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  • The Antarctic Pilot – Comprising the Coasts of Antarctica and all Islands Southward of the Usual Route of Vessels – Collectable 1974 Fourth Edition – Keith Shackleton’s Copy

    The Antarctic Pilot – Comprising the Coasts of Antarctica and all Islands Southward of the Usual Route of Vessels – Collectable 1974 Fourth Edition – Keith Shackleton’s Copy

    Original work hardbound in blue cloth covered boards with gilt title. Highly technical works published by the Hydrographer to the UK Navy. Foolscap format, 336 pages after preliminaries.

    Keith Shackleton (1923-2015) a relative of Sir Ernest Shackleton and inspired by him. A wildlife painter with a specialty for colder climates and the Antarctic. Close friend and collaborator with Conservationist and fellow painter Peter Scott, son of Robert Falcon Scott. Keith was co-presenter on one of the first televised wildlife programs the BBC’s ‘Animal Magic’. He was a skilled yachtsman and represented Britain on several occasions. He was President of the Society of Wildlife Artists and the Royal Society of Marine Artists, and a Trustee of the UK Antarctic Heritage Trust. In his later years he spent much time in the Antarctic on board the MV Lindblad Explorer … where this Pilot was put to good use (see below). A retrospective exhibition of his “Polar Art”’ was held at the Scott Polar Research Institute in 2007.

    The “Pilot” contains many highly instructive charts and shoreline photographic images as would be expected. Also serious chapters with good illustrations on fauna, birds, albatrosses and petrels, penguins etc and tables of breeding distribution. Fish similarly covered and the various members of the seal family and whales and dolphins that inhabit the southern waters. The islands covered include Bouvetoya, Prince Edward Islands, Crozet, Kerguelan, Heard, McDonald and Macquarie and the South Georgia, South Sandwich and South Orkney and Shetland Groups

    The front end papers, title and facing page are covered in stamps and stickers from Shackleton’s Antarctic voyages on the Lindblad Explorer – 57 in total with three signatures from Base Commanders … including that of Grytviken, South Georgia dated 1981 … which was invaded the following year as part of the Falklands War. An interesting manuscript addition at the top of the front free endpaper “Though it may be left in the bridge …. This is Keith Shackleton’s Antarctic Pilot”. The Lindblad Explorer sank near the South Shetlands in 2007. Presumably, Keith Shackleton took his Pilot with him … he was not on that voyage!

    Another interesting note in Shackleton’s hand appears on page vi quoting American writer and naturalist Charles William Beebe [from "the Bird" - 1906] … “The beauty and genius of a work of art may be reconceived, though the first material expression is destroyed; a vanished harmony may yet again inspire the composer; but when the last individual of a race of living things [beings] breathes no more, another heaven and another earth must pass before such a one can be again”

    In addition there is also Supplement of 1977 which includes a sheet of stamps associated with a voyage in the Frontier Spirit … we understand that Shackleton worked as naturalist on both the Lindblad and Frontier Spirit.

    Lastly, a large original photograph 25cm by 18cm of bergs and snow capped mountainous island … could be Deception Island.

    A wealth of Antarctic knowledge beyond the navigation – special provenance with additional elements


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  • Into the Frozen South –  Scout Marr of the Quest Expedition [Shackelton's Last] – First Edition 1923

    Into the Frozen South – Scout Marr of the Quest Expedition [Shackelton's Last] – First Edition 1923

    First edition published by Cassell, London in 1923. Octavo, 246 pages, 29 illustrations including frontispiece. Original blue covered cloth binding with penguins embossed to front. Some age, still a pretty good copy nice and clean inside.

    This is Shackleton’s last expedition, on the Quest, from which he was not to return.

    James Marr (1902-1965) was one of two boy scouts selected from thousands to take part in the expedition. He later became a marine biologist and took part in the Mawson led BANZARE expedition. He won the WS Bruce Medal and in 1943 lead a secret mission to the Antarctic to shore up British claims. Mount Marr in the Antarctic was named after him.

    The book is an enjoyable narrative and even though written by a young man you can see from where he went that it is of superior standard. The preparations, departure and voyage out … Lisbon, Madeira, Rio etc., and Christmas in the Southern Atlantic. First serious ice and gales and the bad news of Shackleton’s death … and the continuation Elephant Island, South Georgia (twice) and Tristan da Cunha and homeward.

