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South Australia

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  • Smugglers and Sailors – The Customs History of Australia 1788-1901 – David Day

    Smugglers and Sailors – The Customs History of Australia 1788-1901 – David Day

    A super fine copy of this substantial book that looks at the development of Australia through the Customs Service.

    The author David Day born in Queensland and went to Melbourne University an later awarded a research Fellowship at Clare College Cambridge. At Clare he write three widely acclaimed works .. Menzies and Churchill at War; The Great Betrayal and Reluctant Nation … books that changed more than just the perspective. So who better to be appointed to write this work sponsored by the Government.

    A quality production, Quarto, 528 pages, illustrated nicely throughout. Published in 1992.

    Covers going on in NSW, Van Diemen’s Land, Port Phillip, Moreton Bay, WA, South Australia .. plenty of smuggling, fancy uniforms, temptation of vice, standard to be challenged and broken .. society in the day.

    Customs a lot more interesting than you might first think!


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  • Hanji Mahomet Allum – Afghan Camel-Driver, Herbalist and Healer in Australia – Madelaine Brunato – Very Rare

    Hanji Mahomet Allum – Afghan Camel-Driver, Herbalist and Healer in Australia – Madelaine Brunato – Very Rare

    A scarce book published by Investigator Press of Leabrook in 1972; effectively self published. Octavo, 80 pages, illustrated throughout.

    Mahomet Allum was born in Kandahar, Afghanistan about 1857. He came to Australia in the 1880’s as a camel driver, working in Western Australia mainly in and around the gold-fields. He was a true transport pioneer, carrying mail and supplies thousands of miles into the most isolated of areas. Over time he built up a reputation as a herbalist and healer. In his later years he settled in South Australia … a well known and liked colourful and controversial figure … people flocked to receive his cures. He lived until he was 106 … no wonder he became known as the “Wonder Man”

    Pasted at the front is a note on the author Madeleine Brunato who had spent time among the Mahommedan tribes of Quetta. The note is signed and annotated by the author.

    Camel driving in the Western Deserts or was it the herbs that kept him alive so long …


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  • Colonel William Light – Founder of a City (Adelaide) – Dutton and Elder.

    Colonel William Light – Founder of a City (Adelaide) – Dutton and Elder.

    A very good book about the industrious and complex character that was William Light who did much to create the City of Adelaide, South Australia.

    Published by Melbourne University in 1991. This is the second issue of the work, significantly updated with new content. Octavo, 313 pages, illustrated. A very good if not better copy.

    Light switched on Adelaide.


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  • The Horse Tramways of Adelaide 1875-1907 – L.S. Kingsborough

    The Horse Tramways of Adelaide 1875-1907 – L.S. Kingsborough

    Now this is a local history of special interest. The intensity and variety of horse drawn trams in the city of Adelaide and its suburbs was special by any standards.

    A card covered perfect bound publication of the Adelaide Libraries Board so done to a good standard with photographic images, diagrams etc that really enhance the understanding.

    Squarish octavo, 86 pages plus a5 pages of appendices. Published in 1965 a rare and very good condition copy.

    The number of enterprises paints a picture in itself .. Adelaide and Suburban Tramway Co; Unley and Mitcham Tramway Co; Adelaide and Hindmarah Tramway Co; Port Adelaide, Queenstown, Alberton and Portland Estate Tramway Co … and many more

    Horse drawn trams … everywhere … what fun .. and green?


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  • The Exploration of Australia – Albert Calvert – First Edition 1895

    A pretty good copy of the first edition of Calvert’s book much admired and coveted in any collection on the subject. A compendium volume was issued a year later due to the success of this work.

    Published by George Philip, London in 1895. Small quarto, 26cm by 21 cm, quarter bound cream buckram (simulated vellum) over deep blue buckram with gild titles and line decoration. Aged to spine as usual, corners rubbed. Pretty good internally the large folding map repaired close tear. Internally a little browned due to the spongy nature of the paper, really quite clean throughout; viii, 26 pages. Frontispiece of Dampier, 16 plates. A solid book 1.4kgs.

    The super map is 87cm by 72cm with the routes of the likes of Sturt, Mitchel, great, Winnecke etc marked

    Albert Calvert carried out his own explorations often influenced by gold exploration and mainly in western Australia. He was a prolific writer about Australia partly to fund his exploratory activities. He had previously published ‘The Discovery of Australia” concerning the early maritime activities of the Spanish, Portuguese, Dutch, French, British etc. In the Preface to this work he describes his pain in working with the early accounts, in terms of their completeness, reliability etc. In this work he is more at ease in that he has the first hand accounts of the various explorers .. on land he mapped out each day of their activities … hence the huge map included.

    Exploration covered include in the maritime, Dampier; the Dutch; Cook; Flinders; Phillip; Baudin, Bougainville … in the interior, Wentworth; Sturt; Mitchell; Macquarie; George Grey; Eyre etc

    Calvert’s collectable account on the exploration of Australia with valuable map.


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  • Gold Escort [The Victorian Gold Fields to Adelaide] – L. J. Blake.

    Gold Escort [The Victorian Gold Fields to Adelaide] – L. J. Blake.

    First edition published by The Hawthorn Press, Melbourne in 1971. Large octavo, 228 pages, illustrated with good end paper maps. Dust jacket a little rubbed otherwise a very good copy.

    The Gold discoveries in Victoria in the 1850’s caused a massive shortage of labour in South Australia with considerable economic effect. Alexander Tolmer who was the South Australian police Commissioner cam up with the idea of providing an armed escort service to bring gold back to Adelaide … it worked. A super story .. Tolmer a quick tempered man made many enemies due to the success of this initiative.

    Money to made in gold … the moving of it


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