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Military and Naval – pre 20th Century

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  • Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas – John Player & Sons Card series complete in rare album.

    Military Uniforms of the British Empire Overseas – John Player & Sons Card series complete in rare album.

    Album 26cm by 20cm 24 pages with a total of 50 cards, published in 1938. Some light foxing to cover and the odd mark inside, generally a very good set. The shading on the images is caused by the scanner and the paper not lying quite flat.

    Uniforms from South Africa, Rhodesia, Canada, India and Burma, and Colonies, Protectorates etc. Some pretty fancy garb among them …. The narrative descriptions of the various regiments, battalions etc is very interesting … useful for those wanting a potted history.

    A nice complete set with the attendant album narrative


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  • A Complete Treatise of Mines Etc – Henry Manningham – First Edition 1756

    An extremely rare works from a period when mining expertise was as much a military endeavour as for the extraction of resources.

    Lengthy title continues … extracted from the Memoires d’Artilliere. To which is prefixed, by way of Introduction, Professor Belidor’s Dissertation on the Force and Physical Effects of Gunpowder. Illustrated by a Variety of Copper Plates.

    A first edition of this work translated and compiled by mining engineer Henry Manningham. The original French by P Surirey de Saint Remy (1660-1716). Benard Forest de Belidor (1698-1761) was a hydraulics and ballistics expert. Born into a military family he later became Professor of Artillery at Aisne. He became an early expert on the calculus and its use in solving technical problems.

    Published by Millar, the Strand, London 1756. Octavo, xxix,168 pages with 21 folding copper engraved plates, elaborate engraved vignette on Dedication. Ex John Crerar Library with the odd stamp, later half leather binding somewhat worn, top edge gilt. Lightly toned, still a very worthy copy of a very scarce item.

    Early Mining Explained and the Use of Gunpowder Carefully Explained.


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  • Traite des Bandages et Appareils a l’Usage des Chirurgiens Armees – J.B.J. Thillaye – 1809

    Traite des Bandages et Appareils a l’Usage des Chirurgiens Armees – J.B.J. Thillaye – 1809

    Jean Baptiste Jacques Thillaye was born at Rouen in 1752 he died at Paris in 1822. He became a leading French physician, surgeon in chief at the recently founded Hospital St Antoine and professor of anatomy at the College of Medicine.

    This is a second edition of his rare work on bandaging, splints and other accoutrements helpful to surgeons particularly in the French army. Published by Crochard, Paris in 1809.

    Original or contemporary binding of half leather over marbled paper covered boards. Gilt line compartments to spine with separate gilt title label. Octavo, xiv, 356 pages, 357-366 (Table of Plates), 367-379 (Table of Contents), errata, followed by nine folding copper engraved plates of some quality. Very good condition, super clean internally.

    French medical rarity now two hundred years old


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  • The Battle of Lake Champlain (Plattsburgh), and The Battle of Fort McHenry (Baltimore) – The Boston Messenger – 7th October 1814

    The Battle of Lake Champlain (Plattsburgh), and The Battle of Fort McHenry (Baltimore) – The Boston Messenger – 7th October 1814

    An original four page broadsheet … the Boston Messenger published on the 7th October 1812 at the culmination of the War of 1812 between The USA and Britain and its allies.

    Over 150 column inches (half the paper) devoted to reports, commentary and tributes, from both sides, regarding these important battles.

    The Battle of Lake Champlain (Also known as the Battle of Plattsburgh) ended the invasion of the northern states of the USA during the War of 1812. The British army under General Prevost and the Royal Navy under Downie converged on the lakeside town of Plattsburgh which was defended by New York and Vermont militia and detachments of regular troops under General Macomb and ships under Macdonough. The British attacked after dawn on the 11th September 1814 but were defeated after a hard fight in which Downie was killed. Prevost retreated to Canada.

    The Battle of Fort McHenry (Also known as the Battle of Baltimore, Maryland) inspired Francis Scott Key to write the “Star Spangled Banner” as he was watching the battle from a British ship! This battle the turning point when US forces warded off a British invasion of the sea port of Baltimore. The British had landed 5,000 troops who first found resistance at the Battle of North Point, some five miles from the city. General Sticker commanding a group of Maryland militia blunted the British attack killing General Ross in command. They were halted. Meanwhile at Fort McHenry 1,000 American soldiers awaited the British bombardment. They had protected the harbour by sinking a line of merchant ships. The attack began on 13th September 1814 using mortars and rockets. The pounding was relentless although inaccurate and little damage was sustained. British Admiral Cochrane decided on a commando style assault in an attempt to distract the American troops. However, it failed and from there the British gave up any hope of success and retreated on 14th September 1814.

    Whilst all this was happening peace negotiations were underway in Europe, also noted in this edition. A Treaty was soon signed to end the war on the basis that prior territories were retained.

    Significant Reports the War of 1812


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  • English Canon Replica

    English Canon Replica

    Authentic replica of an early English Cannon 28 cm long with a Barrel of 24 cm. Practical English get the job done design. Impressive size and suitable for any Civil War.

    A cannon that means business … click on me to see all my BOOOOOM


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