challenger. Original binding in good condition, albeit an inoffensive ink mark to the front edge, gilt design to front , and titles design to spine bright and fresh. A very good copy of this desirable work.

    Written as a journal, it reads very well. We progress from England to Lisbon and Gibraltar and on to the Canary Islands. Across to the West indies, then on to the Azores and south to St Paul’s Rock, Tristan d’Acuhna and the Cape. Then south towards the Antarctic Circle and the Crozet, Kerguelen and Heard Islands and some tricky manoeuvring when in among the icebergs with storms around. To Melbourne, Sydney and Wellington, New Zealand. Out into the Pacific to Fiji, New Hebrides and back to Cape York and through to the Moluccas. Up to Japan and eventually back east across the Pacific round the Horn and home. Dredging and measuring all the way in a manner never repeated .. but with plenty of interesting remarks about the land and the people along the way.

    Challenger gave its name to the deepest Ocean and the best means of space travel.


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  • An Account of the “Winter Journey” British Antarctic Expedition – Terra Nova – Wilson and Bowers (A Tale for Our Generation)

    An Account of the “Winter Journey” British Antarctic Expedition – Terra Nova – Wilson and Bowers (A Tale for Our Generation)

    The enviable Kerry Stokes collection contains key manuscripts from the Heroic Era of Antarctic exploration.

    This super publication by Stokes’s, Australian Capital Equity references two key manuscripts, Edward Wilson’s 40 page “Sledge Journey to Cape Crozier from Cape Evans June 27th 1911 to Aug 1st 1911” and, “Birdie” Bowers 16 page “Winter Journey- Dr Wilson, Apsley Cherry- Garrard & Lieutenant H.R. Bowers, Midwinter 1911”. This journey being the feature of Cherry-Garrard’s “The Worst Journey in the World”/

    Octavo, 95 pages with 8 colour plates, 5 black and white, 4 pencil sketches, 2 maps. Printed to a high standard uncut quality paper, bound in unusual three fold boards, decorated paper covering. Fine condition.

    Good recent addition to the Polar cannon, essential complement to “Worst Journey”


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  • Antarctic Odyssey – In the Footsteps of the South Polar Explorers – Graham and Patricia Collier

    Antarctic Odyssey – In the Footsteps of the South Polar Explorers – Graham and Patricia Collier

    A very good modern book published in 1999 by Robinson. London.

    Small folio, 194 illustrated throughout with new charts (nicely done) and fresh photographs taken by the authors talented wife. The narrative by Graham Collier, ex RFAT WWII and later a Professor at the university of Georgia.

    Collier made several trips south and this book was the result … not only the Antarctic Continent wand the recounting pf Shackleton, Scott, Amundsen et al and, also onto South Georgia, Peter and Elephant Islands.

    A nice book with relevant and well delivered and illustrated content.


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  • Au Pole de Sud a Bicyclette – Emillio Salgari

    Au Pole de Sud a Bicyclette – Emillio Salgari

    The French translation of an Emilio Salagari classic translated by J. Fargeau. Salagari being the Italian equivalent of Henty and in some respects Jules Verne. Written in the Italian in the 1890’s this French version was published in 1931 a fifth edition.

    Collected because of the genre, the crazy story involving the South Pole and the superb decorative covers by Fontanez. Although, like quite a few, Fontanez should have brushed up his knowledge of natural history.

    Extra large octavo, 240 pages with illustrations in the text. Paper with an even browning as usual. The green percaline covered boards with title back and apine decorated boldly in polychrome with penguins, seals and polar bear (mmhh), with three intrepid explorer on an eight wheeled steam assisted velocipede. Top edge gilt. Good condition, bright covers.

    A classic Polar Adventure – on a tandem!


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