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South Australia

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  • Mawson’s Papers – Innes and Duff – Robyn Mundy’s Copy.

    Mawson’s Papers – Innes and Duff – Robyn Mundy’s Copy.

    Thick softcover published by The Mawson Institute for Antarctic Research The University of Adelaide in 1990.

    Rather scarce and we are not sure why .. maybe they are all tied up with Institutions … maybe it was a pessimistic print run.

    Carries the modern book label of adventurer and writer Roby Mundy and a thoughtful note by the gift giver “happy hunting”. The kind message clearly relates to the research Mundy would have been doing for her novel “Nature of Ice” – all about the Mawson Polar expedition, Frank Hurley’s photographs and much more. Mundy also wrote a super book “Cold Coast” which revolves around the first female trapper in Svalbad … another Voyager favourite island group.

    Back to the Mawson Papers which are richly described in the unusually paginated work [probably circa 350 pages]. After a brief Forward by Jacka and a Biographical note by same we have various introductory papers re how to use the guide. Not a list of items – everything is described and put into context. Nicely illustrated from Hurley photographs, charts etc … it’s the complete business.

    Mawson no more comprehensive source of his work


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  • Australia – Magic Lantern Slide Set – c1905.

    Australia – Magic Lantern Slide Set – c1905.

    Produced by W. Butcher & sons, London (1870-1906) under the brand name Primus. Sold as a set of eight in cardboard box with Lantern Lecture Reading notes. Complete.

    Standard magic lantern glass size 3.5 inch by 3.5 inch. All images square with rounded corners, original black mounting tape along edges. Very bright colouring, super condition apart from a crack in one slide.

    The slides comprise

    Government House Melbourne
    Sydney Harbour – Well before the bridge and heavily treed.
    Gold Mining Past and Present
    Sheep Shearing
    Richmond River [Northern NSW]
    In the Bush
    A Kangaroo Hunt
    Australian Aborigines

    There is much more about these images than observed at first glance.

    The image of aborigines includes an inset of a proud Murray River Warrior which is clearly derived from a photograph taken in 1880 by Samuel White Sweet. Resplendent in a possum skin coat holding a fighting waddy and decorated malcarra (shield) and string bag the subject cuts a proud figure. Maggs are currently selling a collection including the photograph – eye watering $.

    The kangaroo hunt is rather gruesome particularly the practice of cutting the tendon.

    The gold mining slide is super albeit cracked with an inset image of the old time cradle against the powerful mechanised image of Ballarat mines.

    The accompanying words are fairly comprehensive and interesting but of the period so anti C’s beware.

    Australia as it was seen over 100 years ago.


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  • Three 19thC Prepared Microscope Slides of Australian Diatomaceae by J.D. Moller

    Three 19thC Prepared Microscope Slides of Australian Diatomaceae by J.D. Moller

    Three fascinating early microscope slides by preparer Johann Diedrich Moller (1844-1907). The most talented and famous preparer of diatom slides of all time.

    Three slides carrying a relatively early version of his distinctive slide labels.

    His makers label announcing – Gold Medal St Petersburg & Altona 1869 J.D. Moller Wedel in Holstein [Germany].

    The slide subjects being Diatomaceae and further labelled.

    Fossils – South Australia
    Fossils – South Yarra
    Aqua Marina – Carpentaria Gulf Australia.

    Fine examples of historical significance, likely harvested during one of the scientific and surveying voyages of the second half of the 19thC.

    Price $190.00 the group – if you would like an individual one they will be $80.00 each. Send us a message through our enquiry page.

    Postage costs likely to be reduced on final billing.

    A trifecta of rather unique 19thC slides top maker and Australian subjects.


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  • Robert O’Hara Burke and the Australian Exploring Expedition – Andrew Jackson 1860

    Robert O’Hara Burke and the Australian Exploring Expedition – Andrew Jackson 1860

    Scarce first edition of this essential Burke and Wills book published by Smith and Elder in 1862.

    Octavo, xxi, 229 pages with woodcut portrait of Burke and folding map, extensive Publishers Catalogue at the rear. Original green cloth covered binding, some internal foxing particularly the map and adjacent pages as usual. Very good original embossed green cloth covered binding, gilt title to spine bright and fresh. Unusual for a usually distressed book.

    Andrew Jackson may have known Burke personally, he was certainly an acquaintance of Burke’s father, they were officers in the same Regiment. The first chapter give an interesting account of the family military history and background on Robert O’Hara Burke.

    Written from papers, journals, letters, reports, interviews etc associated with the expedition. Nicely written carefully compiled.

    An important “companion work” to the Bentley published book based on Wills’s journal and letters.

    Scarce Burke and Wills contemporary reference


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  • Smugglers and Sailors – The Customs History of Australia 1788-1901 – David Day

    Smugglers and Sailors – The Customs History of Australia 1788-1901 – David Day

    A super fine copy of this substantial book that looks at the development of Australia through the Customs Service.

    The author David Day born in Queensland and went to Melbourne University an later awarded a research Fellowship at Clare College Cambridge. At Clare he write three widely acclaimed works .. Menzies and Churchill at War; The Great Betrayal and Reluctant Nation … books that changed more than just the perspective. So who better to be appointed to write this work sponsored by the Government.

    A quality production, Quarto, 528 pages, illustrated nicely throughout. Published in 1992.

    Covers going on in NSW, Van Diemen’s Land, Port Phillip, Moreton Bay, WA, South Australia .. plenty of smuggling, fancy uniforms, temptation of vice, standard to be challenged and broken .. society in the day.

    Customs a lot more interesting than you might first think!


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  • Colonel William Light – Founder of a City (Adelaide) – Dutton and Elder.

    Colonel William Light – Founder of a City (Adelaide) – Dutton and Elder.

    A very good book about the industrious and complex character that was William Light who did much to create the City of Adelaide, South Australia.

    Published by Melbourne University in 1991. This is the second issue of the work, significantly updated with new content. Octavo, 313 pages, illustrated. A very good if not better copy.

    Light switched on Adelaide.


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