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Crime of the True Variety

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  • Spy Catcher – Peter Wright – Former Assistant Director MI5

    The greatest real expose of the activities of MI5 from technically adept Peter wright. There was Philby and the “thing” the secret of all secret devices hidden within the American Great Seal. The bugging of the Egyptian cypher room. His greatest claim however was that Sir Roger Hollis was the “Fifth Man”.

    Wright retired to Cygnet, Tasmania were he and his wife had a few acres and Arabian horses.

    The struggle to get published and the various political heaviness are well understood.

    Published by Heinemann in Australia in 1987, a first edition. Octavo, 392 pages, illustrated from photographs. Original owner name on end paper, closed tear top dust jacket otherwise a nice copy of this important book.

    Spy Catcher – They couldn’t stop him


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  • The Women of the 1790 Neptune [Convict Ship]  – Anne Needham et al – 1992

    The Women of the 1790 Neptune [Convict Ship] – Anne Needham et al – 1992

    Self published by the principal author in 1992. The work follows a further four years research by Anne Needham after she first published on the subject.

    Perfect bound large format, card cover, 187 pages illustrated nicely throughout. Scarce and sought after – a very good copy

    The seventy-six convict woman are listed on the front cover and the list of free female passengers are listed on the title.

    The convict women came from all parts of England. At the end of a good Introduction we see a map with the locations and names. The extraordinary history behind many, if not all, is set out incredibly well in the first 120 pages. Then the voyage out then the goings on at Norfolk Island and New South Wales.

    Needham’s well researched history of the women from the Neptune.


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  • Tasmanian Rogues & Absconders 1803-1875 – Graeme-Evans

    Tasmanian Rogues & Absconders 1803-1875 – Graeme-Evans

    This is volume II and our favourite the middle years, being 1821-1836 … so a subset of the main title.

    Self published by Alex Graeme-Evans of Launceston in 1994.

    Larger soft cover format, perfect bound. 104 pages, nicely illustrated throughout.

    What is it that makes rogues and absconders interesting … a rhetorical question. Much better reading than “everyday folk” … apologies. One thing for sure there were plenty of them … threaded intimately through the history of the Apple Isle.

    For every rogue there seems to have been at least one absconder


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  • Martin Cash – Life After Bushranging – Maree Ring

    Martin Cash – Life After Bushranging – Maree Ring

    A unusual item, an extended pamphlet really all about Tasmania’s favourite bushranger Martin Cash. Not so much his goings on in his early days of bushranging (although there is a good snippet of that) but more about his time in New Zealand and then later on return to Hobart.

    Written from a sympathetic viewpoint, as often the case with Cash. We are not sure quite why that is the case. For sure he is supposed to have had a soft spot for women and we guess in return women had and still have a soft spot for him.

    However, and it’s a big however … when in NZ he seemed to spend most of his time forming and running brothels (yes plural). In fact in the end he was given the big tip off to leave the country … forcing his return to Tasmania. His illicit activities paid him well and he was able to purchase a smallholding up the back of New Town … he spent most of his leisure time in the pubs of Salamanca … well don’t we all.

    Self published Hobart in 1993. Softcover, stitched, 41 pages with some useful and relevant illustrations. We like the unpretentious writing of the researcher author. A fine copy.

    Martin Cash – the final story – and an interesting one too.

    Postage will be reduced on this item on final billing.


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  • Aces Made Easy [Cheating at Bridge - Our Emphasis] – McCullough and Fogasse.

    Aces Made Easy [Cheating at Bridge - Our Emphasis] – McCullough and Fogasse.

    Published by Methuen, London in 1945, having first been published in 1934.

    Small octavo, 134 pages, illustrated by Fogasse. I very good copy albeit with dust jacket chips.

    We love this little book which is essentially all about how to cheat well at the card game Bridge. Bridge players on the whole are rather snooty self important individuals. It’s a game that can lead to divorce, and lost friends, so cheating on those so self consumed seams to Voyager to be rather fair.

    The Author wrote a few books along these lines – another we like is tilted “Card-playing for Profit” .. another “What shall I tell my Partner?”.

    Get over the moral dilemma and cheat at Bridge it’s much more fun than the game.


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  • The Aboriginal / Settler Clash in Van Diemen’s Land 1803-1831 – N.J.B. Plomley

    The Aboriginal / Settler Clash in Van Diemen’s Land 1803-1831 – N.J.B. Plomley

    Published in 1992 by the Queen Victoria Museum, Launceston, where Plomley was at the time an Honorary Research Assistant and the University of Tasmania. Described as their “Occasional Paper No 6”. Very hard to find a copy.

    Printed internally on what A4 sized paper, one hundred pages, staple bound, binder’s tape, cream heavy card covers, image to front on a conflict ex Bonwick. Fine and clean.

    The structure of the work is interesting, twenty-six pages of narrative, bibliography, tables of Aboriginal population, rather sad graphs of the decline and the level of incidents which peaked in 1830, numerous maps of Tasmania showing the location of clashes and a lengthy table of the nature of those clashed.

    Sobering history not to be ignored …


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