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  • Exquisite Fungi Model – Boletus Pinophilus

    Exquisite Fungi Model – Boletus Pinophilus

    French (who else) model of the edible fungi Boletus Pinophilus. Made likely just after WWII and still in near perfect condition. Stands 17 cms tall and is made to a high standard. Commonly known as the Pine Bolete or Pinewood King Bolete this beauty is regarded as a form of porcini.

    Quite common in Europe in pine forests – including Scotland and the South of France where it seems to be more prolific. The flesh is white, soft and does not change colour when bruised. The taste is pleasant and has been likened to pork and pork crackling (yummy).

    Collectable Fungi for those that understand and desire them. Click on me to see my proud fungusness!


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