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South Australia

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  • The Birds of Australia in 3 Volumes [the S.A. White Facsimile] -Gregory Mathews

    A numbered limited facsimile edition of the complete work in three volumes, reproduced faithfully without alteration or correction. Published in South Australia by State Publishing. The original published in 1910-1927 by Witherby & Co, London. Regraded as the last great bird plate book relating to Australia with the consequential accuracy in form and description.

    Small folio on quality paper so rather heavy. Printed by offset lithography and bound in half grey polished leather. Published in 1989 based on a set held in the S.A. White Collection. Fine condition.

    Unpaginated but 182 pages each. A total of 105 full-page colour plates. A total of 500 sets were produced. Getting hard to find and here sold at an attractive price.

    Mathews and his Birds of Australia.


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  • Australia Trade Cards – Set of Six – Liebig – Over 100 Years Old

    Australia Trade Cards – Set of Six – Liebig – Over 100 Years Old

    A group of six decorative trade cards by Liebig advertising their tasty Bouillon Oxo. Printed and issued around 1910. In French with a very good description the rear of the card … a good language lesson.

    Delightful chromolithographs depicting scenes from around Australia including a nice one of Hobart, Tasmania with Storm Bay (not quite technically correct as we are now in the Derwent proper) and Mount Wellington covered in snow in the background. Also, we have the Murray River and its vegetation; the Kimberleys; Rundall Creek in the MacDonald Range; the Blue Mountains west of Sydney and Coolgardie and its Gold. Images of indigenous people from various parts of Australia given the French romantic treatment in terms of their clothing. Each 10cms x 7.3cms.

    Scarce six card set rarely found together.


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  • More than Half a Century of Colonial Life (South Australia) – Henry Hussey

    More than Half a Century of Colonial Life (South Australia) – Henry Hussey

    Title continues … “and Christian Experience, with Notes of Travel, Lectures, Publications etc”

    Henry Hussey (1825-1902) was an Evangelist, Printer, Historian who recorded his life an travels and published the work in 1897. It is full of colonial detail on many subjects.

    The Adelaide’s Library Board selected the work for their magnificent facsimile series, published by them as no 203 in 1978.

    Octavo, 504 pages, bound in tan in their normal style. A fine copy.

    Interesting that the original was published by Hussey & Gillingham, Adelaide … the authors jointly owned business.

    Hussey emigrates to South Australia and recounts his early days; visits Launceston and Sydney. Has various occupations and commercial failures and “disasters”. Commenced business as a printer, distracted by gold discovery in Victoria; recommences business …saves the “Observer”. Travel to America via Tahiti and Panama with “incidents” … a tour Baptised at Bethany … to England and back home to Adelaide. A History of Sa … Secretary to Angus … etc

    A fine copy of a book about a fine man in fine times in Australia.


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  • Douglas Mawson – Report from the British Antarctic Expedition – Transactions and Proceedings of The Royal Society of South Australia

    Douglas Mawson – Report from the British Antarctic Expedition – Transactions and Proceedings of The Royal Society of South Australia

    Published by the Society, Adelaide 1916, Being Volume XL.

    Thick octavo, 631 pages with 54 plates and 21 figures in the text, Mawson map and folding diagram. Fine condition, barely opened, clean as a whistle inside. Unusually still in its original mailing envelope albeit chipped here and there. A super copy.

    Numerous papers, many on entomology, marine species, flora, mineralogy etc.

    Douglas Mawson features twice. First, his report on the Aurora Australis … “Aural Observations at the Cape Royds Station, Antarctica”. Pages 151-213 with plates xxi and xxii. The observations were taken during the British Antarctic Expedition in 1908. Mawson states that they were intended for publication in 1911. The delay was due to Shackleton wishing to publish the Scientific Reports as a series. However, for lack of funds this could not happen, and the series ides was abandoned, allowing this work to be published here. Special thanks are given to Edgeworth David for his contribution to the work.

    Second, “Mineral Notes” is based on Mawson’s analysis of minerals exhibited at the Society in 1910 and 1911. Publication, gain, had been delayed … this time because Mawson mislaid his notes before departing for his own Antarctic Expedition of 1911. Minerals described include … Octahedrite, Twinned Gypsum Crystals, Beryl, Loadstone, Monazite, Cordierite, Sillimanite, Spinel, Sphene, Davidite, named after the great man, and much here about the radioactive properties. An addendum page by W.T. Cooke on the constituency of Davidite with reference to the spectroscopic work of the great Sir William Crookes identifying Scandium as a component.

    Another standout report is by Walter Howchin on “The Geology of Mount Remarkable” pages 545- 584 with large coloured Geological Sketch Map.

    Nicely illustrated journal with interesting reports by Douglas Mawson in very good condition.


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  • The History of Australian Exploration 1788-1888 – Favenc

    The History of Australian Exploration 1788-1888 – Favenc

    Published by Meridian, Amsterdam, Holland in 1967 a facsimile of the 1888 original.

    Octavo, 474 pages, Original red cloth covered boards (issued without a dust jacket). Large fold out map at front showing the tracks of the explorers to date … Grey, Forrest, Gregory, Sturt, Stuart, Oxley, Mitchell, Burke and Wills, Kennedy etc [42 expeditions tracked]. Four other fold out charts. Very good if not fine condition.

    Ernest Favenc wrote the most comprehensive history of Australia. This very good facsimile reproduces the work faithfully. The addenda including the index of names, date and incidents and the succinct chronological summary are a good place to start for a perspective of this substantial history.

    Australian Exploration History comprehensively told


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  • First Edition maps of Islands off Terra Napoleon and the County of Cumberland in New South Wales – Louis de Freycinet – 1811 – First Printing

    First Edition maps of Islands off Terra Napoleon and the County of Cumberland in New South Wales – Louis de Freycinet – 1811 – First Printing

    An original copper engraving” Plan des Iles Jerome (Terre Napoleon) par M.M.H. Freycinet at Bernier, an 1802. Plan des Iles Berthier (Terre Napoleon) par M.M.H. Freycinet et Bernier, an 1802. Plan du Comte de Cumberland (Nouvelle-Galles du Sud) d’apres les Cartes Anglaises, mais assujetti aux observations Francaises.

    The map is by Louis Claude Desaulses de Freycinet (1779-1842). Plate No 9 from the second atlas of his maps from the Voyage de Decouvertes aux Terres Australes (Voyage of Discovery to the Southern Lands) published by Langlois in Paris, in 1811.

    The French had intended to colonise Australia. The first volume of this work was published in 1807. The second volume which contained the maps was in 1811 still three years before Flinders.

    Three maps on one sheet, thick sturdy paper, strong plate mark, excellent definition. Sheet dimensions 35.1cm by 26.1 cm. Cumberland map 16.7 by 10.5 cm other two 8.3 by 10.5cm each. Some foxing and marks around the edge generally well off the printed area. A rare map.

    Tooley reference Map, 618

    Price $440.00 unframed

    Freycinet accompanied Nicholas Baudin on his famous voyage to complete the French mapping of Australia. Baudin leader aboard Le Geographie and Freycinet aboard Le Naturaliste. Whilst in Sydney Baudin sent the Naturalist home with the records of their effort so far and purchased a vessel from Philip Gidley King, the Casuarina, which he placed under Freycinet’s command. Baudin died on the final voyage home and the task of writing up the travels fell to the naturalist Francois Peron. Sadly, he in turn died before completing the work and the mantle was passed to Louis Freycinet who completed that task and produced the magnificent accompanying atlas.


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