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  • A Voyage Around the World (1785-1788) – Captain George Dixon

    A Voyage Around the World (1785-1788) – Captain George Dixon

    One of the harder to find facsimile published Israel, Amsterdam; this one in 1968.

    Full original title … “A Voyage Round the World; but more particularly to the North-West Coast of America; performed in 1785, 1786, 1787, and 1788, in The King George and Queen Charlotte, Captains Portlock and Dixon. Dedicated, by permission, to Sir Joseph Banks, Bart. By Captain George Dixon.

    Originally published by Geo. Goulding, Haydn’s Head, No ^, James Street, Covent Garden, 1789.

    This form thick quarto, xxix (Introduction and Content, 360 pages, plus additional appendices 47 pages. Enormous folding chart of the Pacific as frontispiece. A further 21 plates of charts, maps and natural history exhibits, many folding. Very good condition. Heavy (1.3kgs), will require an overseas postage supplement.

    Dixon has served under Cook on the Third Voyage on the Resolution. During that voyage he became aware of the commercial opportunities on the American North-West Coast. Dixon promoted a venture to exploit the fur trade in that region. He became partner in the King George’s Sound Company and an expedition was mounted with Dixon Captain of the Queen Charlotte and Portlock Captain of the larger King George. In the summers of 1786 and 1787 they explored the coastline of British Colombia and Alaska, spending the winter in Hawaiian Islands … they were the first to visit Moloka. Back in the North-West a good cargo of furs was collected, and the party sailed to China where they were traded … returning to England. During their exploits they were the first to understand that Haida Gwaii were islands and not part of the mainland; they explored Queen Charlotte Sound, Yakutat Bay, Sita Bay and the Dixon Entrance … they named the are where they took many fur cloaks .. Cloak Bay.

    Dixon one of the less promoted Cook prodigies … with a commercial venture that went around the world and filled in the North-West Pacific.


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  • The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948  – Tom Perry’s Copy

    The Tasman Map of 1644 – Mitchell Library – 1948 – Tom Perry’s Copy

    A staple bound booklet of 31 pages produced by the Mitchell Library in 1948 .. a historical note and description of the manuscript map held in the Mitchell.

    Bound in hard boards, with persoanl library label to spine, over original textured cream soft wrappers, 31 pages, with 3 reproductions of or pertaining to the map one in colour. Australian cartographic expert Tom Perry’s personal copy … author of A Guide to Maps of Australia .. Landmarks in Map Making etc

    Excellent notes and the striking “comparison map” drawn by Geoffrey Ingleton from details provided by J Emery. A brief description of Tasman’s ships and a good write up on the map itself with excellent further references and selected bibliography at the time.

    Tasman’s Map in Summary


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  • A Journal of Magellan’s Voyage –  First Around the World – George Sanderlin

    A Journal of Magellan’s Voyage – First Around the World – George Sanderlin

    A first edition and published by Hamish Hamilton, London in 1966.

    Octavo, xxvi pages of preliminaries, Introduction etc, 188 pages with 12 super illustrations, sometimes double page including, charts and images of early globes. Pictorial boards matching the dust jacket design. All very good condition.

    Author George Sanderlin brings the Magellan voyage to life. A fair bit is derived from the first hand account of Antonio Pigfetta, a young nobleman who accompanied Magellan. Enhanced by select excerpts from contemporary logbooks, letters, memoirs etc. Maintaining a first person form throughout makes it a very readable and enjoyable work.

    At the rear a timetable of events which starts four years before the voyage highlighting the undercurrent of politics and subplots that surround Magellan’s contract with King Charles I of Spain to conduct the venture.

    The First ever Round the World – what an adventure … only if Magellan had made it!


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  • Printed Charts of Scandinavia – Map Collectors’ Circle – R.V. Tooley

    Printed Charts of Scandinavia – Map Collectors’ Circle – R.V. Tooley

    The Map Collectors’ Circle publication published Nos 70 and 71 by R.V. Tooley in 1971. Very good condition with T.M. Perry, Australian map expert’s stamp to each.

    Excellent work by the master Tooley in No 70 we have Part I comprising catalogue details of 297 maps and charts of northern delights on 28 pages plus 16 pages of rare map illustrations. Completing the exercise in No 71 – Part II Tooley expands the catalogue to 759 items, over another 32 pages, and adds another 10 pages of illustrations of map examples.

    Rare Northern Cold Climate Maps catalogued by Tooley.


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  • Mercator’s World – Anson’s Voyage

    Mercator’s World – Anson’s Voyage

    Volume 3 No 6 of Mercator’s World published in 1998.

    Our favourite features is “Victory at Sea – How George Anson Became Leader of the British Navy”. Having said that, we do not like the title as he became the “Father” of the Royal Navy for many reasons, albeit including the incredible circumnavigation and stealing of the Spanish gold, the story of this feature.

    An eight page article nicely illustrated, mostly from images and maps out of the official account. The charming engraving “England’s glory. Wagons heading into the Tower of London with the Spanish treasure” is a very rare engraving the originator unknown.

    Provides fresh insight into the voyage particularly as you would expect concerning the charts and the route taken and the mistakes made and bad luck encountered. It is a lesson in the difficulties had before the problem of the longitude was solved by Harrison’s chronometer.

    Other articles include quite a bit on underwater surveying … Davy Jones Locker etc and Portlan reflection a good one on early sea charts.

    Mercator’s ideas and views on the Anson Voyage.


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  • Antarctica’s First Lady  – Edith M “Jackie” Ronne.

    Antarctica’s First Lady – Edith M “Jackie” Ronne.

    A special book effectively self-published with the help of the Clifton Steamboat Museum, Beaumont Texas in 2004. Why none of the major travel publishers did not we will never know, for all sorts of reasons an important account

    Octavo, soft cover, 406 pages heavily illustrated from period photographs. Perfect bound, very good condition.

    Finn Ronne was the organiser and leader of the last great privately funded Antarctic venture … the “Ronne Antarctic Research Expedition 1947-1948”. Jackie went along and was, as a result, the First American Woman to Set Foot on the Antarctic Continent and Winter-Over’. Perhaps a careful turn of phrase as Jennie Darlington went with them … it’s a long story.

    Not much in the book about the falling out between the woman. Regardless Jackie played an important part being the main administrator/ recorder of goings on. And there were many of them. Some important work was carried out and a large part of the Antarctic Continent was named after Jackie as a result.

    WE have an original photograph of Jackie and Jennie all furred up ready for the cold weather … its in out collection just search Jennie.

    Edith Ronne (Preferred Jackie) and Antarctic Pioneer


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