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Great Britain

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  • Map of Northumberland – John Speed / Pieter van den Keere – 1627

    Map of Northumberland – John Speed / Pieter van den Keere – 1627

    A delightful and quite rare map of Northumberland … the origin of Voyager.

    Pieter van den Keere (1571-1646) engraved a series of miniature English County maps based on the original surveys of Christopher Saxton. First published by Willem Janzoon Blaeu in 1617 they were Anglicised by the great cartographer John Speed and published by George Humble in 1627. They are often referred to as “Miniature Speeds”.

    Printed area 12.3cm by 8.6cm good plate mark. This example has a shallow lower margin and a little age … altogether still a very good example of a rare near 400 year old map.

    The map stretches to Carlisle and beyond in Cumberland. The county border is clearly shown as a dotted line and at this time Berwick – Upon – Tweed (Barwick) is clearly in England. Holy Island, the Farnes and Coquet Island feature in their olde names. The Cheviot and Simonside Hills are shown and numerous of the Northumberland Norman Castles feature. Interestingly, Cartington has been mis-engraved and a little “t” has been inserted above … a distinctive feature of this engraving that pins its provenance down quite nicely. Voyager used to play among the ruins of Cartington as a young fellow.

    Special map of Northumberland a delight for expatriate Northumbrians and all.


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  • Antique Map of the British Isles (Veteris et Novae Britanniae) – Philipp Cluver – c1690’s

    Antique Map of the British Isles (Veteris et Novae Britanniae) – Philipp Cluver – c1690’s

    An original copper engraved map by Philipp Cluver (also known as Cluverius). This fine map comes from his great work “Introductions in Universam Geographicam”.

    Surprising detail such as Hadrian’s Wall and further north Antonine’s Wall which is misplaced and should be further north again. The exaggerated scale of the lochs and lakes of Scotland and Ireland is typical of these early maps.

    Inset map of the Orkney Islands, a figurative title cartouche featuring Britannia, compass rose and mileage cartouche with cherubs adds to the decorative style. A truly lovely early map

    Very strong impression on chained paper, folded as published, some age as expected. A very good example. Size 36cm by 26cm excellent for. framing.

    Price unframed $140.00


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  • La Grande Bretagne et Ireland – Chatelain – 1717

    La Grande Bretagne et Ireland – Chatelain – 1717

    An original copper engraved map of the British Isles by Zacharie Chatelain and published in Amsterdam in 1717.

    A nice example with simple outline simple outline colouring. Engraved area 17 cm by 14cm a good strong plate mark.

    Henri Abraham Chatelain (1684-1743) born in Paris but lived variously in Paris, London, the Hague and later Amsterdam. This intriguing map of the British Isles was published as part of “La Science des Personnes de la Cour … “ a monumental work covering religion, astronomy, geography, war and fortifications etc.

    Chatelain’s reputation is that of a skilled artist with delicate engraving and an uncomplicated composition. It is considered that Chatelaine primarily used De L’Isle as his reference for maps and we would agree with that view in regard to this little beauty.

    Price $280.00 framed in Voyager miniature map style with gilt fillet, burgundy mat and beaded gilt frame.

    Attractive 300 year old map of the British Isles


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  • Map of England – Isaak Tirion – 1730

    Map of England – Isaak Tirion – 1730

    An original copper engraved map by Dutch cartographer Isaak Tirion (1705-1765) of England. Published in Amsterdam around 1730. Original centrefold as issued. Incredible detail throughout. Hilly areas shown pictorially and wooded areas marked by little tiny trees.

    Generally, in very good condition. Map dimensions 37cms by 32 cm.

    Tirion produced several Atlases and Dutch town plans. Some suggest that his maps were based on those of Guillaume de L’isle although we see them as being much more detailed than de L’ísle’s standard.

    Price $120.00 unframed.

    Nice map of England from the early 18th century with many place names and points of detail.


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  • Curious Map of the Eastern Hemisphere – Calmet 1728 – Early Australia Outline

    Curious Map of the Eastern Hemisphere – Calmet 1728 – Early Australia Outline

    An original special and unusual copper engraved map by Antoine Calmet (1672-1757) published in 1728 for his work on the Creation of the World. Below the map of the Old World is a sphere representing the creation of the Universe with the Earth at its centre. Very good condition un-coloured as it should be with a strong plate impression. 33cms by 22cms in plate impression.

    Whilst the map highlights Africa, Europa and Asia the strong depiction of those parts of Australia discovered and mapped by the Dutch is charming with the Gulf of Carpentaria connected to New Guinea as was thought then.

    Calmet was a French Benedictine monk and scholar born in Lorraine. He became very learned and out of humility refused honours from the Pope. The map is believed to have been engraved by Strackman (1680-1730) who worked with distinguished cartographers De Fer and De L’ilsle

    Price $290.00 framed in stylish charcoal frame in cream mat with black core … a combination that works well with early uncoloured maps … enquire if you wish this map unframed or an alternative.

    Unusual early 18thC map with good Australian relevance


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