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Gordon Richard

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  • Doctor in Love – Richard Gordan – First Edition 1957

    Doctor in Love – Richard Gordan – First Edition 1957

    Anyone who likes Wodehouse will love Richard Gordan and his series of “Doctor” books.

    A first edition, published by Michael Joseph, London in 1957 edition, the fifth in the “Doctor” series.

    Octavo, 188 pages, in very good condition.

    “You can’t go about the country falling in love with girls at your age” … sage advice Grimsdyke gives to his friend Dr Gordon. Another “advisor” observes “the patients don’t like you messing about with their wives unless they know you’ve got one of your own at home”. Taking all this on board matters get complicated and … Dr Gordan finally gets his girl!

    The right girls does turn up for Dr Gordan …


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  • Doctor at Large – Richard Gordon – 1950′s

    Doctor at Large – Richard Gordon – 1950′s

    Published by Michael Joseph for the Quality Book Club, London 1953 a first of type. Octavo and 248 pages of hilarity, top edge stained maroon as required. A very good copy.

    A young Doctor Gordon finds himself in the usual spot as anew entrant .. competition for promotion does not go his way and he is shuttled off to the Midlands. An experienced practitioner suggests that getting to know fellow doctors wives is a good tactic. Not sure the advisor had in mind Gordan’s interpretation … all good clean fun viz the period.

    Doctors Gordon Larger than Life


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