    The delivery of the bad news … Mr wild came to us, his face drawn and terribly downcast “Boys, I have terrible news for you all. Sir Ernest Shackleton died early this morning. The expedition will carry on. That’s all.” And then he turned to Dell, our boatswain, and said “You’ll carry on the same, Dell” …. There was no more to be said …

    A young man that grew up well



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  • Hokule’a The Way to Tahiti – Ben Finney.

    Hokule’a The Way to Tahiti – Ben Finney.

    Published by Dodd. Mead & Co, New York a first edition 1979. Octavo, 310 pages with numerous illustrations from photographs as well as charts, diagrams drawings etc.

    A fine first edition of Professor Ben Finney’s book … about the re-construction of an ancient double-hull Polynesian canoe to sail and prove the theory of early navigation between Hawaii and Tahiti. An exercise that proved very difficult with cultural and personal arguments getting in the way at almost every step. Makes for interesting reading as does the account of the successful voyage .. written well and nicely illustrated.

    Professor Ben Finney (1933-2017) was pretty remarkable man. Professor of Anthropology who held positions at a number of Universities including the ANU. He spent most of his life in Hawaii and regarded as the world’s greatest authority on surfing history … the sport of Hawaiian Kings.

    Maritime History Proven by Ben Finney


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  • My Lively Lady – Sir Alec Rose

    My Lively Lady – Sir Alec Rose

    Published by Nautical Publishing Co in association with George Harrap, London etc.

    Octavo, 193 pages, rear end paper map, nicely illustrated with photographic images, charts, maps and boats designs. Very good condition albeit the half title is gone.

    Alec Rose had sailed across the Atlantic single handed. Circumnavigating the world alone was his real ambition. In 1967 he set off had a few false starts but eventually completed what is regarded as one of the most heroic sailing adventure. Almost de-masted getting into Melbourne and then meeting more treacherous conditions sailing down the west coast of Tasmania and across the Tasman sea meant he was forced north to New Zealand to make repairs. The round the Horn and the last lap to a hero’s welcome and a knighthood.

    An unusual book with chapters on … early days, the Atlantic crossing, and even a chapter by his wife reflecting on life whilst Alec was afloat. Useful appendices round of a special book.

    Regarded as one of the great single handed voyages


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  • An Ocean Without Shores – Mick Jennings – 1950

    An Ocean Without Shores – Mick Jennings – 1950

    An early second printing 1950 same year as the first published by Dodder, London – with a over sticker sold by the Travel Book Club (super organisation) from Charing Cross Road. Octavo, 221 pages with illustrations and numerous charts.

    The author Captain Jennings and Bombardier Jackson Hall escaped Singapore … over Sumatra and sailed the incredibly small “Gilca” all the way to Australia a total of 1,590 miles. Jennings wished the book to be classifies as a war story and it starts that way but heads into sailing and maritime pretty quickly.

    Before their escape they had lost four stone in weight … escape seen as a necessity … great courage and equally great ability.

    A special escape story making a true maritime narrative.


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  • Original Exploration Medallion Celebrating Adolf Nordenskiold’s Voyage in the Vega exploring and conquering the Northeast Passage. Lindberg 1879.

    Original Exploration Medallion Celebrating Adolf Nordenskiold’s Voyage in the Vega exploring and conquering the Northeast Passage. Lindberg 1879.

    Silvered bronze medal designed by Lindberg issued in Sweden in 1879. 4 cm 11.5 gm .. good condition with much of the original silvering remaining intact.

    Bust of Nordnskiold to one side with his name and that of the designer. On reverse “Nordost Passagen Fullbordad 1878-79” … Northeast Passage Completed. Some age generally good to better condition.

    Baron Nils Adolf Erik Nordenskiold (1832-1901) was a Finish Arctic explorer and geologist. He was a member of a prominent scientific exploration family of that name.

    Born in the Grand Duchy of Finland which at the time was part of the Russian Empire. He moved to Sweden to escape persecution and became a member of the Swedish parliament and the Academy.

    His greatest accomplishment was Vega Expedition of 1878/79 which constituted the first complete crossing of North-east Passage

    19th Century commemorative of important voyage and explorer.


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