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Biography/ autobiography

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  • Into The Silence [Mallory] – Wade Davis

    Subtitled – The Great War, Mallory and the Conquest of Everest … but this is really about Mallory and it’s and epic, incredible detail, so well written, the research involved beyond the call of duty.

    First edition published in 2011 by Alfred Knoff, New York – a Borzoi Book so made to a super standard. Larger thick octavo, 655 pages, including extensive annotated bibliography and index. End paper maps, maps within and images from period photographs some we have not seen elsewhere. Very good condition.

    The early 1920’s saw a post WWI push in adventure activities. Younghusband now in his later years pushed hard to Everest to be conquered. Mallory was in the hunt culmination in the final push of June 6th 1924. The outcome is well known but background, efforts and successes along the way maybe not so much. Here’s your chance.

    Everest and Mallory the definitive work



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  • Arches of Time [in Tasmania] – W.C. Morris

    A delightful memoir written as they should be late in life by Wiiliam Carl Morris. Morris involved in education and the Northern region of Tasmania for mots of his life before retiring to the east side of the Derwent River.

    Self published printed by Mercury-Walch in 1972. Smal octavo, 180 pages and a well honed but comprehensive account og goings on, observations and views. Card covers with a paper wrap around. A neat presentation in very good condition.

    Carries the unusual bookplate of R. C. Hutchinson. Raymond Charles published a few works himself including Twenty One Drawings about The First Hobart – no doubt he designed his own bookplate and appeared to enjoy motor cruising.

    A scarce little treasure that provides a personal perspective of the time …


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  • The Springs of Adventure – Wilfred Noyce

    A first edition published by John Murray, London in 1958.

    A super book about adventure by the definition of adventurer Wilfred Noyce.

    Octavo, 240 pages, illustrated from photographs. Chipped dust jacket and page edges a bit foxed otherwise a very serviceable copy.

    Noyce was a Cambridge Graduate and Master at Charterhouse. In WWII he was in Nepal and found time to climb a couple of very high mountains. Later he would be in the South Col party about which he would write another book. Here he mixes his exploits with those of other under the true adventure label … that and his talent for writing makes for good reading.

    Wilfred Noyce about true adventure including his own


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  • Taming the North (And the First Qantas Flight) – Hudson Fysh The Story of Alexander Kennedy

    The most interesting and detailed account of Queensland pioneer Alexander Kennedy’s life.

    This is a second “revised and enlarged” edition of what is now a scarce and important book. Published by Angus and Robertson in 1950. Octavo, 265 pages. Numerous period photographs, end paper maps. A triffle aged in a pretty good dust jacket.

    Includes the start of commercial aviation in Australia “Qantas” – see page 223 for photograph of Alexander Kennedy and Hudson Fysh before the very first Qantas flight. Kennedy was 87 years old when he was the first passenger on this first flight from Longreach to Cloncurry. Hudson Fysh was the pilot.

    Iconic Queensland account


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  • Sarah Bernhardt – Francoise Sagan – First UK Edition

    Sarah Bernhardt – Francoise Sagan – First UK Edition

    The late 19th century stage legend – has anyone really matched the talent and reputation of Bernhardt. Her talents as a sculptor and painter underestimated.

    Here we have a real twist a fictionalised biography / autobiography through letter exchanges between the author and Sarah – long after the latter’s death. The author, a sensational writer who had already had great success with the provocative “Bonjour Tristesse”.

    A fist UK translation published by Macmillan in 1989. Octavo, 232 pages with illustrations from period photographs. Good condition albeit the pages toasted a bit as common with the issue.

    Exotic treatment of Bernhardt’s Life


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  • Isambard Kingdom Brunel [The Great 19thC Engineer] – L.T.C. Rolt

    Isambard Kingdom Brunel [The Great 19thC Engineer] – L.T.C. Rolt

    A first edition published by Longmans, London in 1958.

    Probably the best book about IKB surely the greatest engineer of the 19th Century and keeping all things relative perhaps the greatest ever.

    Large octavo, 345, illustrated throughout. A little age an a hint of “parfum de library” … otherwise a nice copy.

    A weighty biography which deals with every aspect of his engineering prowess … his bridges, tunnels, Great Western Railways and the monstrous stem ships that broke the mould in design and scale …

    This book has obviously been owned by an admirer of the great man. An image of IKB has been carefully manicured and pasted opposite the preface and many ephemeral items have been placed in strategic spots throughout. We have left them there as it give the book a unique character which we do not wish to spoil.

    Brunel – Engineering Design came naturally to him.


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