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  • Tek Sing Shipwreck Treasure – 1822

    Tek Sing Shipwreck Treasure – 1822

    Qing Dynasty decorated bowl recovered by Mike Hatcher from the Tek Sing shipwreck.

    Beautiful condition, with a hint of a rim nick, some ageing from its life under water otherwise a fine example.

    Beautifully decorated with bands of lotus flower around a central spiral and set in alternate designs of lingzhi fungus and fruiting peach. Bright colours. 13 cm in diameter 6 cm high. Retains Nagel auction sticker.

    Bright deep well decorated shipwreck bowl

    The Tek Sing Shipwreck – Background

    The Tek Sing (Chinese, “True Star”) was a large Chinese junk which sank in 1822 in the South China Sea at the Belvidere Shoals. She was 50 meters long, 10 meters wide and weighed a thousand tons. Manned by a crew of 200. The great loss of life has led to the Tek Sing being referred to as the “Titanic of the East”.

    Sailing from the port of Amoy (now Xiamen), the Tek Sing was bound for Jakarta, with a cargo of porcelain goods and 1600 Chinese immigrants. After a month of sailing, Captain, Lo Tauko, took a shortcut through the Gaspar Straits and ran aground on a reef and sank in 100 feet of water.

    The next morning an English East Indiaman captained by James Pearl sailing from Indonesia to Borneo passed through the Gaspar Strait. He found debris from the sunk Chinese vessel and survivors. They managed to rescue 190 survivors.

    In 1999 marine salvor Michael Hatcher discovered the wreck of the. His crew raised what is described as the largest sunken cache of Chinese porcelain ever recovered which was auctioned in Stuttgart, Germany the following year.


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  • Riviere de Sourabaya – by Sigismond Himely – from the Voyage of La Favourite – 1835

    Riviere de Sourabaya – by Sigismond Himely – from the Voyage of La Favourite – 1835

    An original aquatint by Sigismond Himely (1801-1872)) of the River Sourabaya, Java Indonesia .

    Executed on India-laid paper being plate number 58 from “Voyage Autour du Monde par les Mers de l’Inde et de la Chine de la corvette de sa Majeste La Favorite execute pendant les annees 1830,1831,1832 sous le commandement de M. Laplace” published in Paris in 1835 under the direction of Louise Auguste de Sainson.

    Plate size 28.8 x 38.2 cm. Included in the National Collection as part of the Rex Nan Kivell bequest NK685. Some minor ageing around the border a pretty clean image as can be seen from the scans

    Price $190.00 unframed

    Delicate image of the River Sourabaya, Java – 1835


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  • The Antarctic Pilot – Comprising the Coasts of Antarctica and All Islands Southward of the Usual Route of Vessels – Fourth Edition 1974

    The Antarctic Pilot – Comprising the Coasts of Antarctica and All Islands Southward of the Usual Route of Vessels – Fourth Edition 1974

    Collectable 1974 fourth edition.

    Published by the Hydrographer of the (British) Navy. Original work hardbound in blue cloth covered boards with gilt title. Folio, 336 pages after preliminaries. Very good condition.

    Carries the bookplate of Polar Collector Charles Kerr and the name stamp of Ted Mitchener author of “Ice in the Rigging” a special book on the ships that have risked the extreme Southern waters.

    Contains many highly instructive charts and shoreline photographic images as would be expected. Also serious chapters with good illustrations on fauna, birds, albatrosses and petrels, penguins etc and tables of breeding distribution. Fish similarly covered and the various members of the seal family and whales and dolphins that inhabit the southern waters. The islands covered include Bouvetoya, Prince Edward Islands, Crozet, Kerguelan, Heard, McDonald and Macquarie and the South Georgia, South Sandwich and South Orkney and Shetland Groups

    A wealth of Antarctic knowledge beyond the navigation.


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  • Discovery –  The Quest for the Great South Land – Estensen

    Discovery – The Quest for the Great South Land – Estensen

    Miriam Estensen’s very readable book about the hunt for land in the Southern Hemisphere.

    Published by Allen & Unwin in 1998. Octavo, 286 pages including and index and extensive bibliography. Nicely illustrated very good condition.

    Estensen employs a much wider and very much earlier time frame for this work. Despite this we have the Spanish, Dutch and Portuguese activities before the French and the English … and a good balance is achieved regarding the relevance of all.

    The Quest well researched nicely written


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  • The Cruise of the “Cachalot” Round the World after Sperm Whales – Frank Bullen – 1899

    Published by Smith and Elder, London 1899 in the more upmarket binding with the gilt whale to the front board.

    Large octavo, 380 pages with 7 pages of plates and a folding map.

    Bullen, a homeless waif, went so sea at twelve years old. After six years he landed at New Bedford, Massachusetts where he secured a berth on the “Cachalot” a whaler that would be his home for the next three years. A ripping yarn of fact and fiction actually based on the authors experiences on the “Splendid” of New Bedford in whaling grounds off “the Solanders, Vau Vau and the Australian Gulf”.

    Admired by Rudyard Kipling as the best Whaling Narrative.

    Best Whaling Story according to Kipling


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  • Bering’s Voyages (The Relation of Asia and America) – 2 Volumes – Frank A. Golder

    Bering’s Voyages (The Relation of Asia and America) – 2 Volumes – Frank A. Golder

    An account of the Efforts of the Russians to determine the Relation of Asia and America.

    Published by the American Geographical Society first editions 1922 and 1925 respectively. Often not found in pairs presumably due to the later publishing of Vol 2.

    Octavo, 372 pages and 290 pages. Bound in original grey cloth covered boards with black panel title labels. A little aged, nice and clean inside, a good to better set.

    Well illustrated, with numerous maps, some folding, the one at the rear of Vol 1 extending to a metre.

    Ownership label of Harley A Dodson and stamp of Marine Scientist C.H. Fiscus.

    Volume 1 comprises the Log Books and Official Reports of the First and Second Expeditions of 1725 and 1733. Volume 2 comprises Stellar’s Journal of a Sea Voyage from Kamchatka to America and return. This set is the primary reference for Bering’s explorations.

    Contents in more detail … Vol 1…The knowledge of the North Pacific at the beginning of the 18thC; Bearing’s First Expedition 1725 and then Gvozdev’s voyage to America in 1752. Bearing’s Second Expedition to the beginning of the Sea Voyage; the Log Book of Bering’s vessel “St. Peter”; Lt Waxel’s Report and the Journal of Chirkov’s “St Paul”’ and his report thereon. Notes to accompany the chart by Ellsworth Bertholf. Vol 2 … Note of Stellar and his Journal; his description of Bering Island and his letter to Gmelin about the Voyage … a useful index to both volumes.

    The reference on Bering’s important Northern explorations


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