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  • The Life of Gerard Mercator – Set of Six Trade Cards – Liebig

    The Life of Gerard Mercator – Set of Six Trade Cards – Liebig

    A group of six brightly coloured trade cards by Liebig advertising their tasty products. Produced circa Mid 20thC and in very good condition. Comprehensive text in French on reverse.

    Delightful chromolithographs depicting various phases in Gerard Mercator’s life.

    Gerardus Mercator (1512-1594) a German-Flemish geographer studied at the University of Leuven. He appears in the matriculation records of 1530 … they still exist! In 1569 he created the principles that we now call the Mercator projection, fundamental to voyagers from that day forward. He produced a magnificent Atlas based on his projection technique and made many fine globes sold to Royalty and gentry all over Europe. Unfortunately, as were the time even though a devout Catholic he was accused of heresy and spent six months in prison. Each of these elements of his life is nicely displayed in this scarce card set.

    Mercator … his projection is everlasting


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  • Map of the World “Mappmondo” –  Antonio Zatta – 1790

    Map of the World “Mappmondo” – Antonio Zatta – 1790

    An unusual copper engraved map of the world in two hemispheres by Antonio Zatta published in Venice in 1790.

    Map dimensions … 26cm by 18cm to the plate mark, 28.5cm by 22.5cm to the edge. Fold marks as issued, page edges slightly askew.

    For the date, post Cook, the depiction of Australia is very strange. Fictitious lines connect Western Australia with the south coast of Tasmania and, from there north east and out to the Solomon Islands and back around to New Guinea. The Gulf of Carpentaria is connect to New Guinea. Australia is named N Olanda. Other curiosities include a strangely drawn Japan and an unnamed Company’s Land peeps out from the extreme north east, for those that are familiar with this curiosity.

    The map appears at first rather basic but on closer inspection one can see topographical features, major mountain ranges are depicted and a number of the worlds major river systems. Uncoloured as it should be. Showing some age but a good honest map of some scarcity and peculiarity.

    Little is known about Antonio Zatta (1757-1797). Even his year of birth and death, usually quoted as above are challenged in some sources which suggest 1722-1804 … maybe the shorter period reflects his map making activity. We can see that this map is by him as his signature appears in the engraving bottom right … we cannot help feel the plate is based on another map, of smaller scale, usually attributed to Giovanni Rizzi Zannoni, also active in Venice during the period.

    Price $290.00 unframed

    Distinctive and Scarce 18th Century World Map with Curiosity


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  • A Journal of Magellan’s Voyage –  First Around the World – George Sanderlin

    A Journal of Magellan’s Voyage – First Around the World – George Sanderlin

    A first edition and published by Hamish Hamilton, London in 1966.

    Octavo, xxvi pages of preliminaries, Introduction etc, 188 pages with 12 super illustrations, sometimes double page including, charts and images of early globes. Pictorial boards matching the dust jacket design. All very good condition.

    Author George Sanderlin brings the Magellan voyage to life. A fair bit is derived from the first hand account of Antonio Pigfetta, a young nobleman who accompanied Magellan. Enhanced by select excerpts from contemporary logbooks, letters, memoirs etc. Maintaining a first person form throughout makes it a very readable and enjoyable work.

    At the rear a timetable of events which starts four years before the voyage highlighting the undercurrent of politics and subplots that surround Magellan’s contract with King Charles I of Spain to conduct the venture.

    The First ever Round the World – what an adventure … only if Magellan had made it!


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  • Systemes Geographiques de Ptoloemee, de Strabon et d’Eratosthene – Malte Brun c1826

    Systemes Geographiques de Ptoloemee, de Strabon et d’Eratosthene – Malte Brun c1826

    Original engraved map from Malte Brun’s Atlas of the Ancient Greek geographers Ptolemy, Strabo and Eratosthenes. The then known World.

    32cm by 24cm partially coloured in outline. A good example on strong wove paper, the odd mark around the bottom border, generally clean and bright.

    Conrad Malte Brun (1755-1826) a major Danish born cartographer who worked out of France during his professional life. This example was drawn by Bovinel Giraldon and engrave by Jean Baptiste Marie Chamouin, individuals who worked for Malte Brun early in the 19th Century. After his death his son went on publishing the maps for a number of years making the precise year in which the map was made difficult to determine.

    The Ptolemy map takes pride of place, being regarded as more accurate and informative. We particularly like the naming of Sri Lanka as Taprobana a matter that has been disputed in some cartographic quarters.

    The island of Thule appears on the Eratosthenes map … an unsolved mystery. Some think it was Ireland or the Shetlands or an island off Norway. Unfortunately the Nazi’s spoilt the mystery somewhat by claiming it was the birthplace of their superior race.

    Price $90.00 unframed ….

    The World as it was thought to be by the Greek scholars.


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  • Map of the World – Cartographer De l’Ilse – Engraved and Published by Chatelain – c1730

    Map of the World – Cartographer De l’Ilse – Engraved and Published by Chatelain – c1730

    An original copper engraved map of the world in two hemispheres by Gullaume De L’Isle published in Amsterdam by Chatelain.

    The full title to the map is … “Mappe Monde ou description Generale du Globe Terrestre suivant M. De L’Isle de l’Academie Royale des Sciences”.

    A curious map reflecting the unknown and the incorrect at the time. Nothing understood about the North West Coast of America although a land mass. to the east, is identified but not named … this is the fictitious “Campany’s Land”. The Dutch understanding of Australia (Nouvelle Holland)is shown with its limitations but without the south coast of Tasmania, noting also the mountain ranges shown in the North West. A most unusual map with some interesting features.

    Gullaume De l’Isle (1675-1726) was a leading French cartographer of his period, following Sanson. His father was involved in geography and education although Gullaume was independent and bright at an early age. He was mentored by the great Astronomer Cassini. He became a member of the Acadamie Royale de Sciences and was appointed by Louis XIV to teach geography to the Dauphin. Like most cartographer his maps continued to be published well after his death. His intellectual property was eventually taken over by cartographer Bauche.

    Henri Abraham Chatelain (1684-1743) was a Huguenot who lived variously in Paris, London the Hague and Amsterdam. He was the main mover in a family of engravers and publishers, and produced the Atlas Historic which included maps after De l’Isle of which this delightful World Map is an example.

    Price $260.00 unframed or $390.00 framed in Voyager rare map style … enquire if you wish it framed or need to discuss framing options.

    Intriguing world map with lots of curiosity.


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  • Mappe Monde – Buffier – 1760

    Mappe Monde – Buffier – 1760

    An original copper engraved map of the world by cartographer Claude Buffier engraved by Faure published in Paris around 1760.

    Recognised as a simple sketch yet attractive depiction of the known world at the time. Australia is represented in the Dutch form with Western and Northern Australia outlined and a hint of the west coast of the Cape. In the south we see the Southernmost part of Tasmania. The suggestion of the Solomons is far too far east in the Pacific and the map shows California as an island which was the belief for a period in the early 18th century. A large unknown land looms towards the south pole.

    Engraved area 18cm by 14cm all in very good condition, lightly coloured as it should be.

    Price framed in Voyager rare map style $290.00 … beautiful ready to hang … perfect as a gift.

    Interesting understanding of the World by Buffier


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