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  • A View of the Clearings at the Foot of Mount Wellington  – Hobart, Tasmania [Vue des Defrichemens. Au pied du mont Wellington (Ile Van Diemen) -1833

    A View of the Clearings at the Foot of Mount Wellington – Hobart, Tasmania [Vue des Defrichemens. Au pied du mont Wellington (Ile Van Diemen) -1833

    An original lithograph from a drawing by Louis Sainson (1801-1887) lithographed by Louis Leborne (1796-1863) and published as part of the great “Atlas Historique to Voyage de la Corvette l’Astrolabe under the Command of Dumont d’Urville”. Published in Paris by Tastu circa 1833.

    A delightful view of Bridgewater looking across the river Derwent to the imposing Mount Direction

    Lithographed on sturdy paper imprint size 33cm x 22cm. Embossed stamp of publisher below title. Good condition albeit with some light foxing in the wider margins away from the image. A scarce Hobart image. We cannot find any record of what the buildings represented, although from the extensive wall they could be the Cascades Female Factory

    Price $390.00 unframed – rare

    Finely engraved and detailed image up Mount Wellington .


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  • The Dutch Seaborne Empire 1600-1800 – C.R. Boxer

    The Dutch Seaborne Empire 1600-1800 – C.R. Boxer

    Published by Hutchinson, London 1n 1965, a first edition. The author Charles Boxer was the Camoens Professor of Portuguese at Kings College, London at the time – he would likely have been the Dutch Professor also .. if they had one.

    Large octavo, 326 pages, illustrated throughout, very good dust jacket, a lightly embossed stamp on title,. A very good copy of a special work now hard to find.

    Not your usual narrative, this book looks at the reasons behind the rise of the Dutch as a, if not the, major seafaring nation from the mid 1600’s for over a century. Peace was signed after an eighty year war with Spain in 1648 and for the Dutch the seagoing expansion was near to phenomenal in terms of speed and ambition. Useful appendices include a chronology 1568-1795 which provides a framework …

    The author Charles Boxer was an incredibly colourful character. Born into a military family (although his mothers family had been early sheep farmers in Tasmania). He enlisted and found himself in Japan in the 1930’s. Then a full blown spy in Hong Kong at the beginning of War II, imprisoned by the Japanese for three years. He married the most beautiful woman in Hong Kong , Ursula Norah Anstice Tulloch but left her for a life with the equally glamourous American writer Emily Hahn. Back in England his depth of knowledge was recognised in receiving the Lisbon sponsored Professorship which he made is own.

    The Dutch … their power at sea and what was behind it …


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  • Man Tracks [With the Mounted Police in Australian Wilds] – Ion Idriess

    Published by Angus & Robertson 1936, a ninth edition issued one year after the first. The copy of Chicago resident, Idriess friend and admirer, Frances Van Cleef with a note indicating she acquired it in Melbourne on Feb 16, 1937.

    Very good condition, a couple of chips to the dust jacket, very clean and tight internally. A super copy.

    An impressive Idriess book about the Australian Mounted Police up through the Centre, the North and West. Many lively accounts recounted in the normal Idriess way. The photography in this book is special with a number of unique aboriginal images.

    Real Crime solved by Australian Police on Horseback


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  • Polar Hero – Jean-Baptiste Charcot Medal – 1930

    Polar Hero – Jean-Baptiste Charcot Medal – 1930

    Large commemorative medal to celebrate the life of Jean-Baptiste Auguste Etienne Charcot (1867-1936) issued in 1936 under the auspices of Expeditions Polaires Francaises. Charcot Frances greatest polar explorer led two successful expeditions to the Antarctic during the Heroic era. He was a doctor and son of neurologist Jean-Martin Charcot.

    His first expedition from 1904-1907 in the Francais explored the west coast of Graham Land. This was followed by the 1908-1910 explorations in the Pourquoi-Pas? The subject of the edition offered here. Later he turned his attention to the North and made scientific explorations off Greenland and Svalbard again in the Porquois-Pas? He died when the ship was wrecked in a severe storm off the coast of Iceland in 1936.

    This substantial bronze medal, 67mm in diameter and weighing 150 gm celebrates his life. It was designed by E.M. Lindauer, with a bust after Paul Richer. Richer, an anatomical artist, was a colleague of Charcot’s father and worked with him in illustrating certain medical texts. Richer’s sculptures are found in museums around the world including the Musee d’Orsay.

    The medal carries a bust of J.B. Charcot on the front acknowledging Paul Richer and on reverse and image of the Pourquoi-Pas? Among icebergs with Expeditions Polaires Francaises above and the ships name below. Very good condition with very strong relief.

    An example of this medal sold as lot 79 in the Scott Amundsen Centenary Sale at Bonhams, London in 2012 for A$2,500

    Special Antarctic Collectable Celebrates the life of J.B. Charcot


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  • George Bass 1771-1803: His Discoveries, Romantic Life and Tragic Disappearance – Keith Bowden – First Edition 1952

    George Bass 1771-1803: His Discoveries, Romantic Life and Tragic Disappearance – Keith Bowden – First Edition 1952

    A very good first edition of this well researched and written book on Bass.

    Published by the Oxford University Press Melbourne in 1952. Octavo, 171 pages with illustrations and a fine dust jacket.

    The author Keith Macrae Bowden was the author of the official Australian Dictionary of Biography re Bass and therefore holds a certain authority on the subject explorer.

    After various introduction we have a family history and the first naval activity on HMS Shark and HMS Reliance. Off to Australia and the exploratory adventures on the Tom Thumb before a trip to South Africa. Time in Port Jackson and the discovery of coal before the “Discovery of the Bass Strait” and the final whale boat voyage. Plans for a fortune and his Pacific voyages and on to South America and his disputable fate.

    Nice appendices on the Tom Thumb; Source of Information and a succinct listing of the subjects achievements.

    George Bass a fairly full life


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  • (South) Polar Operations – Edwin MacDonald

    (South) Polar Operations – Edwin MacDonald

    First edition published by The US Naval Institute, Maryland in 1969.

    A square octavo format, 239 pages illustrated throughout with images from photographs, amps and charts.

    The author was a Deputy Commander of the US Naval Support Force in Antarctica in 1962. He was in charge of the exploration of coastline of Marie Byrd Land on the USS Glacier.

    A boo focused, naturally on the ocean and coastline with chapters covering … the Environment; Polar Icebreakers and Icebreaking; the Convoy.. Procedures on Iceworking Vessels; Polar Navigation, Seamanship and Wintering Over… Safety and (importantly) Survival.

    More than an Operation Manual – South with the US


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