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  • The Voyage of Jacob Le Maire and William Schouten 1615-1616: Mirror of Australian Navigation. Originally translated by Alexander Dalrymple

    The Voyage of Jacob Le Maire and William Schouten 1615-1616: Mirror of Australian Navigation. Originally translated by Alexander Dalrymple

    A special production published by Hordern House, Sydney 1999. Folio (30.5 x 20.2cm), quarter bound in quarter alum-tawed goat skin and quality marbled paper. Printed on Raleigh Oxford cream paper .. a fine copy as if new.

    One of 950 copies thus, 96 page facsimile of the original Dutch printing followed by 65 page facsimile of the original Dalrymple translation. Illustrated with 5 black and white and 7 colour illustrations and 3 colour maps on double pages. Frontispiece double hemisphere world map as published in Amsterdam in 1618..

    The objective of the voyage was further the lucrative trade in nutmeg and pepper by forging a new route to the East Indies via South America and the Pacific, influenced by the account of the voyage of de Quiros, the Portuguese navigator. In doing so it was hoped that the Great South Land would be encountered.

    Forward by Justus Veeneklaas and Introductory Essay by Edward Duyker.

    Rare Le maire – super production … quality book.


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  • Zoo Quest for a Dragon including the Quest for the Paradise Birds – David Attenborough

    Zoo Quest for a Dragon including the Quest for the Paradise Birds – David Attenborough

    Two books in one and a first of type published by Lutterworth for the Readers Book Club. An unusual arrangement the Dragon book has previously been published by Lutterworth, the Birds of paradise book was specially written by Attenborough for the Book Club and has since become somewhat of a classic.

    Published in 1959 , a first edition effectively, 256 pages, illustrated from original photographs, simple map etc. tallow cloth covered boards, the dust jacket is nearly all there bar some loss front lower area; now protected in removable Brodart. Good image of a young Sir David.

    Pages to 159 regarding the Indonesian expedition taking in some culture before the focus on natural history. Taking in Bali, Borneo, Sumbawa and of course Komodo for the Dragons.

    In New Guinea we go to the Waghi region and then up the Jimi River Valley … with much on the unusual people encountered and of course the beautiful birds.

    Attenborough out among the animals and birds – how it all started.


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  • Ten Great Mountains – R.L. Irving

    Ten Great Mountains – R.L. Irving

    Classic “Mountain” book by the author of “The Romance of Mountaineering” – Voyager’s favourite romantic book.

    Published by Dent, London in 1942. Octavo, 213 pages nicely illustrated with diagrams of ascents and from original expedition photographs. Ownership name on front free end paper, chip to dust jacket top of spine, otherwise a very good copy, and clean and bright internally for a wartime publication.

    Unusual selection of mountains with Snowden and Ben Nevis before we move on to the more challenging Mount Cook and the highly challenging and some yet to be conquered … the Matterhorn; Ushba; Mont Blanc; Mount Logan; Nanga Parbat; Kangchenjunga and Everest,

    The “Royal” list of Mountains … presented well by the knowledgeable Irving


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  • Original Photograph Island of Ansoes – Dutch East Indies [West Papua) – 1939

    Original Photograph Island of Ansoes – Dutch East Indies [West Papua) – 1939

    A quality image 24cm by 18cm of the village on the Island of Ansoes [now called Palua Ansus], a small island south of Japen Island in the north of West Papua.

    Photographer unknown but taken for the Publisher’s Photo Service [A Photo Library], New York. Dated August 21st 1939 on the rear with various ownership stamps and a caption, which reads …

    “Dutch E. indies – Island of New Guinea … This entire village of Ansoes is built on piles which furnish protection both from disastrous floods and reptiles and preying animals from the dense surrounding jungles. Needless to say all visiting is done by native canoes.” i.e. the usual melodrama regarding the perceived primitive at the time of Tarzan the Ape Man.

    We love the little guys put at the front of the scene playing local flute like instruments

    Still a very isolated location … population at the last estimate was around 7,000 so we guess very little has changed.

    Super image – very good clarity – photographic contrast.


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  • The Ascent on Everest – John Hunt

    The Ascent on Everest – John Hunt

    John Hunt’s classic account of the conquest of Everest with Alfred Gregory’s iconic photographs.

    Published by Hodder & Stoughton, London, a fourth impression of the first edition published in April 1954 the first the previous November. Large octavo, 300 pages, maps, illustrations from aforesaid photographs a super production befitting the achievement. A very good if not better copy of a book with a complete dust jacket. Whilst not rare usually very worn and fingered.

    Super large scale fold out diagram of the team method involved in the achievement – often missing.

    Everyone should have a copy of this book in their library.

    All the way to the very top of the World.


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  • Tek Sing Shipwreck Treasure –  Sunk 1822

    Tek Sing Shipwreck Treasure – Sunk 1822

    Qing Dynasty floral plate recovered by Mike Hatcher from the Tek Sing shipwreck.

    Lovely condition. One of the larger bowls, 15cm in diameter, 3cm deep with well executed decorative border and elaborate inner floral display. Floral features and line decoration bellow. Original Nagel auction reference sticker still attached.

    The Tek Sing Shipwreck – Background

    The Tek Sing (Chinese for “Bright Star”’) was a large Chinese Junk which sank in 1822 in the South China Sea at the Belvidere Shoals. She was 50 meters long, 10 metres wide and weighed a thousand tons. Manned by a crew of 200. The great loss of life has led to the Tek Sing being referred to as the “Titanic of the East”.

    Sailing from the port of Amoy (now Xiamen), the Tek Sing was bound for Jakarta, with a cargo of porcelain goods and 1,600 Chinese immigrants. After a month of sailing, Captain Lo Tauko took a shortcut through the Gaspar Straits and ran aground on a reef and sank in 100 feet of water.

    The next morning and English East Indiaman captained by James Pearl sailing from Indonesia to Borneo passed through the Gaspar Straits. He found debris from the sunken Chinese vessel and survivors. They managed to rescue 190 people.

    In 1999, marine salvor Mike Hatcher discovered the wreck. His crew raised what has been described as the largest cache of Chinese porcelain ever recovered. It was auctioned by Nagle in Stuttgart, Germany the following year


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