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  • The Eastern Archipelago – Adams – First Edition 1880

    The Eastern Archipelago – Adams – First Edition 1880

    … A description of the Scenery, Animal and Vegetable Life, People, and Physical Wonders of the Islands in the Easter Sea.

    Published by Nelson, London in 1880 a first edition. Octavo, 576 pages with 60 illustrations, many full page including a map. All page edges gilt with a beautiful decorated cover, a very good copy indeed.

    With the success of Wallace’s Malay Archipelago there was heightened interest in the islands of the East Indies. Prolific writer William Henry Davenport Adams saw an opportunity and compiled this easily read informative book on the region. Takes in Java, Sumatra, Borneo, Timor, Celebes, Sarawak, the Moluccas, New Guinea, Papua and the Philippines.

    Special book on the East – striking covers


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  • The B.A.N.Z. Antarctic Research Expedition (1929 -1931) The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, London – August 1932

    The B.A.N.Z. Antarctic Research Expedition (1929 -1931) The Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, London – August 1932

    The Journal of the RGS in the familiar blue wrapper, 97-192 pages, after preliminaries, large folding coloured map of the relevant Antarctic region, plus another regarding a new track through the Rockies. Period advertisements etc. Complete and in good condition. A scarce journal.

    Sir Douglas Mawson’s report is the main vent in this journal of the RGS read at the meeting by Professor Debenham on Mawson’s behalf. The report is followed by appendices of Scientific Results and Sightings of Land. After the great Hugh Robert Mill thanking Debenham expressed regret that Mawson could not be there and provided some interesting further information gleamed from his personal contact with the great Australian.

    Other reports of interest include the changing climate of Southern Turkistan, the fate of Colonel Fawcett (which has given rise to a number of books and should be made into a movie) and, a very good report on the aforementioned new track through the northern Rockies.

    Mawson’s BANZ Antarctic report to the RGS with special map.


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  • The Life of Marco Polo – Liebig Advertising Cards

    The Life of Marco Polo – Liebig Advertising Cards

    A complete group of six attractive trade cards by Liebig issued mid-20th Century. In Dutch – Het Leven Van Marco Polo – “The Life of Marco Polo”

    Delightful images depicting various stages in the adventures of Marco Polo. Significant narrative, in Dutch, at the rear of each card … more than usual which makes for that special foreign language lesson.

    Each 10cms x 7.3cms in very good condition.

    Card 1 – First Departure for the East; 2 – The Roof of the World; 3 – Governor of Jaugia in Service of the Great Khan Koubilai; 4 – At the Head of the Victorious Army; 5 – The Battle of Cuzole; The recounting of his Travels – Il Milione.

    Marco Polo – his Life in Beautiful Images


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  • Red Peak – Ascent of Pik Kommunizma

    Red Peak – Ascent of Pik Kommunizma

    An unusual mountaineering event form start to finish written by the expedition second Malcolm Slesser seemingly without the authority of leader Sir John Hunt.

    First American Edition, published by Coward McCann, New York in 1964. Octavo, 256 pages well illustrated from expedition photographs, charts , diagrams etc. A little ageing but still a very good copy.

    The first British / Soviet joint expedition to climb in the Soviet Asia Pamir Mountains. And a venture not without drama. No native porters were taken. Things got tense between the groups, two Englishmen died during the ascent of a particularly rugged stage. Hunt and several others gave up and went home. Slesser elected to stay … the frankness with which he describes the flare-ups as they struggled to reach the 25,000 foot peak adds to the drama of this unique climb

    Slesser writes frankly about the first British / Soviet joint mountaineering expedition.


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  • Great White-Crested Cockatoo – Greene – 1884

    Great White-Crested Cockatoo – Greene – 1884

    Original wood cut engraving of a beautiful Cockatoo from Parrots in Captivity published in London in 1884. It inhabits the rainforests of the Moluccas . He is a relative of the Sulphur Crested Cockatoo. The male and female are almost identical.

    Greene’s delightful work comprising wood-engraved plates printed by Benjamin Fawcett after drawings by A.F. Lydon. The prints are hand finished with delicate highlighting in gum arabic that makes the breast feathers shimmer in a most unusual way.

    Benjamin Fawcett was one of the great colour printers of the 19th century. He pioneered a system of wood block engraving from multiple blocks that resulted in vivid finely coloured works. Fawcett had an association of some 50 years with Francis Orpen Morris to produce many beautiful works on birds. Greene’s Parrots in Captivity is an authoritative and studious work. The engravings are the finest of all the illustrations of parrots from the period.

    Price $140.00 unframed and matted as shown. Very good condition. Mat dimensions 37cm by 29cm … cream textured mat board with french gold line. Archival materials.
    Nice Cockatoo from the Eastern Regions of Indonesia


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  • Geographical Memoir of Melville Island and Port Essington on the Coburg Peninsula Northern Australia; Observations on the Settlements Established on the North Coast of New Holland, in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, London 1834

    Geographical Memoir of Melville Island and Port Essington on the Coburg Peninsula Northern Australia; Observations on the Settlements Established on the North Coast of New Holland, in the Journal of the Royal Geographical Society, London 1834

    Published by John Murray, London on behalf of the Society. This is Volume the Fourth 1834 – Part II. Octavo, pages 129-422 plus index and Contents page repeated at rear with four folding maps and two plates at rear. Original card wrapper, chipped to front edge (re-enforced with archival japan paper) otherwise a very good copy in original state

    The report on Australia is by Major Campbell, 57 Foot, formerly Commandant of Melville Island. The report comprises pages 129-182 and is regarded as a very early fundamental report on the region. The accompanying map is a sizeable (44cm long) fold out with original hand colouring. The related map is partly discoloured.

    Of further interest … extracts from a Spanish Manuscript regarding expeditions between 1749 and 1776 with the view to establishing a Colony on Juan Fernandez. Interestingly, just after Lord Anson’s visit.

    Observations regarding the inhabitants of the Southern Coast of Arabia and the route through the desert from Kosir to Kench.

    Further reports on the Journal of Captain Robinson on HMS Favourite around Newfoundland. Bartholomew on HMS Leven on the Coast of west Africa. Schoolcraft and the expedition through the Upper Mississippi to Itasca Lake with a nice map at rear. Grenville Temple’s Travels in Tunis. A paper on the Migration of Polynesians by Australian John Dunmore Lang, one of the earliest attempts at the subject. Three Years in Abyssinia by Samuel Gobart. Travels in central Asia by Connolly and Burnes. Miscellaneous items on British Guiana, Chilli, South Africa, the Euphrates and the Nubian desert.

    Other than the Melville Island/Port Essington Map and that of the Mississippi explorations we have useful maps of Part of British Guyana and the Central Asian routes of Connolly and Burnes. The two plates are very browned and aged.

    Unusual to have Campbell’s report still bound in its original wrappers with the other reports of interest and, of course, the map.

    Early RGS Journal and early Northern territory Report – with some interesting extra’s and map.


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